Kamis, 09 Juni 2011

[News] Kim HyunJoong ”Height is 181cm.. Foot is Thick, Can’t Use Heel Inserts” [09.06.11]

Credits : starnews
English Translation : xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Idol group SS501 member Kim HyunJoong explained with regards to his height controversy.

His agency told StarNews on 8-June “(Kim) HyunJoong said that his height is 181cm.

He said “HyunJoong’s top of the feet is thick therefore he couldn’t use heel inserts.”

Regarding that his height was stated as 182cm in his official profile in websites, the agency replied “It was the information from the previous agency so we don’t know why it was so. His height of 181cm is correct.”

When being questioned if Yoo JaeSuk used heel inserts during the broadcast at that time, he responded “We didn’t check with Yoo JaeSuk’s agency so we do not know.”

Kim HyunJoong was surrounded by height controversy when an online community posted a post title ‘Seems like Kim HyunJoong lied about his height’.

In the post, a photo of Kim HyunJoong in SBS ‘Sunday is Good – Running Man’ broadcasted on 5-June was included. In the photo, Kim HyunJoong looks almost the same height as 175cm Yoo JaeSuk, driving a controversy about his height.