Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

[Notice] KeyEast Official Notice on Pre-Order of Kim Hyun Joong's Solo Mini Album

Credit: www.hyun-joong.com
English Translation: Khjgalaxy.blogspot.com
Screen Captured by Hyunited6686 ( www.hyunited-6686.blogspot.com )
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English Version

Kim Hyun Joong 1st Mini-Album [Break Down]

Pre-order Period: 20th May - 7th June

Pre-order Links:


[Screen Cap] Kim Hyun Joong's First Solo Album at Synnara Online Store

Credit: http://www.synnara.co.kr/ 
Screen Captured by Hyunited6686 ( www.hyunited-6686.blogspot.com )
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Kim Hyun Joong's Mini Solo Album Track Lists

[Tutorial] How to register on YES24 for International Fans

Credit: http://ss501ode.blogspot.com
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The following tutorial is on how to sign up as a member in YES24 so that you could buy from there. YES24 is the representative online shopping mall for anything ranging from A to Z!

And most importantly, it contributes to the Hanteo Charts, too.
Of course, right?

With this, in future you can buy anything off there.

**Please use in Internet Explorer!!!
**Those not boxed are no-need to fill in ones.
1. Go to the following page: https://www.yes24.com//Member/FTMemAcc.aspx

2. Click on the 'orange boxed'. It is asking you to 'Agree to its terms'.

3. The Korean name you can choose any single name at all.


5. Click on the button writing '확인'. Meaning confirmed

6. This what you get after successfully finishing registration

[Tutorial] How to buy Kim Hyun Joong's album in KYOBO Online Store

Credit: ss501ode.blogspot.com
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Thank you so much to Ode for giving the tutorial how to buy albums for overseas fans. Let's help Kim Hyun Joong's first solo album become #1. Let's support him... ^_^

***Please replace all "LOVE YA" with your new target

-- for example, upcoming Hyun Joong's comeback

Anyway, this 'tutorial' is targetting towards Foreigners (outside KR), as per requested.
Thus, there will only be 2 places that are available to Foreigners (outside KR) to buy.

& they are... KYOBO (교보) + Aladdin (알라딘)

Some important points for questions asked:

This tutorial here, is just to give you an aid in how to purchase on your own.

**Sales from Kyobo Bookstore will contribute to Hanteo charts and the Discography Sales Association of Korea.

**FYI, in the following screenshots, if you see something with a different outlook as what you are seeing on your computer, it is because KyoBo recently had a site renewal.

Basically, only the look has changed. All the other functioning and words remain the same.
So long as you find the word that looks similar here and there, you're on the right track.

It shouldn't be a big problem.

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1. Click on Boxed up in Red

2. Click on the orange box - 'Foreigner Overseas'