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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong - Dream High screencaps

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[News] ‘Master Disciple’ Bae YongJoon Kim HyunJoong meet in ‘Dream High’

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Kim HyunJoong cameo in drama ‘Dream High’, attracting attention of audience.

In the newly broadcast on the 3rd, KBS 2TV Monday-Tuesday Drama ‘Dream High’ first episode, Kim HyunJoong made his appearance as a top star who arrived at Incheon Airport after completed his activity. In the drama, Kim HyunJoong appeared with his own name Kim HyunJoong, acted in the scene of meeting Kirin Art school president Jeong Ha Myeong (acted by Bae YongJoon) coincidentally.

Kim HyunJoong was ‘baptized’ by many camera flash in the airport, when he saw Jeong Ha Myeong he ran over to greet him. In the drama, both of them have a master and disciple relationship, therefore on that day a happy scene of reunion after a long apart were acted.

Both Kim HyunJoong and Bae YongJoon just by standing together, have formed a beautiful picturesque. Both have exceptional outlook and warm charm, appearing together in 1st episode, stimulating viewers’ curiosity. In order to show his top star image, on that day, Kim HyunJoong wore elegant outfit, while Bae YongJoon with his spectacular image, attracted viewers’ attention.

Meanwhile, the 1st episode also introduce the landscape of Kirin Art School, Suzy, Taek Yeon and Eun Jung have also made their appearance, increasing viewers’ anticipation towards the drama.

[News] Kim HyunJoong – really releasing album in May…’Dream High’ cameo lines create attention

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Singer cum actor Kim HyunJoong made gleaming appearance in KBS 2TV ‘Dream High’, and left words that were thought-provoking.

In ‘Dream High’ 1st episode broadcast on the 3rd, Kim HyunJoong made surprise appearance. Showing the scene of many press and fans crowded in airport welcoming Kim HyunJoong who has completed his oversea activity and returning back to his country.

Wearing dark glassed, appearance with fashionable look, Kim HyunJoong showing his top star airport fashion. In the drama, when answering question by reporter about his future plans, “New album will release at around this year May.” This answer has attracted lots of attention.

Regarding this, Kim HyunJoong actual plan in 2011 has also received great attention from his fans. Kim HyunJoong left a new year message in his official website on the 2nd, “In this new year will try to release a great album. Has been practicing crazily, 1 good drama and 2 great albums are my 1 year goal” to this he announced.

Regarding this, Kim HyunJoong agencies related personnel responded: “Regarding Kim HyunJoong lines in the drama, it is confirmed that album will be released.” At the same time also mentioned: “However, concrete schedule has not confirmed yet.”

On the other hand, towards Kim HyunJoong cameo in ‘Dream High’, fans said: “Viewable gig’, ‘Gleaming appearance’, ‘Kim HyunJoong big hit in the country this year’ and various comments and gave him full support without reservation. ‘Dream High’ first broadcast viewership rate is 10.7%.

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[News] 'Boys Over Flower’ Kim Hyun Joong - Nam Da Reum, Heartwarming reunion proof disclosed

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SS501 Member Kim Hyun Joong and actor Nam Da Reum reunion became a hot topic.

Recently, the reunion of KBS 2TV Drama “Boys Over Flower” Yoon Ji Hoo played by Kim Hyun Joong, and the “Little Yoon Ji Hoo” played by Actor Nam Da Reum has garnered attention.

The two had met while attending the “2010 MBC Drama Awards” ceremony which was held on the 30th of December last year. The picture of Nam Da Reum and Kim Hyun Joong was disclosed by Nam Da Reum’s mother on her minihompy. She revealed, “Once again, Da Reum has met Hyun Joong Hyung whom he have always wanted to meet. Within a short moment, Da Reum bravely went over to greet and even asked for a picture. He is so fortunate to have met Hyun Joong Hyung.”

Kim Hyun Joong and Nam Da Reum, both wearing bow tie, were smiling brightly while posing for the picture.

Netizens who have seen the photos reacted “Yoon Ji Hoo and Little Yoon Ji Hoo has met”, “Beautiful. Grow up well and courageously like Hyun Joong Hyung”, “Both of them are cute and handsome”.

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[News] Hyun Joong “Eaten rice cake soup, 1 drama 2 album”

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Kim Hyun Joong sends fans his new year greetings through his official website on the 2nd this month. He mentioned “I didn’t manage to take a picture of myself.. because i have some personal matters.. So i’m using this picture of a sunrise during New Year which i found on the internet. Is this illegal?”

And to fans whom he promised last December 23rd that “I will upload and show a photo of me praying for next year”, he convey his apology for not being able to keep to his words.

He also mentioned “I’ve said this before, didnt i? When I become much much older, i will do my best in protecting you. But i’m not sure if I will be able to do it well. Anyway I will work even harder to the extent of an admission ticket. Hopefully I will become someone who can earn 3 more tickets.” expressing his apologies for fans who weren’t able to attend
the MBC “Enertainment Drama Awards” held last year December 30th due to the limited admission tickets.

Kim Hyun Joong began his new year greetings with “Have you had rice cake soup?” and he continued, “I am going to have mine now. In fact yesterday (1st January), i have already had it. Happy New Year and keep healthy. I am going to work even harder from now on too so that i can be someone whom you can expect more from.”

He then ended his message saying “Are you happy that my house appeared on the internet? But let’s just see it on the internet. If not i’ll be chased out again. i’ll try to release a great album this year. I will practice crazily hard and my goal is to participate in 1 great drama and to release 2 cool albums this year. Having achieved that, we’ll greet other next year. Sorry. I couldn’t keep my promise. Instead, i will be someone who can protect you more.”

To his message, fans responded “He seems helpless, yet can’t do anything”, “This is a surprising. Does the in-charge of event venue knows about this?”, “I hope that this year will be another great year for you”.

[News] Appearence of 'Dream High' drops 'Queen of Reversals' and 'Athena' audience rating

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On the 3rd, when 'Dream High' was first broadcasted, the audience ratings for "ATHENA" and 'Queen of Reversals' both plummeted down.

According to AGB Nielson Media Research on the 4th, 'Queen of Reversals' recorded 14.2% on the 3rd, less than the 16.6% it recorded on Dec 28th. Indeed, "ATHENA" too, recorded a lower number of 16.3% on the 3rd, than the 18.6% it made on the 28th of Dec.

While KBS has been on a single number rating, 'Dream High' seems to be on a solo lead with a 10.7% audience rating in its first broadcast.

While "ATHENA" and 'Queen of Reversals' are competing for the Monday and Tuesday drama throne, 'Dream High' has made a strong appearence and it seems that the Monday and Tuesday drama competition will be hot.

[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong – KBS World Guide Vol. 51

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