Kamis, 24 Mei 2012

[Info] COOLISHFACT 2012 X Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) PRESENTS COOL CHANCE!! campaign

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 The campaign term: May.25th to Jun.24th

The prize, A,B,C course will be presented for totally 211 people by lottery with the purchase, 3,000 yen of COOLISHFACT products per 1 application.
Moreover Kim Hyun Joong original goods will be presented for 2,000 people who are out in the lottery for A,B,C course.

A course: Kim hyun joong rare goods, Lucky Guy (Korean Ver.) PV (music video) costume (1 people)

B course: The invitation for the trip to Korea to (go to) see Kim Hyun Joong (10 people)

C course: The invitation for Kim Hyun Joong Premium Live (200 people)

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Tranlated by OnlyKHJtimes