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[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) in Saitama Super Arena Concert,Japan by MurdererQ [July 15th,2012]

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) sang 13 songs dispite having a sore throat

English Translation by www.babyvfan.wordpress.com
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On 15th, South Korean singer Kim Hyun Joong(26) held premium concert at Saitama Super Arena for those that purchased second single ‘Heat’.

Currently, he has been shooting for Korean Drama in Nikko, Tochigi and having fan events and guerrilla live concerts in various parts of Japan. With such a busy schedule, on 14th at the same venue, he had a joint concert with Japanese singer Naoto Inti Raimi (32).

Today, in the morning, during the rehearsal, was not feeling well in the throat and went to the hospital for a quick medical check-up. Therefore the first show was delayed for 1 hour 13 mins.
Nevertheless, he appeared on stage although he was not well, sang 13 songs including ‘Kiss Kiss’ and ‘Heat’. “Despite it started one hour later, thank you for waiting. I’m really thankful and sorry as i’m not in a good condition and sorry for not managing physical condition profesionally.’ Hyun Joong apologised many times during the talk.

Traveling back and forth between Japan and South Korea, working as a singer cum actor, regarding future plans, “regading future plans, i have not discussed with my company. I want to make an album, I’d like to do world tour” he expressed, “I think next year, i would have concert at a smaller venue rather than the big stage.” hinting a possible japan tour next year.

Around 15000 fans attended the event for both day and night. At the end of the performance, he performed ‘If you are like me’, “I want to sing this a cappella as it expresses my feelings”. As he was having a sore throat, the audience jumped cheered on. He was touched and wiped his face with a towel.

[Fancams] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Wait out the Saitama Super Arena [July 14th,2012]

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[Fancams] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) - "Double Fantasista" Saitama Super Arena Concert by HollisHyun [July 14th,2012]

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