Kamis, 23 Desember 2010

[News] Key East Noticed to Fans


Credit : (Eng.Translation) Ode's Blog 
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안녕하세요. 키이스트입니다.
따뜻한 연말 보내고 계신지요.
오늘 오전 기사와 관련하여 팬 여러분들의 문의와 염려가 많으신 듯 하여 안내 말씀 드립니다.
현재 많은 팬 여러분들께서 현중씨의 건강을 걱정하고 계신 것으로 알고 있는데요,
김현중씨는 드라마 <장난스런 키스> 마무리 이후 쉴 틈 없이 국내외 스케쥴을 소화하다 보니 피로가 누적된 상태입니다.
때문에 예정되어 있던 모든 스케쥴을 마무리 하고 휴식을 취하고 있으며, 여러분들의 진심 어린 걱정 덕분에 많이 호전된 상태입니다.
김현중씨가 충분한 휴식을 취한 뒤 건강한 모습으로 인사드릴 수 있도록 저희도 옆에서 최선을 다하겠습니다.
팬 여러분들께서 항상 마음으로 함께 해주시고 응원해주신 덕분에 도쿄돔 미소프로젝트 행사를 비롯하여 야후 아시아 버즈 어워드 시상식 참석 등 해외 스케쥴을 무사히 잘 치를 수 있었습니다.
김현중씨는 국내뿐 아니라 해외에서도 한결 같은 사랑을 보내주시는 팬 여러분들을 직접 만나면서 큰 힘을 얻었습니다.
항상 아낌없는 성원 보내주셔서 정말 감사합니다.
얼마 남지 않은 2010년, 소중한 분들과 함께 따뜻한 추억 만드시기를 기원합니다.

키이스트 올림

English Translation:

Hello, this is Keyeast here.
Guess you must be having your warm year ends now, aren't you.
With regards to the articles which came out in the morning, we've received much enquiries and concerns about it, thus we're here to deliver our speech to you.

For now, we're aware that many fans are concerned about Hyun Joong ssi's health issues; ever since drama [Playful Kiss] ended, Kim Hyun Joong ssi has not been able to rest for a heave and had been busy digesting his domestic and overseas schedules, which was why fatigue took a toll on his health. Because of that, he is now taking a rest after completing all his originally scheduled schedules, and has now taken a turn for the better thanks to everyone's genuine and sincere worries. After Kim Hyun Joong ssi takes ample rest, he will be back to greet you all with a healthy temperament, and we too, will be beside him giving our best.

Thanks to all fans' support and for being by us all the while, overseas schedules such as the Tokyo Dome Smile Project event as well as the Yahoo Asia Buzz Award Ceremony was thus able to successfully end off. Kim Hyun Joong ssi has had received equal love from fans in our country and overseas, he's been very much encouraged by all of you wherein he had a chance to personally meet you all. Really thank you to you all for always giving him your unhesitated support.

Without few days left to the end of 2010, here's hoping that all of you will weave warm memories with people who are precious to you for the remaining period.
Thank you.