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[Photos] Updated Official Photos Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) & Kim Kyu Jong @ SBS Love 103.5 FM


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Hyun Joong and Kyu Jong doing radio interview together. Seeing him with another SS501 member always be a special moment for Triple S ^^

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[Fancam+ Audio + Official Photo] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 at MBC's 2PM Date 10.17.11

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 - AEON HeatFact Korean Fair Ceremony in Japan [15.10.11] by (C)OFFICEMARIKO

[Trans] Kim HyunJoong 김현중 On MBC FM4U JYH 2PM's Date [2011.10.17]

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*JYH = the MC

1) HyunJoong said that after his solo debut, 'I'm Your Man' is his first slow-tempo (ballad) song, a song to confess love, or a wishing song, he knows that some of the fans are getting married soon,  although he cannot present himself on their weddings, he hoped that this song will be able to cherish the wedding couples. Then, a listener called in and she said for the bridegroom's sake, it's better if HyunJoong doesn't attend their wedding. 

2) His Asia Tour concert will probably be kicking off next year, around end of January or early February. His Japan Nationwide Tour will be starting this November and he is currently preparing for it. So JYH asked that it would be hard to see him on variety shows then HyunJoong said that's there's really nothing much left to say if he attended too many shows...JYH said even if he just sit and smile during the show it would suffice already...but HyunJoong said it's tiresome if he sit there for 10 hours straight in a row. (did he mean Strong Heart recording last time? The recording this time took 6hours)

3) JYH asked how's HyunJoong lately and he said he's fine although he's been practising his dance choreography til' late night.

4) A listener called in and said she saw HyunJoong and his dancers, Artmatic at a soup restaurant yesterday (as in 16th of October), she wanted to ask him for an autograph but she's afraid she might disturbed them so she didn't approach. HyunJoong said he indeed have went to the soup restaurant yesterday. The listener sent in her address through text message, and so, HyunJoong sent his autograph to the address. (envy envy!!)