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[Screencaps] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 - 제발(Please) T easer MV by Hyunniespexers

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[News] ‘High School Drop-out’ Kim HyunJoong Becomes a University Student as Late Bloomer

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Singer cum actor Kim HyunJoong became a ‘late bloomer University student’.
Kim HyunJoong was admitted to Performance Planning and Administration Department of ChungWoon University located in ChungNam HongSung, in March this year. Kim HyunJoong quit high school in order to focus on being a singer when he was in high school.
Kim HyunJoong, who was admitted into ChungWoon University through Professor’s recommendation, recently finished his mid-terms, he is also working on his album for his comeback as a singer while studying.
Meanwhile, Kim HyunJoong will have a showcase on 7-June in JangChoong Stadium, Jonggu, Seoul.

[Photo] Clear Photos of Hyun Joong Filming 'Running Man'

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[Fan Photo] Kim Hyun Joong – Running Man Filming-Break Lunch time

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong *Break Down* Album MV is worth 200 Million Won

Kim HyunJoong’s first mini album will be on sale simultaneously in all asian regions like Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong, Thailand, Singapore etc.
Kim Hyunjoong’s agency KEYEAST revealed through a paper report on May 26, “Concern and anticipation over Kim Hyunjoong’s comeback in the music industry across domestically and internationally is extremely feverish and so we’ve thus decided to release his album simultaneously in all asian regions”, “In order to produce the best completion piece of album, we’re focusing on the final preparations for now. We ask for all your anticipation”, as they showed their strong confidence for this album.
Title song ‘Break Down’ is a song with strong beat and sound to it, bringing out a very powerful performance piece which allures anticipation. With Kim Hyunjoong’s melancholic yet charismatic vocals, he has had brought up the song quality with a notch through the powerful composition of the song itself.
Besides that, with almost a year close of preparation, other songs in this album like ‘Intro (Let Me Go)’, ‘제발 (Please)’, ‘Kiss Kiss’, ‘Yes I Will’ etc which contain unique shades of Kim Hyunjoong that was never before seen will be delivered through the music world and performance stages of his only.
Especially in order to produce this album, Kim Hyunjoong specially flew down to America and prepared for some work and also had the honour to invite famous artists to participate in the song compositions and choreographies. About more than 2 billion won was invested to shoot the music video. From these all, we could see how much effort was put in to produce an album with high completion, which was what is indeed the case as was heard.
Again, personnel from the agency also divulged, “Having been receiving much popularity in Asia, concern for Kim Hyunjoong’s album has been feverish even before its release, and by now, we’ve already been receiving an influx of invitations for overseas concerts and promotions in countries”.
With June 7′s showcase at Jangchung Gymnastic Stadium that can hold 4,000 fans as the start, Kim Hyunjoong’s first mini album ‘Break Down’ has since begun its pre-order on last 20th (May) on offline and online stores. It will be expected for simultaneous release in all asian regions beginning June 8.

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 - 제발(Please) Teaser MV HD

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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong at MBC News Cut

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong's Showcase Promotion Poster

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[Photo] website KHJ Official site has been updated with the new photos

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his comeback logo

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[News] Kim Hyunjoong to have simultaneous global release for debut mini-album

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Written by: Uni at koreaboo.com
Singer and actor Kim Hyunjoong will release his debut mini-album simultaneously throughout Asia and has proven to be the face of the next Hallyu star. According to his agency, KeyEast Entertainment, Kim Hyunjoong's 1st mini-album "Break Down" will be released on June 8th in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore all at the same time.

KeyEast officials said, "Kim Hyunjoong's comeback to the music industry has raised high interest and expectations from both fans at home and across Asia, so it was decided that the album will be simultaneously released. The focus of this album was to make it a high-quality album."

The title song, "Break Down," will have a powerful performance to accompany its strong beats. Due to Kim Hyunjoong's charming vocals, the song has been arranged so that the most of the song is showcased.

KeyEast officials added, "Internationally renowned artists have been directly involved in the arrangements of the songs and choreography with production costs costing over 200,000,000 million won ($181,653 USD) to shoot the music video. Many efforts have been made to increase the quality of the album."

Kim Hyunjoong will have a showcase at the JangChung Gymnasium in Seoul on June 7th in celebration of his first solo album release, "Break Down" with 4,000 fans expected to attend. 

"Break Down" will be officially released online on June 7th while the album itself will be released in stores on June 8th.

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 - 제발(Please) Teaser MV

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Comeback Image Photo

김현중 가요계 컴백, 2억 뮤비로 퀄리티 업그레이드

[뉴스엔 전원 기자]

김현중 첫번째 미니앨범 이 한국, 중국, 일본, 대만, 홍콩, 태국, 싱가폴 등 아시아 전 지역에서 동시 발매된다.

김 현중의 소속사 키이스트는 5월 26일 보도자료를 통해 “가요계에 컴백하는 김현중에 대한 국내외 팬들의 관심과 기대가 매우 높아 아시아 전역 동시 발매를 전격 결정했다” 며 “완성도 높은 앨범을 선보이기 위해막바지 작업에 집중하고 있으니 많은 관심 부탁 드린다” 면서 앨범에 대한 강한 자신감을 전했다.

타이틀곡으로 결정된 ‘브레이크 다운(Break Down)’은 강한 비트와 사운드로 강렬한 퍼포먼스를 기대하게 만드는 곡이다. 김현중의 애절한 보컬의 매력을 최대한 살려내고 파워풀한 편곡을 통해 곡 전체의 퀄리티를 상승시켰다.

이 외에도 1년여 동안의 작업을 통해 ‘Intro (Let Me Go)’, ‘제발(Please)’, ‘Kiss Kiss’, ‘Yes I Will’ 등 여태껏 볼 수 없었던 김현중 만의 음악 세계와 퍼포먼스를 느낄 수 있는 곡들로 앨범을 가득 채웠다.

특 히 이번 앨범 작업을 위해 김현중은 미국을 직접 방문해 사전 준비를 마쳤고, 해외 유명 아티스트들이 편곡과 안무에 직접 참여했으며, 2억이 넘는 제작비를 투여 뮤직비디오를 촬영하는 등 앨범의 완성도를 높이기 위해 많은 노력을 기울였다는 후문이다.

또한 소속사 관계자는 “아시아에서 많은 인기를 얻고 있는 김현중의 앨범이 발매 전부터 큰 관심을 모으면서 벌써부터 해외 콘서트 및 프로모션 요청이 쇄도하고 있다”고 전했다.

6 월 7일 장충체육관에서 열리는 4,000여명 규모의 쇼케이스를 통해 본격적인 활동을 시작하는 김현중의 첫 번째 미니앨범 ‘Break Down’은 지난 20일 온오프라인 매장에서 예약 판매를 시작했으며, 앨범은 6월 8일 아시아 전 지역에서 동시 발매 예정이다.

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong becomes a college student

Credit: Star News via Nate
Written by: ramham424

It’s just been revealed that SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong enrolled in a college earlier this year.
In March, the idol-turned-actor was accepted into Chungwoon University as a stage production business major. Fans were surprised by this new info, since Kim Hyun Joong previously dropped out of high school to fulfill his dreams as a musician. After putting his education on hold, he decided to enroll in the university as part of the class of 2011.
On May 26th, a representative for his agency stated, “Kim Hyun Joong became a late college student earlier this year and is juggling both his education and music production. He is working hard to have his comeback as a singer as well, in addition to continuing his studies as a student.”
Kim Hyun Joong is scheduled to have his singing comeback in June, and is holding a showcase on June 7th.