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[Photos] Various Store Display for Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) "Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy" Japan Album

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[English.Trans] KABAちゃん: “I felt nervous when the flower boy (Hyun Joong 김현중) put his hand on my shoulder”

Source: news24.jp
Chinese translation: 雪舞天涯 @ HyunBar66.cn
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Photo by: www.sanspo.com

Japanese artist KABAちゃん (42 years old) attended Korean singer Kim Hyun Joong’s (25 years old) Japan debut single “Kiss Kiss / Lucky Guy” release commemoration that was held in Tokyo, Japan on January 23rd and met Hyun Joong whom he has always wanted to meet for the first time.

As a guest of the event, KABAちゃん watched an advance screening of the “Lucky Guy” MV with Japan fans and took press photos with Kim Hyun Joong who made a surprise appearance at the event. “So nervous…” KABAちゃん said he even perspired because he was too nervous.

Kim Hyun Joong casted in AEON Valentine’s Day commercial film. During the dance lesson, he performed an impromptu dance on stage. The fans in the venue expressed: “We’re really blessed~”, “Sometimes wild, sometimes sexy, sometimes straightforward… There are a lot of people who carry one of these personalities, but people who carry all these personalities are very rare. We want to let more people know he’s charismatic.” the fans enthusiastically said.

Kim Hyun Joong who received support from KABAちゃん and the enthusiastic fans expressed his gratitude: “I will thoroughly enjoy the following activities and become more confident thanks to everyone’s enthusiastic support.”

Kim Hyun Joong said he’s supposed to get nervous before his Japan debut, but he doesn’t feel nervous at all. “I’ll diligently complete my activities in Japan and I want to enjoy them at the same time. I want to make the whole Japan fascinated with the charisma of ‘Kiss Kiss’.”

[Fan Account] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Fan meeting in Seoul by Wonderrrgirl (January 21st,2012)

Credit: Wonderrrgirl
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[English.Trans] Official Notice from Japanese Website: Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) will make a guest appearance on Ameba Studio

Source: KHJ Japan official site (kimhyunjoong.jp)
Original article: kimhyunjoong.jp
Chinese translation: 斗斗 @ HyunJoongChina.com
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Kim Hyun Joong to be a guest on an online radio show that will be broadcast live! He’ll be answering Japan fans’ questions!

Kim Hyun Joong will make an appearance on an urgently prepared special radio show via online communication service “Ameba Studio”.

To implement Kim Hyun Joong’s idea “communicate more thoroughly with Japan fans”, not only will he answer the questions collected beforehand, but he’ll also communicate with the listeners.

We’re now collecting your questions on Ameba Pigg!

Will you be able to see a different side of Kim Hyun Joong that’s not usually seen during his first online live broadcast radio show?!

Please look forward to it!

Time: 28/01/2012 (Saturday) 8:00p.m. ~ 8:45p.m.

Guest: Kim Hyun Joong

MC: Kosaka Daimaou

[Fan Account] Watching Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) @ Fan Meeting in Seoul by miumiu1120 (January 21st,2012)

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[English.Trans] KABAちゃん’s blog update (about Kim Hyun Joong 김현중)

Source: KABAちゃ’s blog
Chinese translation: 雨涵 @ HyunBar66.cn
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Photo by: www.sanspo.com

Saw K-pop idol Kim Hyun Joong in person yesterday
I was the event leader
He’s someone who is very manly, gentle and great
We danced together… It’s just like a dream
I hope he’ll be in the limelight from now on
I hope he’ll gain more fans from now on
I want to convey Hyun Joong’s charisma to more people
Everyone, I’ll leave it up to you
We took a photo together… I really want to upload it here
But I haven’t received the photo from the person-in-charge of Universal Studios Japan
I’ll upload it once I receive it
Kiss Kiss

[Info] Kim Hyun Joong's (김현중) Japan Album "Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy" is on Top Chart at Tower Record (January 24th,2012)

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Thanks to @OnlyKHJtimes for sharing the great news on Twitter. Today, January 25th, Kim Hyun Joong's Japan album "Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy" is released in Japan. The album Version A is on #1 on Tower Records chart. Meanwhile the album Version B in on #2 and the Regular Version is on #3. Kim Hyun Joong Mansae..!! ^__^