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[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) at Osaka Japan Tour by A-hlia [09.11.11]

Credit: a-hlia

Ahlia is one of our favorite photographers, glad she's back with another nice shots from the concert. Enjoy her works ^^

[Collage] Cute Hyun Joong (김현중)

Credit  Willpower & Hyunbar66 +  @KHJean14

Oh.. this is just too cute ^^


[Scans] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Look!s Magazine


[Video] Kim Hyun joong sings LOVE at Osaka Concert [09.11.11]

Credit: ahlia0606 via YT


[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) 1st Tour 2011 in Japan - Osaka [09.11.11]

Credit: hyunniespexers
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Brief Osaka Concert review – Talk session

Japanese-English translation by OnlyKHJtimes ( @Onlykhjtimes / http://onlykhjtimes.blogspot.com)
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Some Japanese fans gave the feedback that KHJ’s Osaka dialect was super-cute! Like when he pronounced ‘tsuutenkaku’, which means historic building, he pronounced it ‘CHU-tenkaku’ instead. And ‘meccha sukiyanen’, which means ‘I really love you’ (awwwww~) in Osaka dialect, he really made many hearts aflutter. Many Japanese fan-girls + women love the statement + the way he pronounced the words! ^^

There was one ‘Get to know Rida More – True or False’ segment, and he was asked: Do you like alcohol? He answered ‘False’, so immediately after he said that, many fans booed. RoFL*
Then there was 1 fan who said loudly, “I like Seung Jo (HJ’s character in Playful Kiss, Baek Seung Jo)”, so HJ asked her: “Which one do you like? Seung Jo or Hyun Joong?” He was happy whn she answered “Hyun Joong”… OmG…Why is this U:zoosin so cute? Hehehe…>////<

-The talk-session lasted for abt 30 mins + he sang 10 songs.

Credit: a-hlia
Translator (from her verbal account):wonderrrgirl
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MC: Hyun Joong-ssi, do you like to drink alcohol?
KHJ: No…
(Fans from audience: ayyeeeee~~~~!!)
KHJ: *smiles* I mean, I don’t like to drink alone, but I enjoy drinking with my friends. So, I often meet up with my friends (from Jaksal) for a drink or a meal.
KHJ: Also, there were occasions when I drank together with my fans as well.
KHJ: At this moment, there is even a fan here among the audience whom I have drank together with.
KHJ: Other than drinking with myself, I will only drink with people whom I can trust.

SONG LIST KHJ’s concert at Osaka: 

Let me Go
Break Down

長いトークタイム (Long time talk)
Do You Like That
Lucky Guy
ワンモアタイム (One More Time)

アンコール (Encore)

Kiss Kiss
Lucky Guy