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[News] Kim HyunJoong - Park Yoochun, 'Close Acquaintances Born in Year 86' Are Hanryu Stars' Rival?!

Source: Nate
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Both close acquaintances born in the year 1986, Kim HyunJoong & Park Yoochun are carrying out their active activities as an 'Hanryu Stars'.

Kim HyunJoong & Park Yoochun both had gained the title of Hanryu Actors through the drama 'Boys Over Flowers' and 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' respectively. In addition, both of them are also the members of SS501 and TVXQ which both groups were the leader of K-pop to bring the Hanryu wave to overseas.

Debuting from the idol group SS501, Kim HyunJoong had participated in the drama 'Boys Over Flowers' in year 2009, and after that, he joined Bae YongJoon's agency, KeyEast, which then, he earned the title '2nd Bae Yongjoon'.

To add on, Kim HyunJoong have also made his music comeback on last June 2011, releasing his first solo mini album 'Break Down', and also had launched his promotions in Japan, China and etc. What's more was his title track 'Break Down' have also swept the 1st place in many music ranking charts across Asia like Japan 'Oricon' chart, Taiwan (G-Music/5 Music), Philippines' ASTRO chart, Thailand's Channel V, HongKong's KKbox, and many other countries as well.

Furthermore, he had once again proven himself as a Hanryu star through his promotions in many Asia countries as a solo singer on August 2011 in countries like Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia etc.

Recently, Kim HyunJoong have also endorsed for the Japanese brand 'HeatFact', and have also proven his high level popularity in China through his participation in '2011 Very Perfect Shenzhen Concert' on 16th of September along with other top Chinese stars.

As Kim HyunJoong had revealed, he will be kicking off his Asia Tour concert starting this upcoming December.

On the other hand, Park Yoochun is also very well-received by many international fans as a singer and actor.

Through his first drama debut 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal', Park Yoochun received the Asia Most Popular Actor Awards in 'Seoul Drama Awards 2011' that was held last August. He had also held his first solo fanmeeting in Thailand on 17th of September to promote 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal'. This is the first time he held a fanmeeting as a actor, unlike many fanmeetings he have held together with JYJ in their world tour.

In the upcoming October, Park Yoochun will be striving the Hanryu wave into Europe. Together with his members, JYJ had launched their world tour concerts in 9 different countries since last April, and this time, it will be an exclusive performance they will be holding in Europe.

On 29th of October, JYJ will hold their first Europe concert in Spain at Palau Sant Jordi Stadium. They are also be planning to meet their fans in Germany on 6th of November.

In fact, Kim HyunJoong and Park Yoochun are known as close friends in the entertainment industry. From their singing debut to their drama acting debut, they had unfold a series of friendly competition between them, it really makes people wondering whether if both of them can reach a 'win-win' situation as a Hanryu stars in the future.
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[Article] What ‘s So Funny Hyun Joong ?

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or Why Do we laugh ?

Have you seen and heard Hyun Joong laugh ?

Hyun Joong laughing when he does that rolling on the floor , falling off his chair is a special matter.Even if you don’t see his face and he is on the background ,but just the sound of his peals of laughter can be heard, you know it’s him . Did his laughter make your heart smile ?I bet it did.
He is one good specie to come out of human evolution. For laughing is a good communication tool and message -even before we learned to talk .Babies’ laughter are the best sound in the world. Because it is a social act, it is usually done with company . Of course you can laugh alone but the likelihood of doing it with somebody is 30 times more according to Previne who did a study on why we laugh .

And seeing somebody laugh is contagious . I laughed .We laughed when Hyun Joong was hysterically laughing even if we didn’t understand what it was all about .

Laughter is a good stress reliever because as your blood vessels open due to it ,your tension eases . Laughter is also a social binder . We are attracted to people who laugh easily who has a good sense of humor and of course if dashed with wittiness ,you triple the fun . Am I describing Hyun Joong ? You know the answer .Laughter is often called the best medicine . Remember the clown doctors who cater to the pyschosocial needs of their patients ? We even pay to get a good laugh in comedy acts . We enjoy watching sitcoms .

There are many types of laughing experts will tell you : sinister and evil laughing ,nervous laughing, embarrased laughing, crazy laughing ,etc. Spontaneous and nonspontaneous laughing kinds .But they are meant to bind co-horts together .

Making people laugh is also a serious occupation .Think of comedians,clowns,court jesters, comedy gag writers ,actors who make a livelihood with this forte . But there is a downside to laughing . Too much laughing trigger asthma attack and worse is when cardiac arrest is brought on . Now that’s no laughing matter .What a way to meet one’s Maker though I have yet to see a tombstone that says ‘here lies somebody who laughed hardest’.

As for Hyun Joong, I’m sure he laughs for all the funny reasons . I don’t think it includes laughing all the way to the bank .


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[Scans] Kim Hyun Joong Featured in Hanryu Pia October 2011 Issue

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[Scans] Kim Hyun Joong - Haru Hana Vol. 007

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong @ Aeon HEATFACT Press Conference 20.09.2011 (by Chosun Online.com)

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[Fancam] Kim Hyun Joong @ Aeon HEATFACT Press Conference 20.09.2011

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[Photo] Media Photos from Kim Hyun Joong @ HEATFACT Press Conference 20.09.2011 (by JPnews)

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