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[News] Kim Hyun Joong Dedicates "KISS KISS" to Henecia

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After a hugely successful solo debut with “Break Down,” SS501′s Kim Hyun Joong will begin promoting his lighter follow-up single “Kiss Kiss” on this week’s music shows.

As a gift to his Henecians, Kim Hyun Joong’s “Kiss Kiss” MV is full of exclusive footage from his album showcase and fan meeting, behind-the-scenes clips from rehearsals, and a peek into the Hyun Joong offstage enjoying some R&R at the beach.

Kim Hyun Joong told reporters, “I tried to think of my happiest moment during my solo promotions, and it was the showcase and fan meet I had with my fans… I wanted to be able to remember that feeling for a long time, so this music video will preserve the memories I share with my fans.”

Watch the full official MV below:

[Trans] Kim HyunJoong @ DaeJeon Fan Sign event

Credits : Ž‡F @ hyunjoongchina.com
English Translation : xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Hello, this is Kim HyunJoong
Came to DaeJeon, it’s a little far that’s why I am late, sorry I’m late for about 15 minutes
I thought I would see a lot of DaeJeon fans here in DaeJeon, but seems like most of you I’ve already seen in Seoul before
Are there people from DaeJeon? (audience : Yes~~~)
It is still meaningful for me to come here

Friends in Seoul are greedier, so~
I will come to DaeJeon more often

Today’s fan sign event has ended, I am very happy to be able to meet with fans in DaeJeon
Of course, I am happy to see fans who came from Seoul too, also fans from Busan, Daegu, Gangwon-do

It is the first time I’ve met with a father-fan since I had fan sign events, seems like he came on behalf of his daughter~
Thank you for the support!

The fan sign event tomorrow will be at Daegu, and in Busan the day after, although I don’t know what is the famous food in DaeJeon, but I will try the food on my way home

If you come to Daegu tomorrow, you must try the Daegu spicy rice cake, it’s delicious

For my next album, the activity period may not be as long, the activity period should be around 1 month, but I will find opportunities to hold fan sign events in various cities

I always want to see my fans personally whenever I release an album

The next album should be in October, I’ve already received the songs.
Concert should be in November, or maybe December~
Should be touring from Seoul.

If I have a concert in DaeJeon, I’m afraid the turn out will be bad~ keke

I hope everyone can come to support when I have my concert in Seoul, Thank you everyone!

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong - KISS KISS Mv (from kimhyunjoong606)

Credit : kimhyunjoong606 @yt

it's finally OUT!! yups.. KHJ's new mv.. KISS KISS ^__^

[News] Jaejoong falls deep into directing; on HyunJoong and Future Directing

Source : Newsen
Translation by : jyj3
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JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong who has recently finished the world tour of two months has fallen deeply into the attractiveness of directing.

Kim Jaejoong relayed his thoughts at having finished the JYJ World Tour. About the past two months, Kim Jaejoong expressed in one sentence: “It was fun.”

Kim Jaejoong expressed his pride, saying: “After finishing (the world Tour) I was so thankful to the family of the company and the members and the staff and proud (of them). The songs that went on the concert were also mostly self-composed songs. As for the Asia Tour I had even taken charge of directing. Such a tour concert went even to the USA. Even though there were difficulties and troubles I felt that it was amazing and I was proud that such a large tour was accomplished without anyone’s help but with one’s own strength only.”

Through this World Tour Kim Jaejoong also debuted as a director. When asked which he prefers between acting and directing, he laughed, saying “When I am performing, it feels better to be directing.” Kim Jaejoong revealed: “The director (of Protect the Boss) is so amazing that I am learning the qualities of a director even in the drama. It seems that he takes himself to filing after he finishes all of his considerations. Even so, drama is drama and performing is performing and so I think each as its own appeal.”

Kim Jaejoong picked Bangkok, Thailand where he performed past April as the country that stayed the most in his mind among the JYJ World Tour Concert locations. Kim Jaejoong explained “I think it is that Bangkok is the place of the first concert after I took charge of directing. The responses of the fans were also positive and so I was extremely thankful.”

Director Kim Jaejoong also has desires/hopes to direct concerts and performances of other singers. Kim Jaejoong laughed it off, saying: “I do have interest in directing the concerts of idol groups similar to us. There was a time in which Kim Hyunjoong – he and I are of very close friendship – and I talked lightly in a private setting about releasing an album together and doing activities together. But Kim Hyunjoong also has a lot of desires/hopes on his own music and so I feel that he will say that he will direct it himself.”

[Info] Kiss Kiss MV Streaming Support

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As you know, Kiss Kiss promotion will most probably release within this week. I know most of you will be on Hyun Joong support and wanna stream his video to help him increase view counts, personally I am up for it.

Before we start, please be aware that YouTube and Google always have a very clever ways to count the video views, so for this, it's pretty hard to cheat them.

Below posted, is some of the do's and don'ts on streaming.


1. Do watch the video is different locations, best with different IPs, so YT is not able to detect it.

2. Do put your video on a playlist, put them on autoplay so that it refresh, and randomize your playlist (Meaning, put your videos in A-B-C-D-C-A-D-B-A-C-D-A-B-C... ways. Suggestion, you can put both Kiss Kiss-- Cause I suspect CJENMusic will upload one video and kimhyunjoong606 will upload another-- and Please and Break Down in the playlist.)

3. Do ask more of your friends and family to stream it in their own computer.

4. Do use handphone and search for the video and also play til it's finish, no matter how lag it is.

5. Do search for the song (You can search for Kiss Kiss, then narrow it down by filtering the results to upload this week only.

6. Do Embed the video in you site, but NEVER ever put it in a playlist, no views from any outside autoplay playlist is counted.

7. Do comment and like, but do not keep liking the video, YT will think you spam if you like the video every reply.

8. Do change your YT account every one hour or so. And you need to have an account for your view to be counted.

9. Do put the playlist autoplay on different tabs (Admin @HYUNtimes actually tried that before and she commented that the views counted).

10. Do ensure smooth streaming. Try to open just one tab to play if a few together really cannot load.