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[FanCam] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) @ Kansai Airport - Going to Sapporo (Nov 10th,2011)

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[Notice] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) - "LUCKY" Limited Edition Release

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김현중 2번째 미니앨범 LUCKY는 첫번째 미니앨범 BREAKDOWN처럼 1만장 한정판매의 형식으로 진행됩니다. 기대됩니다.

Just like 1st mini BREAKDOWN, LUCKY will also be releasing the limited edition version, with only 10K available for grab.

The triumph card/coin should be what was seen in the MV, maybe even more peculiar.
+U:zoosin Triumph Card 1 type
+U:zoosin Coin 1 type
+Unreleased photographs

Real Sale starts online,offline: 2011.Nov.14 (Mon)

Preorder starts: 2011.Nov.10 (Thurs), 3PM (GMT+9)

Where: Synnara e-shop, YES24, Kyobo Online, Interpark, Aladdin, Music Korea, Libro Online, Music Land, Lees Music, Apple Music

*not all online e-shops would be selling

Note from Hyunited6686: Unfortunately we don't take Pre Order for Lucky - Limited Edition, but you can try your luck from those onlineshops above or ask KATHY's Bench if she willing to take PreOrder overseas HERE


[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) U:zoosin 2012 Official Calendar

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[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Japan Tour : First Solo Concert - Osaka [09.11.11]

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[Interview] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Highlights from Osaka Press Conference (First Japan Tour 2011)

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Here are some highlights of the presscon shared by @onlykhjtimes and @KHJ_yui501:

- HJ will be debuting as a solo singer in Japan under Universal Music Japan from January 25, 2012.
HJ said: “i’m very glad i can debut from the same company Lady Gaga belongs to. I’ll try to do better and try my best to be loved by all”.

- when asked what he’s looking forward to do in Japan…HJ said “i look forward to playing football with a new Universal Japan Team”.

- when asked if fans can go watch him play..HJ said: “sure, but we’ll do it privately so it’s gonna be hard to find us.”

- HJ said: “there are many Japanese fans who speak Korean well but also many who don’t. I want them to know my music also so I will sing in Japanese in my new album.”

- when asked if there was any Japanese artiste he wants to work with…HJ said: “there are so many. my music is varied, it will be fun to mix dance and band music.”

- when asked what his dream is now…HJ said: “i want to perform live in Budoukan, next would be Arena Tour, then Tokyo Dome”.

- when asked what he likes about Japanese fans.. HJ said: “They are passionate and the way they cheer me on. Korean fans’ voice is thicker, but Japanese fans cheer me with higher voice like ‘rida…!” (as in leader).

- when asked what his impression of Japan is….HJ said: “there are distinct characteristics in each place, and Osaka has its characteristics too. I learnt the word ‘maido’ (which seems to mean ‘always’ in the Osaka dialect).

- when asked what he likes in Japan…HJ said: “I like gyudon, ramen, okonomiyaki, wing tips.”

- when asked what he would like to show the Japanese fans…HJ said: “I’m a Seoul public ambassador, so i hope we can communicate with each other, spend precious time together with songs and present a nice stage to everyone.”

- when asked what Japanese word he has learned recently…HJ said: “Agepoyo? It means fun or something right? Kyou mo agepoyo…(trans: Let’s have agepoyo today!)”


[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Osaka Japan Tour Press Conference [09.11.11]

Credit: oricon.co.jp

Kim Hyun Joong's Japan Tour officially started with the first stop in Osaka. He held prescon before the concert, here's the media photos.


[Interview] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) 'Milky-Strong Man' Kim Hyun Joong's Beauty Interview, "Drink Lots of Water & Choose The Right Cleanser

Source: donga.com + @5StarsAs1 (translation)

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Q: You made your comeback with 'Lucky Guy' after some time. What's the new concept in your new album this time?
A: I wanted to express something more dandy and gutty image in this album this time. So, a strong smoky eyes makeup was emphasized on the eyes. In conjunction to the rhythmical beat and funky rock in the title track 'Lucky Guy', the song itself together with the matching light color baby-permed hair, exudes a cheerful aura.

Q: You're known as the 'Milky-Strong Man' for your immaculate skin. How do you manage it?
A: To ensure that there is no problem with the skin, try to avoid putting thick make ups.

Q: What about cleansing?
A: I washed my face thoroughly to ensure there's no any makeup leftovers. I've heard that a clean face is more important than having makeups on the face. (laughs)

[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Japan Official Site Update [08.11.11]

Credit:  kimhyunjoong.jp + @OnlyKHJtimes (Translation)


Hello all fans,

Kim Hyun Joong arrived at Kansai Airport this evening.
He was very glad that many fans welcomed him, as usual.

From tomorrow onwards, the 1st Japan Tour will be started.
Kim Hyun Joong is really looking forward to meet fans from all the prefectures in Japan.

We hope that everyone will have a lot of fun during his stage performances.
Please look forward to that, starting from tomorrow!