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[Photo] FC Men Player Names + Romanisation

Credit: SJK_KiTH @ Twitter
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Thanks to Songjoongkith for sharing it on Twitter. As we know that the player no.9 is Kim Hyun Joong ^_^

[News] Tetsuya Komuro's Message on Kim Hyun Joong

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English Translation: khjgalaxy (s2rene)
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Thanks to s2rene for the English translation ^_^

Last year, I produced the theme song for the 'Smile Project', the Japanese lyrics is very meaningful. Listening to Hyun Joong sings each word and sentence sincerely, that moved feeling, I'll always remember.

[Magazine] Kim Hyun Joong – Play Magazine April 2011 Issue

Credit: Annieyang
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[Info] April 2011 Cafe Daum Ranking

Credit: Cafe Daum + 愿希梦 @ SS501 Baidu
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 1. TVXQ – 747648 (-3579)

2. Big Bang – 346700 (-270)

3. SNSD – 299787 (-1466)

4. SS501 – 239060 (-1066)

5. Super Junior – 223489 (-1741)

6. 2PM – 193815 (-2059)

7. BEAST – 183303 (+3769)

8. Shinhwa – 177935 (+47845)

9. BUZZ – 135506 (-756)

10. SHINee – 125568 (-407)

11. Wonder Girls – 100081 (-726)

12. FT Island – 99213 (-613)

13. 2NE1 – 96830 (-589)

14. MBLAQ – 82344 (+8)

[photo] Fan-made Photo Story on Baeksang Voting

Credit: khjgalaxy

[photo] Goodbye Jihoo 2nd Anniversary by Miclub KHJ

Credit: Miclub KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong held a free fanmeeting to thank his fans for their support on 31.3.2009 which was the last episode of 'Boys Over Flowers'. Every year on the last day of March, members of Miclub KHJ will gather to commemorate the date. Here are the photos of the gatherings taken by Miclub KHJ.

[info] The Budget

Credit: khjgalaxy

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There are 3 music shows that give out No.1 trophy weekly.


-Album Sales 10% 
-Digital Sales 40% 
-Real-Time Digital Chart 15%
-Mnet Online Voting 15% [Mnet Korea + Mnet Japan]
-Professional Music Judges Score 10%
-Live Mobile Voting 10%

2) Music Bank

-Album Sales 10% 
-Digital Sales 60%
-Broadcast Frequency 20% [KBS TV & Radio]
-Viewers' Choice 10%

3) Inkigayo

-Album Sales 10% 
-Digital Sales 40% 
-Broadcast Frequency 20%
-Voting 10%
-Research 20%

After looking at this, some of you maybe thinking that since
 Digital Sales have the most percentage, it is the most important. Whereas Album Sales have the least percentage, hence it is the least important. Then you have fallen into the illusion of percentage terms. The trick lies in its absolute terms.

Take for example, Music Bank. From percentage to absolute terms.

-Album Sales 20 000 
-Digital Sales 120 000
-Broadcast Frequency 40 000
-Viewers' Choice 20 000
Total: 200 000

Then the next trick lies within the calculation.
They do not just count his album sales of the week.
 They count his album sales of the week divided by the entire album sales of the week.
Take for example, his album sales of the week is 20 000
while the total album sales of the week is 50 000.
20 000/50 000 x 100% = 40%
40% x 20 000 = 8000
There are artists who can top the chart with just 8000 points so it also depends on the rivals' scores.

For the mini album 'Rebirth', SS501's 1st week sales is 27 000 + . Second week sales is 13 000+.
That's how SS501 managed to win for two weeks. That's how much we need to buy to win.
And these figures do not come from 40 000 fans buying an album each.
It came from fans ordering more than 1 copies, from fansites buying in bulks.
If you can afford to buy more, why not buy more?If you can't, well you can start saving.
From today onwards, save S$1. Comes June, you 'll have S$60.
That will be enough to buy at least one album, depending on the price.

Album is more expensive than buying a song online.
Hence only fans will be willing to pay more to buy albums.
So album sales are completely dependent on fans, therefore it reflects the strength of the fandom.

The reason why digital sales have the most percentage is because it reflects the popularity of the song within the general public. The non-fans prefer to download one song than to buy the whole album as it is cheaper.
So it's fans VS public. No matter how big your fandom is, you're no match for the public. That's why it is hard to seize the digital sales market. Digital sales are not dependent on fans, it depends on the taste and preference of the general public. But that does not mean we don't do our parts as fans.

'One person's strength is small but combined together, the strength becomes big.' -Kim Hyun Joong

The calculation for digital sales is similar to the calculation for album sales.
[His digital sales/Entire digital sales x 100%] x 120 000
Do note that digital sales take in proportionately from the 5 main digital sites
-Melon, Mnet, Bugs, Dosirak, Soribada [For international fans, our choices are Mnet and Soribada]
This means that No.1 on Melon is worth more points than No.1 on Mnet.
This also means that No.1 on Mnet is worth more points than No.1 on Soribada.
So please don't come and tell me how Mnet is harder to use, you want more points, walk the extra miles.

Mnet is actually cheaper than Soribada.
For Soribada, you need buy the Music Card which costs 7700 won.
They state that you can download 40 songs and unlimited listening.
What they did not tell you is that multiple downloads of the same songs does not count.
Only the 1st time you download the song counts into the chart, second or more is not counted.
This rule applies to ALL digital sites.
Whereas for Mnet, Streaming Coupon(for a month) costs 3300 won.
While the minimum top-up to download song is 1000won.
A download costs 600 won. Total cost = 4400 won.
So why spend 7700 won when you can just spend 4400 won to do the same thing.

So if you everyday save S$1, comes June, you can download 60 times!
However this means that you need 60 accounts. So start registering!
Wait until he makes his comeback, you'll too busy spazzing.
So may as well take advantage of this period with sparse news,
it's overwhelming to do so many things within one day,
but it's easier to make one account everyday.

Another advantage for Mnet is that when you register for an account in Mnet Korea
and bought the streaming coupon, you get to vote in M!Countdown poll in Mnet Korea.
The poll in Mnet Korea and Mnet Japan is not the same but both counts into 
Mnet Online Voting.
There is no sub-charge to be able to vote in Mnet Japan.

It's not 1 streaming coupon counts as 1 stream
It's 1 ID, 1 Streaming Coupon, 1 day can count around 33 times of streaming
So if you stream everyday for a week, that will be 231 times of streaming.
1 streaming coupon lasts for a month from the time of purchase.
One needs at least millions of streamings to top the streaming chart.

[info] Register on Mnet website

Credit: mnet korean website & mnet japan website
Screenshot+ tutorial by: s2rene@khjgalaxy

Go register!!! Start preparing!!!
I'll only upload the tutorials on how to vote, stream and download when his album is released.

TIP: Save your IDs and passwords into a document so that you will not forget

[photo] Kim Hyun Joong by Hand painting work


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