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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong @ Entertaiment Weekly 06.08.2011

Credit : no1KimHyunJoong @yt

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[Screen Cap] Message From U:zoosin on Signature

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong @ Se7en's Restaurant

Credit: YEOLBONG @ Twitter
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[Video] Limited Copies of Break Down available for the High Five event at Taiwan

Credit: warnertaiwan at YT

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[Video] The Release of Kim Hyun Joong album on 12 August at Taiwan

Credit: warner taiwan at YT

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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong at NTV Hirunandesu

Credit: teddy0205A at YT
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[Screencap] Kim Hyun Joong at NTV Hirunandesu

Credit: @shinestar_space 
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[Info] How to paticipate in Kim Hyun Joong's 'High Five' Event in Taiwan

Source: Warner Music Taiwan facebook + 더블에스오공일 (Double S 501)@fb
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Hyun Joong’s Hi-5 fan meet in TAIWAN! (eng translation)

Event details:
Date: 14th Aug 2011
Time: 3PM
Taipei ( I dont know how to translate the shopping centre’s name)
統一阪急百貨台北店 2F『夢廣場』(台北市信義區忠孝東路五段8號)
How to participate:
Just purchase Kim Hyun Joong’s .
In each of this album contains one
Follow the instructions above. SMS the code that is reflected on the card to 55123 (before 11.59pm on 7th August 2011) , and you’ll have the chance to take part in .

This is how the card will look like.
Period in which you can participate: 12AM ( 1st August 2011) till 11.59PM ( 7th August)
Every SMS costs 10 Taiwan Dollar ( around 50 cents Singapore Dollar)
Full Code to be included in the SMS (eg. KHJ000000) If you submit the code wrongly, then you wont be able to take part in the event.
One pass is entitled to one winner.
If the SMS is sent out successfully, the system will reply with this message:

 Thank you for participating in Kim Hyun Joong 2011 high Five Taipei Fan Meet draw ! Winner will be notified on 10th Aug 2011 and it will also be on Warner Music Taiwan’s Website! All the best in winning the BIG PRIZE!
1. If you’ve questions, please call Warner Music Taiwan at (02)2715-8899 for more info.
2. Warner Music Taiwan holds the rights to make any changes or cancellation of the event.
List of winners will be release on 10th August 2011 at 12 noon.
The code will be reflected and winner will be notified through SMS. Organiser will not be notifying the winner through phone call.
Winners do not have to pay for the Fan Meet , hence please do take precaution against any fraud.
1. Warner Music Taiwan  website:
2. Warner Music Taiwan Facebook
3. Warner Music Taiwan Plurk:
Details for the winners
Date: 14th August 2011
Time to report: 2PM to 2.30 PM
Location: Staffs will issue number cards to winners at specific area, following the queue.
Only the particular no. card will be recognised. If lost, winners will lose the Hi 5 chance with Kim Hyun Joong .
Details of event:
1.Event will commence at 3PM.
2. Following the cue of the MC, winners will proceed up the stage. The Original card with the code will be return to the winner before going up the stage.
    To make sure the event runs smoothly, please pass all presents and letters for Hyun Joong to the staffs before going up the stage. The staffs will safe keep the items and pass to the Management company after that.
 3. For this event, if any of the winners failed to turn up, there will not be a re-draw for the empty slots.
4. For further updates regarding the event, please pay attention to

1. Warner Music Taiwan  website:
2. Warner Music Taiwan Facebook
3. Warner Music Taiwan Plurk:

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[Fan Photo + Trans] A Taiwanese fans coincidentally met HyunJoong in TFS Gangnam!

HJTW/ kellymary21Source: 新浪微博/ as tagged + 
Chinese to English translation by: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1) 
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今天오빠帶我去仁寺洞觀光,經過face shop看到店裡目錄是賢重封面就很開心的拿了兩本。晚上就這麼幸運遇到金賢重,拍完合照他還拿出筆與白紙要簽名給我,這時候目錄就派上用場了,但我可能太緊張了...只簽了一本,應該兩本都簽~這樣就可以送人了!!

English translation:
Today my oppa brought me to Insa-dong for sightseeing, walk passed The Face Shop and saw HyunJoong on the leaflets so I happily took two leaflets. Very fortunately, I met Kim Hyun Joong in person at night, after taking the photo, he even took out a pen and paper wanting to give his autograph, so I took out the leaflet, but I'm so he only signed in one leaflet, it should be on both leaflets I took~and we waved goodbye.

Side note: The oppa that the lucky fans mentioned here are not to be mistaken with HyunJoong oppa, it's probably her friend or somethi

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[Scan] Kim Hyun Joong on Sports Hochi 110805

Credit: Elley
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[Photo] More Media Photos from Kim Hyun Joong @ LOVE-1 Festival in Japan 30.07.2011 (by k-plaza)

Credit : (as tagged) + KHJ baidu
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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong - BREAK DOWN Showcase in Japan 29.07.2011 (by A-hlia)

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