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[News] The Face Shop Philippines 'Valentine Facebook Promo'

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Promo Period: Feb. 1-28, 2011

(Note: Posting of entries will start on Feb. 1, 12AM and end on Feb. 28, 7PM. Pictures posted before Feb 1, 12AM and after Feb. 28, 7PM are not valid entries).

Promo Guidelines:

1. Format to be followed in posting a caption of the entry picture on the FB wall:
b. 3-5 sentence answer to: Why do you love this product?
c. Full name (as it appears on valid ID)
d. Email address
e. TFS branch where claiming of prize will be done

2. The photo with the highest number of "likes" wins the promo. There will only be 1 winner.
(Tip: Tag us and as many friends as you can to accumulate more “likes”)

3. Winner will be announced on March 1, 2011 via (a) posting winner's name on the FB wall, and (b) messaging the winner in FB.

4. Only FB friends can post on the FB wall, thus, only FB friends can join the promo.

5. Prize will be released at the preferred TFS branch of winner (as indicated in his/her answer on the FB wall post) upon presentation of the ff:
a. 1 valid ID with photo (Note: Name on the valid ID must be exactly the same as the name on the winning FB wall post)
b. printout of FB message notification from TFS Marketing

6. Date of claiming of prize will be communicated to the winner via FB message.

7. Family or relatives up to the 3rd consanguinity of Suyen Corp. and/or The Face Shop Phils. employees are disqualified from joining.

Visit the Official Face Shop Philippines Facebook at:

Love Tfsphil

[Video] The First Love Story Fan Meeting Event - DVD CUT

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[Video] Please Be Nice To Me Performance from 'The First Love Story' fanmeet DVD

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[Photo] Hyun Joong with a staff member

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong's Amazing Jaw Line

Credit : ellekingdom.blogspot.com

I bet you all noticed already right? But I really began to notice how uber amazing that jawline of his on Playful Kiss's Episode 13 Kiss in the rain... Oh my!!! That brings back soooooo much memories!!!!!!

[Photo] The Face Shop booklet magazine

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[Photo] ‘The First Love Story’ Fanmeeting DVD Photobook - scan photo

Credit: blog.daum.net/elley0606
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