Senin, 09 Mei 2011

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong – Playful Kiss FM in Japan on News

Credit: Thejoonjoong

[Video+Translation] Kim Hyun Joong – Q&A with little children

Credit: dispatchsns @yt

Translations :

Chinese Translation: 彭彭@Magic0606
English Translation:

Child Question 1
I’m Han Tai Han from Korean E/V School
I don’t really like people telling me that I’m pretty
If other people say you’re good looking, what will Hyung do?
Kim Hyun Joong Answer 1
Okay, you said that you don’t really like people saying that you’re pretty right
I also seemed to frequently hear people saying that I’m good-looking
But there was also this period of time
(I) like to hear people saying that I’m handsome
Rather than hearing people saying that I’m ugly
Isn’t better to said to be handsome right?

Child Question 2
I’m Qian Ya Ying studying in Sapphire Kindergarden
Oppa, why do you act only?
Not going to sing lately?
Kim Hyun Joong Answer 2
As for acting, up to now I have only acted in two dramas
As for singing, I’ll be making a comeback in May or June
(I) will let everyone see my singing side.
So next time don’t ask why I’m only acting but singing again
I ‘ll do my job well