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[Trans] Message of Bae Yong Joon and Kim Hyun Joong on 'Show Your Heart' Campaign

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On the website of 'Show Your Heart' GACKT said that Japanese have to help each other and start from what they can do now. With this many celebrities expressed full support to his campaign including Korean stars such as Bae Yong Joon and Kim Hyun Joong.

In the message board which you can see HERE , messages of Yong Joon and Hyun Joong were posted. Below is the translation of their message as translated by Lafone.

Bae Yong Joon (Actor)
At the news of Japan’s big earthquake, I am very much concerned about people’s safety struck by the disaster.

I would like to fully agree with a meaningful proposal made by GACKT with whom, we had a a charity event “ Message to Asia “in December.

I assume that the people living in the disaster area are now suffering under the unimaginable situation. I hope that our heart will arrive at all of you and will be of some help for you.

I sincerely hope that all of you will be back to a life you can spend in peace as soon as possible.


Kim Hyun Joong (Singer)
At the news of the earthquake, I am struck by surprise and much concerned about the situation. While I am looking for what I can do, I came to know about GACKT ssi’s great proposal. I would like to express my full agreement with him

I believe that even a small force of one person, we can be big together and support the people under the disaster


[News] Kim Hyun Joong Donated 100 Million Won (Indonesian Media)

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Aktor kawakan asal Korea, Kim Hyun Joong beberapa waktu lalu mendonasikan 100 juta won untuk korban dari gempa bumi di Jepang.

Agen artis ini di Jepang yaitu DA Adventure (DA) mengungkapkan bahwa uang tersebut bakal digunakan di area yang terkena bencana, terutama untuk para korban yang benar-benar membutuhkan.

"Hatiku terluka sangat dalam mendengar berita (bencana) ini. Aku harap semua orang bisa tetap kuat menghadapi cobaan," ucap bintang yang namanya mencuat lewat serial drama beken BOYS BEFORE FLOWER ini.

Selain itu ia juga meminta semua orang bahu-membahu menghadapi bencana ini. "Banyak orang bergabung dan mengulurkan tangan di masa kritis ini. Semuanya, mari datang bersama dengan satu hati," pungkasnya.

English Trans.

A Korean actor, Kim Hyun Joong donated 100 million Won for the Japanese earthquake victims.

His agency in Japan, DA Adventure said that the donation will be given to the areas of the disaster, especially to the victims whom really need it.

"My heart was deeply hurt to know about this disaster. I hope that everbody is strong to face this disaster," said the famous star of Boys Over Flower.

Moreover, he asked everybody to help each other to face this disaster. "Many people join and give their help in this hard time. Everyone,let's come together and unite in one heart," said Kim Hyun Joong.

[News] Kim Hyun Joong - 10 Best Korean Drama Actors

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Here are the top ten best Korean drama actors that are currently popular. With charming smiles, stylish hair and swagger, these guys are being plastered on the walls of thousands. From portraying ancient Korean characters to modern drama-filled Romeos, the window of opportunities is endless. Here are some of the top Korean drama actors to keep your eyes out for.

1. Jang Geun Suk – This Korean drama actor is best known for playing Taekyung on the popular Korean drama, “You’re Beautiful.” He started off as a model and then later became a singer. He has appeared in other dramas such as “Mary Stayed out All Night” and “Beethoven’s Virus.”

2. Won Bin – Is better known for portraying Ji Hoon in, “Friends.” He is also a model like most Korean actors. He has also been in “Autumn Tale” and “Propose.”

3. Kim Hyun Joong - Kim Hyun Joong is a Korean drama actor better known for being the leader of the popular group SS501. He is also known as for portraying Ji Hoo in “Boys over Flowers” as the rival for Gun Jun Pyo’s love interest. He has also appeared in “We Got Married” and “Playful Kiss.”

4. Lee Min Ho – He is best known as playing Gun Jun Pyo in the still popular Korean drama series, “Boys over Flowers,” that was adapted from a Japanese manga. He is also a model and a singer. His other drama appearances include “Personal Preference” and “I’m Sam.”

5. Bae Yong Jun – This Korean drama actor is better known for portraying Kang Joon Sang in “Winter Sonata” which is adapted from the anime. Bae can also be seen in the dramas “The Legend” and the recent drama, “Dream High.”

6. Bi (Rain) – Although Bi is a famous Korean R&B singer, he is also a very well known Korean drama actor. He is most known for portraying Lee Young Jae in, “Full House.” Bi has also appeared in “Fugitive: Plan B” and “A Love to Kill.”

7. Kim Bum – He is a Korean drama actor who is best known for playing Dong Chul in “East of Eden.” He’s also appeared in “Boys over Flowers” and “The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry.”

8. Joo Jin Mo – Joo is known for playing Nam Jae II in the drama “Dream” along side Kim Bum. He has also appeared in the following dramas “Fashion 70s” and “Bicheonomu.”

9. Dennis Oh – He is best known for playing Mike Packard on “East of Eden.” Dennis has also appeared in “Witch Amusement” and the currently airing, “Fall In Love.”

10. Kwon Sang Woo – Kwon is a Korean drama actor that is known for portraying the two characters Lee Joon Hee and Oh Dae San in “Cinderella Man.” He has also been in “We Are Dating Now” and “Stairway to Heaven.”

[Fan Account] Hyun Joong & Junsu attending wedding (06.03.2011)

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At a oppa’s (relative) wedding ceremony, Xiah Junsu and Kim Hyun Joong appeared.
Didn’t search around on purpose, just seated there will be able to spot the face of a artist?
I can. kekekekekekekekekek
At the artist football club that oppa is in, have heard that there’s Xiah Junsu but it also have Kim Hyun Joong.
Wedding host is KBS SSJBD’s emcee Kim HyeonUk, wedding blessing song is by comedian twins Lee SangHo and Lee SangMin, and Xiah Junsu…..
Why didn’t I bring my camera that day?
So many artists, using handphone to take definitely cannot take all, mainly is to take Kim Hyun Joong and Xiah Junsu, after taking pic of all artists, after that when it’s turn to take only with Kim Hyun Joong, I’m just totally like a ahjumma using all my might and pushed my handphone forward, my father said ‘You are already married, why are you still like that??’ hehehehehehehehe
Father, am I a disgrace????
But what to do, if don’t take it now, will not be able to take anymore.
Have been carrying camera everyday but why didn’t bring today, really so heartbreaking.
When oppa said Kim Hyun Joong is coming, I thought it’s a lie. Thinking it’s a lie so I didn’t want to see it. If really came, can still take solo picture with Kim Hyun Joong and Xiah Junsu….
Getting older, will get excited seeing artists, so nice. Especially when seeing such dashing artist.
If only can get to see Hyun Bin for once….

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong donations to Japan (news from

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they took wrong picture of our HyunJoong at 0:59.... :(

[News] Bae YongJoon & Kim HyunJoong to aid, Japan

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The Yonsamas are ready to help!

On March 14th, KEYEAST announced to the public that Bae Yong-joon and Kim Hyun-joong donated money to Japan’s relief efforts. Yong-joon gave $890,000, while Hyun-joong graciously donated $71,000.

Yonsama urged the government to use his money to fund the basic necessities (including food and water). He is very concerned about the people. Hyun-joong admitted that his money wasn’t much, but he hopes his effort can aid the people in some way. The initial shock and heartbreaking news of the current situation after the earthquake and tsunami made the singer quickly run to their aid.

The damage and nuclear explosions that have taken place aches your heart. I truly commend these two celebrities for their willingness to give. In addition, the phrase Pray for Japan is truly needed.

[News] Kim Hyun Joong - a star born in cyberspace

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After the screening of “Playful Kiss”, Kim Hyun Joong was belatedly recognized by Internet users in Korea, and Kim Hyun Joong’s name became a phenomenon based on the number of hits that this drama series was obtained within 6 weeks. This led to their producers and out with a special edition which has become the most anticipated and talked-about drama in chatbox and other social networks. Riding on this popularity, CNN interview with Kim Hyun Joong and the people behind this drama after the initial success of the first two special episodes online, received 768,591 visits in just two days. The demand of the international community to subtitle this drama in several languages, has also been unprecedented.

Before becoming an Internet superstar, Kim Hyun Joong was a musician, who formed his own band SS501 constantly became popular in Korea and Japan. His appearance on “We Got Married” was the starting point of his career as an actor. He became a household name and landed the role of Ji Hoo in the greatest drama of 2009, “Boys Over Flowers.” Although he played a secondary roll in this popular drama, his popularity rose to unprecedented proportion desnumerando the main actors in the drama series. With it came many commercials and concerts throughout Asia.

Today, Kim Hyun Joong is considered one of the most influential names in the entertainment industry in Asia. All his movements, hair styles, clothing and accessories are being copied by his legions of fans worldwide who follow and worship him through the Internet. KH J is really the first Cyberstar of Asia!

Playful Kiss, “Kim Hyun Joong at its best.

I’ve never seen the chat so in tune with people around the world only by a Korean soap opera starring Kim Hyun Joong, a singer of the band SS501, who shot to fame through “Boys Over Flowers.” What happens? There is a famous actor and only played a secondary role with Lee Min Ho in his latest drama. Although he can sing and dance like the other members Kband, his popularity soars to unprecedented scale, which goes beyond Korea and into all the borders of Asia, North America and South America and other places where Internet powerful can get.

What explains their success is still disturbing to many analysts and agents of entertainment. Their fans confessed that her enigmatic smile and make them look crazy. Media reporters conclude that the total package. If you ask ordinary people who barely know him say must be written in the stars. Are you destined to shine and capture the hearts and minds of millions of fans worldwide? No wonder that when “Kiss Playful” begins airing on cyberspace comes packed with young people, housewives, retirees, workers and Internet users want to watch this soap opera as if tomorrow does not arrive. His anger is understandable. They cry out for more close-ups and scenes of kissing his leading lady hates for harassing him and his love for his devotion, and shout with all honesty in the discussion box for more episodes to come.

With all due respect to the writer ¨ “Playful Kiss,” the drama is all spiced with the right ingredients of a blockbuster, but the subsequent slaughter of Kim Hyun Joong fans after he stars in this drama is epic proportion. The drama increases superstar status to make him the number one imported from Korea.