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[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong Official Mobile Site Blog – Delivering coal briquettes under the cool winter Giving coal during the snow warming ones heart

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Staff Blog

Delivering coal briquettes under the cool winter

Giving coal during the snow warming ones heart

2011.01.17 KeyEast SY

…January 6th~

Volunteer event started. HyunJoong said this is ‘Distributing love coal briquettes’
Hope staff who are free will be able to participate…” He stood infront to gather staff to participate in the event
HyunJoong encouraged the participants saying: “If we cannot become the role model…”!!
During the day HyunJoong wore attire that were suitable for working and arrived at the event venue.
Passing the coal briquettes one by one carefully~
Standing in a roll repeatedly doing the same action, his manager would play with him once in a while,
throwing the coal briquettes to HyunJoong, throwing over picking over,
HyunJoong shouted: “Cannot~~, Cannot~~, these are very precious coal briquettes, it cannot be broken~~”
Looking at his looks thinking of: “HyunJoong is really very pure~”,
people surrounding were laughing out
(maybe, it is because they have seen his sincere look, felt his pure heart, so laugh out just like me, this is my own guessing ^^;;)
Weather was very cold, the atmosphere at the venue was not very good,
but HyunJoong and fans were combine into one in a very warm atmosphere,
at that split moment, I thought there’s no other place in the world that was as warm as here.
The more volunteer event like this,
Isn’t it no problem to overcome this winter? Keke 

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[Magz] Kim Hyun Joong's "The Stunning Young Man" - Korean Star Magazine (Indonesia), Jan 2011 edition

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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong’s cut from KOKORO Special Making DVD

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[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong – Personal Note from KHJ on Japan Mobile site

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Original Message

Here is Hyun Joong's message @ Japan Official Mobile Site ...did u see the alien??? LOL~

English trans :

Hi everyone, I’m Hyun Joong, it’s already 2011.

I’m now working on my new album.

because the handwriting’s not nice,

so don’t really like writing letters.

but since japanese fans want to get a personal from me.

so i’m here writing this.

Because want to show everyone a good album and project in this new year,

I’m a bit nervous. In this new year, please be healthy everyone,

hope all of you have many happy things .

from :king of the universe

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[Magz] Korean TOP Vol. 8 Magazine

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