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[Official Photo][19.01.11] Hyun Joong @ Smile Project in Tokyo Dome by KeyEast

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[Playful Kiss] Baek SeungJo's Diary- Epilogue Part 3 Translated

Credit jina_bing_bang@Soompi for translation.
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Original Authors Note:

I was going to write Ep. 3 (Part 3) longer but without any time now I have decided to finish off with Ep. 2 (Part 2). I am also writing a review for another place [another forum] and have been given a large project this month which gives me no more time. I apologize.
The weather is cold so everyone be careful of your health.
During the middle ten days of the month I am going up to Seoul, just in case you all were wondering where I live.
Just as if the wind was blowing past your face think of it as me asking how you were doing.
Meanwhile I thank you very very much!!

“Doctor there has been a terrible accident. The mute...No, SiWal’s son had an accident. He rolled over with the cultivator (farm tool for tilling) and is drenched in blood”

The patient’s condition was worse than I thought. In a lane where there is no street lamp and it is dark the accident must have occurred after drinking alcohol and then driving, rolling into the rice paddy as the handle part must have hit the stomach area hard as it was ripped and there was a lot of blood coming out. Like this while being transferred to a big hospital there is no doubt that the patient would pass away.
I better suture the ruptured blood vessel.
Hani’s face started to turn deathly pale as it was her first time seeing this much blood.
“Eh Oh Oh Oh!”

Kim Hyun Joong Cute GIFS Part 2

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Best Sleeping Moments at First Love Story DVD

Credit: dscs.uueasy.com
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Hyun Joong is so cute in these sleeping pose. These pictures were taken in Bali ^___^