Senin, 20 Desember 2010

[News] Basic House iPhone application releases

Credit : ss501ode.blogspot

IPhone users, kill~~~! Why not try it??? It's free....!!! You may try, App Store -- Search -- 베이직하우스 (typed: qpdlwlrgkdntm)

If you are an international user, go to Settings -- General -- Keyboard -- International Keyboards (add in the respective language bar)


Casual brand Basic House has now released their iPhone application and is ready to invade with the mobile marketing strategy.

This Basic House application allows any iPhone user at all to download it for free, besides that, one may also get to view information about the various products as well as pictorial appreciations and of course, the diversified event notifications and store details. In particular the Re-Padding Jumper product which is the must-have fashion item of this winter will also allow users to download and receive their 20% discounted coupon wherein they wish to purchase the padding jumper. It is a good opportunity for customers who wish to possess the padding jumper product.

Also, even if one may not visit the stores personally, they will also be able to view at large detailed information such as the pricing and/or color in range about Basic House's Re-padding Jumper. So long as GPS System is enabled on one's iPhone, they can also search for locations of nearby Basic House stores.

Along with these also comes with videos and catalogues photos of Kim HyunJoong and Yoon EunHye, inclusive of already disclosed pictorial shoots as well as some undisclosed catalogue footages and various videos during their pictorial shootings. It will be available for download and appreciation, too.

Team director of Basic House's Marketing Jo Hong-jun expresses, "For the sake of the increasing trend of smart phone users, we have now also launched our Basic House's application after opening our mobile page. In soon to come, through the function of SNS and continuous upgrading will also lead an advancement of our mobile services to our consumers. Of course with the diversified social media networking, too", as he delivered his thoughts.

Meanwhile, Basic House has released its Re-Padding Jumper which is highly popular due to its colourful designing like that of jelly bellies along with some allowance for lightness and flexibility.