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[Article] KBS - Music Bank finally Airing in Indonesia - Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Break Down Performance ^^

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Music Bank is one of Korean music television program broadcast by KBS (Korean Broadcasting System). It airs live every Friday at 6:10 KST and broadcasted in 72 different countries through KBS World TV. In Indonesia we could only watch this program by cable TV subscription. But today for the first time one of local TV airing this music show and receives positive response from Indonesian K-pop lovers.

What makes today's episode special because it's KBS Music Bank mid-year special, previously aired on July 01 2011 with TVXQ, IU, 2PM, CN Blue, Boyfriend, Sistar, f(x) and of course, Kim Hyun Joong during his Break Down promotion at that time.

This program will be broadcast every Sunday at 12.00 WIB (local time). You can also follow them at TWITTER: @MusicBankINDO and FACEBOOK: MusicBankIndosiar to show your support ^^

We hope to see more of Kim Hyun Joong on our local TV so let’s wait for Mnet Music Awards 2011 because Indosiar will be broadcast it live in November 29, 2011 started at 18.00-22.00 WIB (local time). Mean while, please keep voting for him.

And here's Kim Hyun Joong - Break Down performance on this episode (in case you missed it), one of his best looks in black short hair and shades!


[Article] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) and Justin Davis

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Singer Hyun Joong and jewelry designer Justin Davis both are associated with skulls and the two will be collaborating soon.

As many of us already know, Hyun Joong loves skulls and he even designed his own character inspired by skull and aliens, U:Zoosin. Justin Davis on the other hand loves designing skulls for his Biker’s Jew­elry collection (also known as gothic sil­ver jew­elry, rocker jew­elry & rock and roll jew­elry) because of its immense pop­u­lar­ity with bik­ers worldwide.

Last Thursday, it has come to our attention after Justin Davis posted on his Facebook wall that Hyun Joong will be designing a necklace with initials set in red and blue stone that will be part of his 2012 Collection. From the post on FB it is said that the necklace is priced at 27,300 yen (appox US$355) tax included and that more details will be out in December.

For those not familiar with Justin Davis, here's something about this jewelry designer who's big in Japan.

Justin Davis is a hugely successful jewelry designer who hailed from the USA, but made his mark in Japan. Justin Davis was obsessed with royalty. His gothic jewelry designs are often associated with themes of crowns, stars and most exceptionally, skulls. His designs are very popular amongst motorcycle enthusiasts and punks.

Justin Davis' boutique can be found in La Foret in Harajuku, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Below are just some of the collection of Justin Davis. Click HERE 

P.S. I know that Hyun Joong uses Chrome Hearts who is well known for its skull designs as well and famous in Korea. I wonder if he'll start collecting JD too. To read more about Chrome Hearts, you may click HERE


[FanCam] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Performed Acapella at TOKYO FORUM [19.11.11]

Credit: Thejoonjoong @ Youtube

During his event in Tokyo Kokusai Forum, Kim Hyun Joong gave his fans 3 song in acapella: Be With You OST - Gleaming Star (SS501's song) and I'm Your Man, the ballad track from his Lucky album.

The first one is from Be With You OST. It's his favorite movie and Hyun Joong said that often listen to the OST every night before he sleeps. It's a beautiful score from the movie and has no lyrics.

‘Be With You’ is a a Japanese movie adapted from a novel written by Takuji Ichikawa. It’s about a woman who died and left her husband and son alone but eventually came back through a ‘time capsule’ his son hid with his mother before her death.

You can hear the complete score of OST. Be With You - Toki wo Koete HERE 
(thanks @namjachingu_khj in twitter for sharing the link)

And oh.. let's watch the movie  HERE ^^

One more link, SS501's Gleaming Star HERE (miss the boys..)


[Article] Bits and Pieces from Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) - TOKYO FORUM [19.11.11]

Credit: lovekimhyunjoong/nanet302 
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Sharing some tweets:
- khj already left the venue. guess he was in a good mood that he opened the window and recorded fans waiting for him with his camera


- According to HJ, we’ll be able to watch his 6-pack in his new drama
*nanet: looks like this will be my favorite drama!!! is it 2012 yet?

- KHJ got a bottle of drink from a fan seated on the first row. He opened and drank it and then handed the bottle back to a fan who was also in the first row…
*nanet: so he handed it back to a different person…If I was the other fan…I’d grab it..

- HJ sang a Japanese song from SS501… a little bit in acapella when he was asked by a lucky fan. Can’t remember the title…
*nanet: @onlykhjtimes said the song was ‘Gleaming Star’

@koyuki_KHJ66 + @miy0
- HJ said he only brought 4 sets of clothes to Japan. He brought the same for top, bottom and undies

- HJ’s fave (Japanese) movie is Be With You. He listens to the OST every night before sleeping
*nanet: according to princess miyo this is a Japanese movie by Takeuchi Yukon and Nakamura Shido. It’s about a girl who travels to the future to take care of her family after she died.

- HJ sang I’m Your Man. so good and lovely
*nanet: I hope we see a vid of this.
…and according to @onlykhjtimes, he sang it acapella.

- HJ said everyday, he exercises for one hour. Getting good condition. He also said fans cheer him up. So big power.

- KHJ….so funny! He brings 4 clothes, his favorite sweat. He always wears same style.

- one girl was chosen..she ask HJ to sing the ballad. HJ hesitated to sing “I’m Your Man” in acapella. Beautiful voice.

- HJ (accidentally) revealed the title of his new digital song. He said “I’m gonna be punished by my agency….”

- since he came to Japan, he sleeps about 10 hours a day.