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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong - Hanryu Fondue

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[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong – Spring 3 Japanese Magazine 2011

Credit: (Scanned by) blog.daum.net/elley0606
Japanese to Korean translation: Lafone @ liezle.blogspot.com

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In the center of the unprecedented second Hanryu boom, there are a lot of superstars, talented in both of singing and acting. Kim Hyun Joong, introduced in the top, is a member of SS501, one of the most popular pop group in Korea ; he is now breaking into a stardom as an actor. With his crisp smile, he may knock out the Japanese girls ?

The person who accelerates the 2ndHanryu Boom is Kim Hyun Joong, a member of KPop group SS501, and is now spotlighted as a leading male actor. He called the attention as HanazawaRui (YoonJiHoo) of Korean version of BOF, climbing up the steps to the stardom after acting as a genius with a hot-cold personality, Irie Naoki (BaekSeungJo) in Playful Kiss. His popularity is rapidly growing without ceiling.

“ The year of 2010 was a substantial year for me, not only of shooting of my first leading role drama, Playful Kiss, but also having had a lot of opportunities to perform in many countries. I had very little time to stay in Korea. In Japan I was so busy, and it made me dizzy (laugh) When I am busy, I try to enjoy it to the maximum. Because I believe it will lead me to show my best performance as artist”

The role of cool, nice-looking guy which he acted in BOF and Playful Kiss is perfectly suited to him. Does he happen to be a hot-cold personality in a real life when he is in love ?

“ I am bashful in front of strangers, people may think that I am such type (laugh). But once I am fallen in love with someone, I completely devote myself to her. I can do for her every sort of things, leaving nothing to be desired. If I have a date with a girlfriend in Japan? Well, I would like to visit Sapporo (the metropolitan city in Hokkaido, the most noth part of Japan) and to enjoy a hotspring, looking at snowy landscape. “

“ It may be fantastic to see a beautiful scenary of the sea in an island of Okinawa where I visited once. I do not play any marine sport, to tell the truth, because I am afraid of being in the sea.”

Asked about his favorite female fashion style, he pointed out the cover page of our magazine, Spring. By sorting page by page, he said in Japanese “ this is NG ! “ , pointing the lady with mode-makeup (a bit heavy make-up style). In terms of both fashion and make-up, “I prefer a natural and crystal image. As a color, I like beige, white which gives refined, soft and warm image, rather than clear vivid colors such as red and yellow. When it comes to my fashion favorite, “grunge stle” is my basic. I like a long and loose top and tight pant. That’s my recent favorite style.”

What are your objectives for 2011 ?

“ To release two solo albums as well as acting in one drama. I have an ambition to have a concert for all the Asian fans in future, and therefore, I would like to establish a solid position as singer with my solo albums. In drama, I would like to challenge for a villain part, and would like to act many characters, thus showing unforeseen part of myself. “

[Info] The Movie Theater – SS501 Asia Tour Persona in Bangkok‏

Credit: DSPent Thailand + (English translation) Nuna-Hyunjoong@SS501thailand.com
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Tukkatanaka from TripleS Thailand had emailed rainaftershine about this movie theater info just for the overseas fans. Its gonna be interesting! ^____^ Interested overseas TS can follow the steps below to book the tickets if you are heading to Thailand in Feb!

P/S: 13th Feb will be SS501 Persona in Bangkok’s 1st anniversary! ^^

To enjoy with the atmosphere of a concert artist in a movie theater SS501. Concert of music fans with their tens of thousands of Thai people. Was one of the experienced yet another one here.

A concert SS501 Asia Tour Persona in Bangkok.

Artist: SS501

Round Throw open around: February 12, 2011 at 11:00 am & February 13, 2011 at 11:00 am

Price: 700 (TH Bath) for all seats.

Venue: Esplanade Cineplex Ratchadapisek.

Promotions for all seats for the concert souvenir Persona Calendar + SS501 Button. Value of 1090 Baht

Sale Date:
24 Jan – 4 Feb for the date of February 12, 2011.
29 Jan – 7 Feb for for the February 13, 2011.
Or until the ticket run out.

Organizer and ticket DSPent (Thailand).

For more information. dspentthailand.pr @ gmail.com or 02-645-2693.

Booking details

1. Give your name – last name E-mail address to contact. With the number of cards to book via e-mail. dspentthailand.pr @ gmail.com.
2. Officials confirmed seat numbers. And the amount to be transferred.
3. The transfer fee card And send an email money transfer.dspentthailand.pr @ gmail.com. Or fax to 02-645-2693.

Account Name: DSPent (Thailand).
Thai Commercial Bank / Branch Seacon 2.
Account No. 223-213530-6.

Or can pay for themselves in the office, DSPEnt (Thailand). No. 184/71 16th Floor, Forum Tower, Ratchadapisek Rd. Huaykwang Bangkok 10310 Thailand.

4. Confirm the payment to staff with documentation of acceptance by e-mail.
5. Get a card on the showtimes. Obtained from 10.30 am onwards.

Note: Forum organization, or book fans who are interested to organize a special zone to notify their intention of Marketing at DSPent (Thailand). Tel 02-645-2693.

[Photo] I'm David calendar 2011 - fanmade

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