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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong with Patty Hou (Taiwanese Actress)

Source : azio.im.tv
Credit : mollybb0706 @twitter + KHJ baidu

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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong Congratulations Xingyue Group Website opened

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong is the first Korean artist to guest on top Taiwanese talk show, ‘The Person’

Source + Photos: Seoul NTN via Nate
Credit : Allkpop

On August 15th, Hallyu star SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong guested as the first ever Korean star on Taiwan’s TVBS program, ‘The Person‘.

‘The Person’ is said to be one of the representative programs of TVBS, and it also consistently records #1 in viewer ratings. Through TVBS-Asia, the show airs in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, Malaysia, the Unite States, and other locations.

Top stars who have previously guested on the program include Andrea Bocelli and Jay Chou.

During his appearance, Kim Hyun Joong talked about his youth, his debut, his acting career, and his debut solo mini-album. When he was requested to perform his new song “Break Down” right then and there for his Taiwanese fans, he didn’t hesitate at all and got up to throw a spectacular performance that would’ve been on par with a real stage live.

Announcer Fang Nian Hua, a famous figure to the Taiwanese, was the MC of the program and was reported to have come in with questions that she had prepared with herself.

Kim Hyun Joong charmed the studio with his suave, yet humble attitude. Staff commented, “He’s not only charismatic, but he also has such great manners. Truly worthy of being the best star of Korea.”

Kim Hyun Joong’s episode will broadcast on August 21st.

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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong - Seoul CF Promotion (English version)

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[Fancam] Kim Hyun Joong Arrival at Singapore Changi Airport 17.08.2011

Credit : cllslam10 @yt

Credit: rainaftershine @ ss501chapter.wordpress.com (TherainaftershineMV @ YT )

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[Official Photo] Kim Hyun Joong - Visit Store of The Face Shop Vietnam (August 11th,2011)

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong - Official Photos of "Kiss Kiss" Backstage on Henecia.com

Credit: henecia.com
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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong @ TFS Event in Taiwan 16.08.2011 (by Yes娱乐)

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[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong Guested in TVBS Talk Show "THE PERSON"

Source: yonhapnews
Chinese Trans: 佳佳@ 【音悦台金贤重饭团】
English Trans: cllslam10.blogspot.com
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KeyEast disclosed on the 17th that Kim Hyun Joong is the 1st Korean artiste to guest in Taiwan TVBS Talk Show "THE PERSON".

Affiliated agency expressed that "THE PERSON" is a Talk Show where the best star can only appear on, it is running the No.1 ratings in Taiwan broadcast Channel”, “Kim Hyun Joong is the 1st Korean artiste participated in the program recording as of 15th."

Kim Hyun Joong’s segment will be broadcast on the 21st.

On the other hand, Kim Hyun Joong currently is having his promotions in Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines etc…

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong - The Face Shop Taiwan Event (August 16th,2011)

Credit: hyunjoongchina.com
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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong @ TFS Fansign Event in XiMenDing on TW News (August 16th,2011)

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[Schedule] The Face Shop Asia Tour in Thailand

Credit: The Face Shop Thailand (Facebook Fanpage)
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