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[Fan Account] Stories About Jaksal, The Dog (KHJ's dog)

Source: Haru / kim hyun joong bar @ baidu
Chinese translation: 米娜 @ HYUNBAR
English Translation: Cin @

The Sudden Thought of Jaksal (Hyun Joong's beloved dog)

I couldn't contain my laughter whenever I read the past fan accounts. Hehehe.
The past Kim Hyun Joong. Hehehehe
Almost everyday, (he) would bring Jaksal to training room, recording studio. Hehehe
Due to my phobia of dogs, hehehhe, the days when the dog was brought along,
I wouldn't dare to go near to Hyun Joong oppa.
All I could do was to look from afar. Hehehehe
Ah~ those times were really funny... hehehe
Unable to imagine it now...
Driving the broken second-hand car to and fro work, Jaksal would sit beside the driver's seat,
and the safety belt was being fastened. Hehehehe...

During driving, the windows would be wound down
and two of Jaksal's legs would be placed neatly on the ledge.
This scene frightened the wits out of me.
Had always thought that the fortune of this dog was stronger than mine... How envious ar~ hehehehe..
Everytime when I told someone else, they would say that it was cute.
But at that time, I really dislike the times when Hyun Joong oppa brought Jaksal... hehehe..
In actual fact, he did not seem to look cute... instead, it gave a slight feeling of “bad--- boy---”...
But I did not say anything~!!!!!

There was this day, when Hyun Joong oppa was practicing in the training room located in the basement,
Jaksal ran out.
Hyun Joong oppa only stuck out his head from the basement
and instructed us, “Catch hold of it and send it back.”
Who on earth would dare to go and catch that ferocious dog!!!!! hehehehehe
In anyway, all I could remember was, because of Jaksal,
I was scared till screaming and running around... It was really embarrassing... hehehheehe

But the strange thing is, hehehhee
if you loved someone, you would probably grow to be alike of that person...
Now, I am no longer scared of dogs...
Even when I walk along the streets and see shepherds, heelers, huskies, I am able to go and touch them...
I have become a real dog lover... hehehehe..

Ah, there was another funny incident.. hehehe.. and it had nothing to do with Jaksal...
I had once given (Hyun Joong) oppa a big box of chewing gums to put in the car
so that he could chew gum whenever he was feeling bored.
I clearly remember that it was given in Dec 2007?
But it was until Jun 2008, Hyun Joong oppa then started to chew those gum.
I really wanted to tell him that those gums were from six months ago.
But because he always brought Jaksal, I had intentionally missed telling him.

Jaksal ar, have you been doing well? Hehehehhe
Heard that you are a girl?! Hehehehe
I will take good care of your oppa....

He is more than just a pretty face...

[News] Good Boys Go To Heaven, Kim Hyun Joong Became A Hallyu Star

By: Aprilstar for
Seattle, Washington
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The title is a take from the  signs  in  cute little plates  in the 8o’s that says Good girls go to heaven Bad girls go everywhere .These messages were of course meant to elicit laughter and  comments. Remember the admonitions of mothers, aunts, grandmothers and all the well intentioned nosy neighbors to stay good.
While we laugh and chuckle, there must be something behind the duality or polarity, of being good and being bad in society. Society and thinkers have looked at the world in two hues, the black and the white for quite some time. The grays will take a little while to flourish in the mind. Life seems to be appreciated in pairs of opposites.

The pair of being good and being bad infers character traits that society had prejudged according to its standards. Those who followed society’s rules and standards were considered good .  The good then gets the largesse and the accolade of society. They get good grades, awards, plaques of recognition; maybe even get elected to political office. Oh, society remembers them post mortem, too as heroes. How about those who looked and took   the other way and therefore “bad” in the eyes of society? Well, may be they get the red marks,  they get to have some pretty price tags on their heads and numbers on their chest , a jail term or two.  Sometimes, they make it too, only later.  But just the same they make it to the headlines and society bids them good riddance posthumously.

[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong in SS501's Summer Holiday Photobook 2007

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[Photo] Ticket Playful Kiss Event

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[Fan Account] Kim Hyun Joong – Fan Account of Hyun Joong at Sushi Restaurant 金贤重到旋转寿司店就餐

chinese trans :米娜姨@百度金贤重吧
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Kim Hyun Joong came to Binguel? (the direct trans of the name) Sushi restaurant
My friend works at the sushi restaurant. Today, she got a 8 person reservation. When those people come, she found that one of them looks like jae joong from the way he walks (two of them were friends, they look alike) . So she wondered if Kim Hyun Joong also came? Then, another staff came over and asked “did you see Kim Hyun Joong?” , so she looked closely, it’s hyun joong oppa! !!! my friend knew for the first time today that kim hyun joong is this handsome!! he was smiling, keke, he also wore that black beanie, kekeke. anyway, he came with foreigners, those people looks like dancers from the crew. Hyun joong’s english level is like a primary school student when talking to the foreigners..kekeke.
Hyun Joong is very well mannered, he gave a 20 000 won tip to the waiter for their table, and signed autograph for everyone employee in the restaurant before leaving, wowowo. . .
And, my friend also got his autograph!! so jealous!!!
Ah, oppas ate 45 sets of sushi today, kekekek

[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong - Boys Over Flowers 'JiHoo' photos (from

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong - more photos of KHJ playing football

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong - New official photos from KEYEAST

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong “Practised AG theme song 5000 times”

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(an old article.. but interesting to read....)

 “Kim Hyun Joong is here!” “Wa, where, where is he?”

The moment he appeared will create commotion. This can be said as “Tsumani-level” popularity. In an instant, there will be a long line of people who are waiting to see him. Even Korea’s Women Football key figure Yeo MinJi also came up to him and said “I am HyunJoong oppa’s fan”, and took a picture together. It was Kim HyunJoong who walked towards his fans first, he is completely different now as compared to 5 years ago when SS501 made their debut. Kim HyunJoong used to be so shy in front of camera and spoke the least among the members. Now he can come out with over 10 poses by himself, always readily saying “Okay” to all sorts of requests from fans and flashed his friendly smile.

▶ Viewership ratings hit lowest, text message from Bae Yong Jun~

A day before the interview, he finished the (schedule) Guangzhou Asian Games Opening Ceremony and did a CF shooting, however Kim HyunJoong doesn’t look tired at all. Instead, he started, “I know that it’s only when I hurry up then it will be easier for everyone. Well, where shall we start?” “Is it that easy to be a top star” after saying this he asked “What is a top star?”
“I am just the same as any ordinary person. If people say “You are a top star” it will instead make me feel uneasy. I know that my responsibility became much more than before. I think I am afraid to hear words like “Why is he like that?” when I attend bigger events, so I clenched my teeth tight (put a strong front).”
This was the case for Guangzhou Asian Games Opening Ceremony. He received the invitation to sing for the Opening Ceremony a month ago, since that day onwards, he has been listening and singing to the theme song more than 50 times a day. He also received guidance on the Chinese pronunciation from a Chinese teacher.