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[Scans] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) in My Idol Plus 38th Edition,February Issue (Indonesian Magazine)

Credit: My Idol Plus,38th Edition (Indonesian Magazine)
Scanned by Hyunited6686
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[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) - LOTTE Duty Free VIP Service

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[INFO] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Tentative Schedule for 2012 (Recap)

현중 :: World tour talk…
이거 확정되지 않았지만 신뢰할수있는 출처이므로 팬들 사이에서 흐르고 있었습니다…

그리도 이리도 제일 중요하는 거!! 김현중 월드투어는 진짜니까!!
엄청나게 기대되네요!!!

Although this isn’t confirmed news yet, the news source has been a credible news source since the past.
It has been the talk amongst fans since yesterday (Fri) morning.

Whatever it may be, it is a fact that Kim Hyun Joong World Tour is a truth!!!
So exciting!!!

◇2012 September 3rd Week (week of 17 Sept) ~ 2013 January = about 6 months

◇Worldwide 20 regions, total of 30~40 shows

◇Starts in Seoul (Korea)
   Ends in Busan (Korea)

◇Regions slated to cover: North America, South America, Europe, Central Asia, Eastern    

◇Partnership in alliance: a global IT entrepreneurship

◇How to know more details: By next month (March), the IT entrepreneurship will open an official  
   site and start its promotions for this world tour in there

◇For now: Busily preparing for 3rd album’s recording, etc (did not mention when this 3rd album  
   would be out)

◇In April 2012: A project album collaboration with (might be a/many) Chinese showbiz’s   
   topstar, and will carry out activities there

◇Approximately, Jang Keunsuk receives about 90 million yen for one CF shot. and Hyun-joong  
   receives approximately about the same for one CF shot.

◇He has currently 4 CFs clinched under his belt (Japan) – apparels, aesthetic, jewellery,  
   *this has been signed on since January 2012*

[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Interview for Creasta Magazine: about his music


Creasta KHJ Interview ( * Crazy for Asian Star ) 

Q 1: What kind of music genre did you aim in the current album? (Lucky ) 

KHJ: Frankly speaking, it seems that nobody is interested in my songs in themselves. I focused on “ music to see performance “ rather than “ music to listen to “. However, what I would like to aim from now on is a sort of music which makes everyone cheerful. I know that nobody expects me a high-quality music pieces. That is why I wanted to create songs easy on the ear. I aimed songs which make people comfortable and cheerful by just listening to. Maybe I talked about this too honestly (laugh)

Q2: Do you believe that you have grown up in music through this album? 

KHJ: Yes, I feel that I could have made improvement during this album production. I made my best efforts in vocal lessons to change myself. Though there are still many things to be improved, I feel that I could have changed the tone of my voice.

Q3: The 2nd mini-album, “Lucky “ includes a few pieces of ballad. 

KHJ: As I knew that people expected me to sing a ballad, I added them in the current album (laugh). In order to give a sense of stability in tone of the ballad, I especially focused on this to show how I had changed. I hope that everyone like them.

Q4: Compared with the previous mini-album, “Break Down”, how do you think of “Lucky” ? 

KHJ: To be honest with you, “Lucky” is better than “Break Down”.

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[Video+English.Sub] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) - Japan Tour in November 2011

Taken from Kathysbench
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[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Lotte Duty Free March 2012 Wallpaper

Taken from: kathysbench.blogspot.com
Credit: Lotte Duty Free

(Click to enlarge) 

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) First Tour in Japan 2011 [Full]

Credit: Zon4llieyah @ YT

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) SLIM BEAUTY HOUSE CF on Big Screen in Ginza

Credit: exlley @ YT 

[Videos] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) in Lotte Duty Free Star Avenue Special

Credit: paramu7 @ YT

[Scans] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) in ASTA TV Vol.57

Credit: kideshow
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[Scans] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) in KOREAN WAVE 48 by Elley

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[Scans] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) - ASTA TV Vol.57

Credit: book.interpark.com
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[News] Kim Hyun Joong’s (김현중) large-scale solo world tour

Credit: kimhyunjoong24.comKHJ860606_fan @ Twitter
English Translation by Wonderrrgirl
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Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong’s will soon begin the biggest world tour in K-POP singer’s history.

On the 23th, Kim Hyun Joong’s company KEYEAST revealed that the concert will begin on the third week of September with Seoul as the first stop to start the concert tour, and will go to 20 cities worldwide, with about 30~40 concerts. It will be a 6 months project with plans for the last concert in Busan, early next year.

For the tour, there are plans for North America, South America, Europe etc will be included, as well as Central Asia and North Europe; places where no other Korean celebrity has ever step foot into before. Together with the partner, a global IT business company, who will work together with the company for the tour, official notice will be uploaded next month on the website and regular promotions will begin.

Before the concert tour, there are plans for a new album to be released, and at the moment recording and preparations for it are ongoing.

Also, for the upcoming April, activities with mainland China top stars to record an album and further activities are also in the midst of ongoing preparations.

Last year, Kim Hyun Joong debuted as a solo in June, and have released two albums as well as an Asia tour and a Japanese debut. From last year, many big agencies have been expanding out by sending their idol groups to perform all over the world. For this tour (Kim Hyun Joong’s), it contains a resolution for an unparalleled position of a solo singer.

- other news not related to Hyun Joong omitted -

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) - Hangten Spring 2012 Collection Making Photo Shoot

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[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) - New Spring 2012 Collection by Hangten

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[Scans] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) in Hanako No.1013 by Elley

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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) in ETN News

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) endorses Japanese cosmetics brand, ‘Slim Beauty House’

Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate
Credit: Allkpop
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Kim Hyun Joong has been making quite a name for himself in Japan with his solo activities. He’s just landed an endorsement contract with Japanese cosmetics company, ‘Slim Beauty House‘, as their TV advertisement model.

The singer has become the second Korean star to endorse a Japanese cosmetic company, coming just behind Jang Geun Suk.

His first CF was released on February 23rd, and it’s easy to see why the public holds a soft spot for the handsome singer. Kim Hyun Joong looks almost ethereal dressed in all white, and asks in his gentle voice, “Would it be okay to like you?”

Check out the CF, behind-the-scenes footage, and his interview below!

[ScreenCaps] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) in Slim Beauty House

Screencaps by Hyunited6686
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[ScreenCaps] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) - Slim Beauty House

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) to Endorse Japanese Cosmetic Brand

Credit: Soompi
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Kim Hyun Joong became the main TV model for Japanese esthetic brand “Slim Beauty House,” becoming only the second Korean celebrity to endorse a cosmetic brand in Japan. Jang Geun Suk is currently the model for “Esthetic TBC.”
In the new TV commercial that started airing on February 23, Kim Hyun Joong is seen wearing a white shirt in a white background scene. He’s staring at a beautiful woman without a word until he says, “May I like you?”
With Kim Hyun Joong joining Jang Geun Suk for a Japanese cosmetic brand, Japanese media are already calling this a “Battle of K-Pop Stars in Japan’s Beauty Industry.”

[News] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) chosen as a cosmetics brand model (Slim Beauty House)

Translated by OnlyKHJtimes
Copyrights @ ilgan sports & Joins.com
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Hallyu Star Kim Hyun Joong has been selected to be a model for the Japanese cosmetics brand.
According to the Japanese sports newspaper, Sankei Sports, on 23th, singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong, who was a former member of SS501, has become a TV advertisement model for the aesthetic brand, ‘Silm Beauty House’.

This is the second time for hallyu star to be chosen as a cosmetics advertisement model in Japan followed by Jang Geun Suk, who works as a model for ‘Aesthetic TBC’.

In the advertisement Kim Hyun Joong appears wearing a white shirts and stares at a beautiful woman. Kim Hyun Joong looks at her and says, “may I like you?”

This is the TV advertisement which will catch the female audience’s heart.

Sankei Sports commented “Kim Hyun Joong’s entering the ‘war’ of cosmetics model led to hallyu star’s CF ‘battle’”.