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[News] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) appears for Liaoning TV Spring Festival

Korea’s beautiful man appears for Liaoning TV Spring Festival;
Kim Hyun Joong: Visiting Shenyang feels ‘lao bi le’ (very good)

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Source: Shenyang Night Edition, via http://www.gmw.cn/
Translated by: OnlyKHJtimes (onlyKHJtimes.blogspot.com/ @OnlyKHJtimes on Twitter)
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Former leader of popular Korean group SS501, the Korean artiste with the nickname ‘Flower man’ visited Shenyang yesterday and participated in the Liaoning TV Spring Festival Night’s rehearsal. From the moment he alighted from the plane until his interview and then rehearsal, wherever he went, there were cheers and screams throughout; Kim Hyun Joong’s popularity in Shenyang is truly amazing.

In accepting this paper’s interview, he expressed that although it’s the first time he was visiting Shenyang and the weather was very cold, but the passion of Shenyang fans made him feel warm at heart.

For the performance of the LNTV Spring Festival Night, he would be singing the title tracks of his two new albums:

“But this is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’. Fans who like me will be seeing more exciting performances from me in 2012!”

Kim Hyun Joong, who was on his first visit to Shenyang, also learnt a little of the local dialect: “Lao bi le” – these three words when uttered from his mouth became “Lao bi lao”, causing all the Shenyang reporters at the venue to laugh aloud – the words somehow sounded more powerful (from his pronunciation).

First time to Shenyang, learnt some northeastern dialect

“Lao bi le” were pronounced “lao bi lao”

“Hello everybody, I am Kim Hyun Joong!” Just as he sat down, Kim Hyun Joong used Korean to greet the Shenyang media – the voice low and full of magnetism.

Kim Hyun Joong who is on his first visit to Shenyang, said that the deepest impression of his visit to Shenyang was the cold, but the passionate enthusiasm of fans wherever he went made him feel exceptionally warm at heart.

He said that although yesterday wasn’t Chinese New Year, but because it was the recording of the Spring Festival night, he could deeply feel the rehearsal scene’s festive atmosphere; “China and Korea will also be welcoming the Dragon Year, (so) hope the people of Shenyang will be healthy and spirited in the new year, will ‘fly sky-high like the Dragon and prance about like the Tiger’. The translator accurately used idioms to express Kim Hyun Joong’s greetings for the new year, winning a burst of praises from the media at the scene.

Kim Hyun Joong also said that despite having never visited Shenyang before, he already got to know that Shenyang has a ‘Korean Street’.

“After the rehearsal is over, I will go eat some Korean food, as a treat to myself and the team of people who accompanied me all the way here.”

First time to Shenyang, Kim Hyun Joong also did as the Romans and learnt some Northeastern dialect. In all seriousness, he learnt to pronounce “Lao bi le” three times, but what he pronounced eventually was still “Lao bi lao”. Reporters at the scene were tickled because (while as) Northeasterners (they) understood, his pronunciation seemed to have made the phrase sound more interesting!

LNTV Spring Festival Night’s performance is the ‘starting point’

2012 Solo Concert Tour may include Shenyang

Last year was a year of prosperous development for Kim Hyun Joong’s career: 2 albums, 1 television drama, and countless endorsement and activities had allowed Kim Hyun Joong’s popularity, on leaving (or coming out from) SS501, not to decrease but increase.

He said that he was now moving towards the direction of developing himself as a versatile artiste, be it in style, singing, (or) acting, must not (remain) in the same category as he was a few years ago.

“I hope I can showcase the best of myself in this Spring Festival Night.”

For this performance, Kim Hyun Joong will bring (to audience) the title tracks of his two albums from the previous year, ‘Break Down’ and ‘Lucky Guy’.

He said that each time he came to China to perform, there would be a very sacred feeling.

“At the opening ceremony of the Guangzhou Asian Games last year, when I sang the theme song ‘Sunshine Again’ with Tao Zi and the other Chinese singers, the feeling was very sacred. Asia is like a big family and I as a foreign singer, to be able to stand on China’s stage, really felt that life is beautiful. My visit to Shenyang this time is also the same. Starting the year recording for the Spring Festival Night in Shenyang is the brand new starting point of my career in 2012. I will definitely bring more surprises to everyone this year!”

He revealed that this year, apart from releasing a new album, filming a new film/TV work, the biggest ‘surprise’ is that he would be starting a concert tour in China this year.

“The stops that have been determined now are Beijing and Shanghai, now actively striving for Shenyang. There are many people who love Korean culture here (OKT: the phrase used refers to people who like all things Korean) and fans are very passionate. I believe that if the concert can take place, everyone will definitely spend an unforgettable night with me!”

On romance will not talk about ‘getting married at 30′ anymore

Depends on fate (but) does not wish to marry too early

As a super-gorgeous man among Korean artistes, Kim Hyun Joong’s romantic life has been a much-talked about topic among fans.

In the Korean variety show ‘We Got Married’ last year (OKT: The reporter got it wrong, it wasn’t last year but in 2008), Kim Hyun Joong and female artiste Hwang Bo Hye Jung posed as husband and wife and the pairing was very compatible.

This caused quite a lot of female fans to be extremely jealous.

As to his ideal woman, Kim Hyun Joong said the quality he most value is ‘sincerity’.

“Appearance, age – these are not a problem. Nationality is also not a problem because true love knows no borders.”

In an interview many years ago, Kim Hyun Joong had said that he hoped that he would be married and have children by the age of 30, and when faced with this question again yesterday, Kim Hyun Joong’s answer was quite different.

“When I said that last time, I was still far from 30, so (my answer) then could only represent the mindset of that age. Now, I feel that marriage should wait for the arrival of true love – it can be at 30, and it can be at 40, or it can even happen tomorrow – you never know; everything depends on fate.”

The pressure faced by Korean artistes is usually not light and even for Kim Hyun Joong with his strong build, there have often been news in recent years about him falling sick or getting injured. On how to alleviate stress, Kim Hyun Joong said that when he was free, he enjoyed being with friends, meet up, chat, have a drink or two.

He also stressed that he could really hold his drink.

“My drinking ability is really quite okay. Last year, Chinese fans gave me some liquor with very high alcohol content. I finished it all in one gathering.”

~ Reporter: Guan Li Zhe. Photographs by Chang Sheng Gang.