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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong - FC MEN charity soccer match 28.02.2011 (by nomad0606)

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[Fan Photo] Hyun Joong @ Charity Soccer Match by HSScandal [28.02.11]

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[Photo] KHJ's photo at The Face Shop store in Los Angeles

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[Info] SS501 Accelerates Solo Pace

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Park Jung Min, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Hyun Joong... SS501, accelerates solo pace

Boy Group SS501 accelerates their solo pace. After their contract with their former agency DSP media expires, member of SS501 move into each's respective agency. This year, one by one, each member will embark on their solo activities.

The first member to break the news of his solo activites was Park Jung Min who had released his first solo album 'Not Alone' on the 20th January. Despite the absence of ripple effect which is undoubtly powerful when SS501 is as a group, Park Jung Min's popularity had not shot to another level higher, his solo debut has also satisfied fans who have been waiting for SS501.

Following Park Jung Min, the youngest member of the group took over the baton and will be making his comeback on the 8th. Prior to his release of solo album, on the 28th last month, Kim Hyung Jun showcased his new song 'Girl'. Through which, Kim Hyung Jun is determined leave a deep impression of 'Solo Kim Hyung Jun' to his fans.

Besides domestic activities, Kim Hyung Jun is also preparing for a large-scale promotion in Japan as well as throughout Asia.

SS501's main vocalist Heo Young Saeng is in the preparation for his solo comeback. Heo Young Saeng's comeback was originally scheduled to be end of February has been now announced that he will be releasing his solo album in the mid of March. Official personnel from Heo Young Saeng's agency, B2M Entertainment revealed, "The dates for comeback have not been confirmed yet but the preparation for comeback stage will be in the mid of March".

With his particularly rich and appealing vocals and a combination of well-polished dance skills from SS501's days, Heo Young Saeng is expected to display his best skills.

Group Leader Kim Hyun Joong is also currently aiming to make his comeback in May. KeyEast official personnel revealed, "Kim Hyun Joong is in the admist of working on his solo album", "He is committed to the solo album and is currently working on variety of songs that has been collected"

Hence, members of group SS501 is expected to put on a well-intention yet fierce competition with each other for the time being.

[Scans] Hyun Joong – Playful Kiss Guidebook

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[Video] KHJ & JYJ Junsu football club FC MEN charity game on MBC News

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong on the Cover of COOL magazine

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[Photo] 4 Easy Steps with Kim Hyun Joong, The Face Shop Indonesia New Promo

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[Eng Sub Vid] [2011 Coupang Spring Campaign] 'Coupang Song Recording Scene Making' Kim Hyun Joong's Way

Video Courtesy by Coupang@youtube + (eng trans/subbing) kelemama@501wangja.multiply.com
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[Info] Staff Blog of KHJ Offical Mobile Site: Kim Hyun Joong's Obsession!

Source: KHJ Japan Official Mobile Site
Japanese Translation: miyo @lovekimhyunjoong.com

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Staff secretly tells about at backstage!
True self of KHJ!

Hyun Joong's Obsession
2011/02/28 Keyeast SY


This is Keyeast staff SY~\(o^▽^o)/
While the sakuras in Izu have bloomed and my Japanese friend have sent me a picture of it making me envy, in Korea it has also become a little warmer.
But from the spring rain that rained continuously yesterday is a prove that spring is coming.
How is it over at where everyone is staying at?

Recently, Hyun Joong has been into working out and practising for his dance everyday.
I suppose everyone know the reason for it right?
After working out and practising for his dance everyday will get hungry and naturally will start to look for delicious food~!!
In Japan which most of you probably would have know about the Korean food, [Galbi] (갈비) and when winter comes one will want to eat [Mandu] (만두)
Putting these two together will become a food called, [Galbi Mandu].
Recently, Hyun Joong has been crazy about [Galbi Mandu] and have been eating it everyday~ ^^;;
(How I envy that he won’t even get fat even if he ate so much >_<)

Please at least try it once if you get to come to Korea~
Till then, see you again at the staff blog in March~

[Info] Playful Kiss Making DVD & Convenience Store Ver. Comic Books

Credit : http://blog.daum.net/elley0606

DVD "Making Of PLAYFUL KISS" vol.1& vol.2
Spring 2011 on sale! 

comic "Playful Kiss" Convenience Store version

Playful Kiss staff blog:

comic "Playful Kiss"
Convenience Store version on sale

[Info] Kim Hyun Joong - New message @ KHJ Japan Official Mobile Site (2011.02.28)

Source: KHJ Japan Official Mobile Site
Japanese~English Translation: miyo @lovekimhyunjoong.com

To All Japanese Fans
2011/02/28 Hyun Joong

To all Japanese fans

This time, I will meet everyone with a cool image at the Playful Kiss event.^^
Please wait happily till we meet at the event in March.
I will also work hard for the preparation of the solo album.
Let’s get excited towards May~