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[Photos+Translation] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) - Tokyo Japan tour Day 2 [20.11.2011]

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[Trans: Tokyo concert 11.11.20 @OnlyKHJtimes]

There’s one impressive question at Tokyo concert today. HJ was asked “If your friend and lover are drowning at the same time and he got only 1 life jacket, which person you will going to give?”

He smartly answered: “I will give a life jacket to my lover and since I can swim I will go and help my friend.” This is Kim Hyun Joong

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- KHJ power!! we may have some shower tonight

- 12 year old boy said…” I want to be tall like Hyun joong-san.” HJ’s answer..”CALCIUM!!”

- HJ said he is close to BIGBANG TOP.

- HJ was asked about artists he is close to. HJ named Jae Joong, Yuchun, Junsu, TOP. he was asked about Young Saeng. HJ said “he’s like a sister not artist.”
*think he meant brother? …..

- it seems like fans were impressed by HJ’s performance today once again!! He did really well on stage!

- HJ gave tips to the boy who asked how he can become tall like him. HJ said..”play horizontal bar for 20 mins and eat calcium!

- how playful HJ is! when he bowed with his dancers to fans at the end of concert, he sneaked to pour water from the bottle to a woman dancer next to him.

Tweet from @OnlyKHJtimes pertaining to FC MEN:
~ In case you missed out, FCMEN will be playing a charity match in Japan this coming January! HJ said in his con today! cr: @babyskymicky

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Translated from Japanese to English by: @_tomato99
Credit: @bonres621bonres
~ HJ’s tension was real high at encore,

Translated from Japanese to English by: @ _tomato99
Credit: @whiterose0712
~ HJ was great! HJ says his favourite sushi is “egg”

A tweet from @5StarsAs1

~ At Tokyo concert, HJ mentioned about his capri pants again. He said he’d given it to his dancers too, when they were standing together wearing the same capri pants in the lobby, it looked like some sort of religious gang. Fans said they wanted the capri pants too, HJ said if the fans want it, then they have to place the order. He said that it’s better to bulk buy because it would be cheaper. Only cheaper to those who bought a lot, those who bought only a little cannot enjoy the discount privilege! (cr: 雪舞天涯-SNOW)

Hyun Joong with his camcorder, most of us think that he is filming his fans for his music video, awww..can't wait...
(credit @puramika + @OnlyKHJtimes  in twitter)

[Photo] LUCKY fan kid got (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong’s parker hoodie from Tokyo Tour!

Credit: @alandmatt11988 +
Taken from  KOREA.COM

“The hood parker got from Hyun Joong during the concert tonight. It smells citrus.”


[Video+Screencaps] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Features on NTV "ZIP" [21.11.11]

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[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Tokyo - Japan Tour Concert [20.11.11] by KHJ24

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[Scans] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) ASTA Magz September 2011 Scans by A-hlia

Credit: a-hlia

Everything Hyun Joong-related from Ahlia are worthed to post... in fact, you should go check her blog by yourself, it's amazing ^^

Here's some of her scans of Asta Magz September issue, we just put some and you can see the rest HERE