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[Fancam] Kim Hyun Joong @ Mnet 20's Choice 07.07.2011

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong @ Mnet 20's Choice 07.07.2011 (from CJE&M Global)

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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong - Mnet 'The Beatles Code'

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong's Break Down #4 - Gaon Chart album sales for first half of 2011

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According to ‘Gaon‘ music chart, TVXQ is number 1 in terms of album sales for the first half of 2011. Their fifth album, ‘Keep Your Head Down,’ sold 230,922 copies between January 1st and June 30th to give them the overall top spot in sales.

The repackaged version of ‘Keep Your Head Down’ sold an additional 55,243 copies, landing the duo a complimentary spot at number nine as well.

Coming in second place was Big Bang’s fourth mini-album, ‘Tonight,’ with 133,951 copies sold.

B2ST placed third with their first full album ‘Fact and Fiction,’ which was released recently in May of 2011. The group has gained a tremendous amount of popularity recently and that’s reflected in the album sales as well with a total of 111,201 copies sold for the first half of 2011.

SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong’s first solo mini-album ‘Break Down‘ placed fourth with 100,433 in sales, the highest of all the solo singers.

Other notable artists include CNBLUE in fifth place, 2PM in seventh, and f(x) in eighth. The OST from drama ‘Secret Garden‘ ranked 10th.

‘Gaon’ is an on- and offline music sales chart that aggregates sales from the six main online music distributors Melon, Dosirak, Mnet, Bugs, Cyworld, and Soribada. Gaon is also a member of the Korea Music Content Industry Association.

‘Gaon’ stated, “There is no surprise that idol groups have the highest album sales for the first half of this year. Male groups with their fans’ support did especially well and left solo singers behind in sales.”

[News] Kim Hyun Joong Explains the Qualifications of his Future Wife

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On yesterday’s episode of Mnet’s “The Beatles Code,” Kim Hyun Joong explained, “I would like to marry someone who is not materialistic.” He added, “As a guy, I don’t understand why girls like expensive bags. I just don’t see the difference between a bag that costs $10,000 and a bag that costs $20. They’re exactly the same.”

In Korea, it’s customary for the bride and groom’s family to exchange dowries and wedding gifts, called paemul. Kim Hyun Joong stated, “The gifts can cost $500-600K or more, and it seems absurd to get a loan to buy them just because a wedding is ‘once in a lifetime.’” The singer actor has already mentioned before that he wanted about four children; and during the show, he surprised everyone by stating out the qualifications for his future wife: “She has to be fecund and unmaterialistic.”

When asked if those two qualifications were it, Kim Hyun Joong gave a cold look and said “Most importantly, she must be pretty” in a matter-of-fact way. Then host Yoon Jong Shin laughingly added, “Pretty, kind, unmaterialistic, and someone who’s willing to have a lot of children? I think there’s a high chance you’ll stay single until over forty.”

[Fancam] Kim Hyun Joong @ Mnet 20's Choice 07.07.2011 (by kimhyunjoong24)

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[Trans] Kim HyunJoong, Revealed His 6 Packs That Surpassed Rain!

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Kim HyunJoong revealed his hidden abs!

Today in Mnet 20's Choice in the evening at Wakerhill Waterpark, Seoul, Kim HyunJoong showed his strong stage performance filled with male power. Kim HyunJoong performed his title track Break Down under the rain, and it have received many warm applauses.

In that day, Kim HyunJoong took off his shirt daringly during the last part of the song, giving a big surprise to the audiences. The audiences went wild seeing his perfect 6 packs, arousing many enthusiastic responses.

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[Notice] Release of [BREAK DOWN] Remix

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This is Keyeast.

Kim Hyun Joong 1st Mini Album [BREAK DOWN] title song [BREAK DOWN] Remix (20′s Choice Version) will have it’s first debut on the 7th at 20′s Choice stage.

[BREAK DOWN] Remix (20′s Choice Version) will be recorded in <2011 Mnet 20′s Choice> album and after the end of the award ceremony on the 7th at 9pm, the song will be available on (www.mnet.com) and various online music sites.

All fans, please give your love and support to [BREAK DOWN] Remix song.

Thank you.

[Info] THEFACESHOP Asia tour with Kim Hyun Joong

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THEFACESHOP has brought delightful news to Kim Hyun Joong fans all over Asia with upcoming tour in August! As known, Kim Hyun Joong has been THEFACESHOP’s exclusive ambassador who is actively pursuing his entertainment career in both music and acting.

‘Asia Tour with Kim Hyun Joong’ includes Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines. Kim Hyun Joong is going to have media interview from various presses in each country which would boost up interest of fans and customers. Through interviews, THEFACESHOP has a promising strategy to increase brand awareness.

Kim Hyun Joong is planning to visit each of THEFACESHOP outlet in respective countries to have a photo session with specially selected fans plus an autograph-on-the-spot session with fans from lucky draws. This exciting news will definitely quench up thirst for his long awaited fans across Asia. In addition, there will be a charity auction on Kim Hyun Joong’s very own cherished items like his accessories and etc. With raised funds from the event, THEFACESHOP will be donating every bit to non-government organizations with meaningful purposes.

Allegedly, ‘FACE IT BB Cream’ has been sold up to a million pieces in just five months. In addition, THEFACESHOP’s market share marked no.1 in brand shop and mass market ranking.


[News] Kim HyunJoong, 'Defeated Lady Gaga & Beyonce' 1st Place in Japan Oricon 'Overseas Album Sales'

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The album began its release last month on the 8th, it took the 1st place in the weekly Oricon Chart under the 'Overseas Album Sales'.

Before the official release of the album in Japan, the album's popularity had broken the record in Japan. What's more is that the world-class pop stars Lady Gaga's [Born This Way] & Beyonce's [4] are placed behind Kim HyunJoong, taking the 2nd & 3rd place respectively, this had truly given a surprise to people.

The representative of J-pop stated 'Once the news about Kim HyunJoong who have the similar popularity level as Tohoshinki in Japan to release his first mini album in Korea, it have gained many well-received response in Japan. Many Japanese fans are also awaiting for the album to be released in Japan too.' He also added, 'Because he have acted in the drama [Boys Over Flower] & [Naughty Kiss] and had become the Hallyu Star, if he could release a full album, he'll gain much higher level of popularity'. Oricon Chart is the well-known music chart in Japan, similar to the US Billboard, a music chart based on the number of album sales.

His title track [Break Down] have achieved the 1st place in various music show, in the process of spreading the 'Kim HyunJoong Syndrome', he will begin his Asia Tour activities in August after his domestic activities ended by the end of July, starting in Japan.

[News] Kim Hyun Joong, known as a “Perfect Guy,” turns out to be a guy with lots of vulnerable points

Source: Osen (Original article in Korean)
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Translated by Geum Jae / Korea.com
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On SBS’s E!TV variety show Star Q10, Kim Hyun Joong was invited as a guest, revealing his weak points by himself.

He confides that he had had an inferiority complex about the dark circles under his eyes, which even makes him consider having plastic surgery.

He also opens his heart about the hurtful rumor of SS501’s breaking up, and about the humiliating nickname he got when he was hospitalized for the H1N1 virus: “H1N1-seized Celebrity Number One.”

He was once carried to the hospital by ambulance when he passed out because of a hot jjamppong, or a Chinese-style hot noodle. What’s more, the film Jaws made him reluctant to visit the sea.

Among all the things, however, he has the worst vulnerable point he has long kept secret. The June 9 episode of Star Q10 will reveal the worst weak point of him. It will air at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday.

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