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[Scan] FaceShop Advertisement in Johnny Andrean Salon's Booklet

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A FaceShop advertisement in Johnny Andrean Salon's Monthly Booklet, December 2010.

[News] 3 songs that Hyun Joong will not, remove from his mp3 list

Source: metro entertainment 48th page, StarList +
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“I don’t know exactly when but I met music like it’s my fate. When the music flows from the mobile phone and into my ear and penetrates my heart, I revive as anew. That’s how I feel that I’m alive. ” – Kim Hyun Joong
Have you guys ever wondered what type of songs Leader listens to? Well, here are 3 songs that, according to him, cannot be removed from his MP3 playlist, no matter what happens.

1. “Come to me again” — Kim Gunmo
“Even if I don’t say it, this song is a well-known and well-liked song by many people isn’t it. Though it’s a famous song that’s been remade by many sunbaenim in the music industry, in my personal view, I like Kim Gunmo sunbaenim’s personal rendition of the song. The sorrowful atmosphere of the song could feel like it’s been portrayed twice, or even thrice times apter? The melody is soothing, but the lyrics are the ‘real art’ in the entire. The moment I hear it, I can gasp; that kind of extend! Especially this part, “Come towards me as if winter has melted into spring”, this part is the best. (laughs) My affection for songs I choose to place it in my player differs and the standard also increases as I age”.

2. Wonderwall — OASIS
“This is the song I love the most out of all famous songs of OASIS. I will repeat it quite a few times and listen, and yet will not grow tired of it. There is always a seeming reason behind why songs well-loved by the entire world is so loved. I don’t just like OASIS’ songs, I also like their group itself. No matter what songs one may have, whenever singers have to stage a perfect stage to all the millions of fans downstage there, they will feel so nervous and will show it out, but for OASIS, they don’t have any of that. Their performing stages and music are a daily part of their lives, and they are always carefreely enjoying this daily life of theirs like that, yet despite this carefreeness, they still display their professionalism, and it’s really so handsome like that”.

3. Class Idea — Seo Taeji (Philharmonic version)
“Up until now I still cannot forget the kind of impact I felt when I first heard this song. At that time, Seo Taeji was my idol. Was it in 2008, the song? ‘Class idea’, newly arranged by Seo Taeji sunbaenim and the world-renowned classic grandfather (as Seo Taeji says it). When eastern music and western music’s classical comes together, it’s really interesting and amazing, the surprising perfect combination protrudes a feeling of refreshing and touching element. Though the original version is good too, but the Philharmonic version is a strongly recommended song.”