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[Fancam] Kim Hyun Joong - BREAK DOWN Fan Signing Event @ HotTrack in Yeongdoungpo 19.06.2011 (by KIMHYUNJOONGPERFECT)


[News] Kim Hyun Joong Was Kidnapped in Jeju Island?!

Source : soompi

On tonight’s episode of “Strong Heart,” Kim Hyun Joong will reveal a personal story about how he was imprisoned while vacationing in the beautiful Jeju Islands. Kim Hyun Joong stated, “I went to Jeju Islands with a bunch of friends and got drunk. I fell asleep, and when I woke up, I was alone in a dark room with no windows. It suddenly came to me that I could have been kidnapped.”

Check out the entire story tonight on SBS’s “Strong Heart” at 11:05 PM KST. Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong is busy promoting his first solo min album “Break Down.”

His latest drama, “Playful Kiss,” is also receiving a lot of attention from its international fans. While the drama disappointed with low single digit ratings during its run in Korea, it’s currently receiving high exposure on YouTube. Its official YouTube channel ( has racked up a whopping 20,175,602 total views of its videos. The channel appeals to viewers worldwide as it provides subtitles in English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, French, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, and Vietnamese.

[News] Kim Hyun Joong talks candidly about his drinking limits

Source: Asia Today via nate
Courtesy of heartfacee / AllKPop
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Kim Hyun Joong recently guested on SBS Power FM’s “Park So Hyun’s Love Game“, where he candidly discussed his drinking habits.

He confessed, “My drinking limit is about four soju bottles.”

Park So Hyun asked, “What’s a small misunderstanding people have about you?” He answered, “People always ask me, ‘You drink wine or hard liquor, right?’ However, I don’t drink often and when I do, I drink three and a half to four bottles of soju.”

He continued, “Since I debuted at a young age, they told me not to talk about facial hair, first loves, alcohol, and cigarettes. Since I talk about all of these things often now, I guess I’m no longer an idol.”

Listeners commented, “The 26-year-old Hyun Joong’s stories are so honest”, “Him talking about mundane things was new”, and “That’s a lot to drink!”

[Video Message] Kim Hyun Joong – Message on Japan Official site

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[Notice] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) - Break Down fanchant

This notice posted on june 9th, but i've just read it now. :)

[수정] 타이틀곡 'BREAK DOWN' 응원법을 안내 드립니다. 
KEYEAST 2011.06.09

헤네치아 운영팀입니다.

BREAK DOWN의 응원법을 수정하여 아래에 올려드리니
공개 방송 현장에 참석하시는 팬 여러분들께서는
큰 목소리로 힘차게 김현중씨를 응원해주시기 바랍니다.


Break Down

Uh, SL Once again, (That's right)
You know what it is, (Uh-huh)
Artmatic (Yes)
Let's do this

Shawty, Yeah Show me what U got, Yeah Oh

후회할 것 같으면 믿지마 또 주저하고 있다면 오지마
Baby, I, I Luv it, Baby, I, I Luv it.
원래 난 가로 세로 자를 재는 그런 사랑은 안해 I, I Luv it, Baby, I, I Luv it

Baby 너를 내게 맡겨 봐 You Make It 좀 더 깊이 느껴 봐
Can You Take It, Can You Take It
Feel It 빠져드는 리듬에 So Crazy 터져버린 순간에
Just Break it, Break it, Break It Down, Down, Down
김현중 김현중 김현중 김현중 김현중 김현중 김현중 김현중

타오르는 Fantasy 그 떨리는 그 몸짓들 No, No, I, I Luv it Baby, I, I Luv it
환상 속을 헤매 돌다 더 이상 난 참지 못할 끝을 느꼈어, I, I Luv Baby
내 모든 걸 가져 가 Oh, Baby

Baby 너를 내게 맡겨 봐 You Make It 좀 더 깊이 느껴 봐
Can You Take It, Can You Take It
Feel It 빠져드는 리듬에 So Crazy 터져버린 순간에
Just Break it, Break it, Break It Down, Down, Down

내게 너를 맡겨봐, Baby baby come on now 번지점프처럼 날 향해 네 몸을 던져봐.
이 순간을 가져봐, 너의 모든걸 걸어봐, 네 심장을 열어 그 안에 내 이름을 적어봐.
I know you want it girl, I'ma give it to you girl
날 통해 깨어날 수 없는 깊은 꿈을 꿔. 널 데려가줄게 새로운 세계로 매일밤,
망설이지 말고 내게로 와 Let's break it down.

Baby 너를 내게 맡겨 봐 You Make It 좀 더 깊이 느껴 봐
Can You Take It, Can You Take It
Feel It 빠져드는 리듬에 So Crazy 터져버린 순간에
Just Break it, Break it, Break It Down, Down, Down

Baby 내 이름을 불러 봐 Break It Down*4
Can you take it 이젠 나를 느껴 봐 Yeah Break It Down*4
Feel It 끝이 없는 리듬에 So Crazy 녹아드는 순간에
Just Break it, Break it, Break It Down, Down, Down
김현중 사랑해 영원히 함께해 브레이크 다운대박 김.. (한박자쉬고)
김현중 김현중 김현중 김현중 김현중 김현중 김현중 김현중 (함성)

[Screencap] Kim Hyun Joong at Guerilla Date 17.06.11

Credit: as tagged; Mars at DC Gallery
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[GIF + Photos] Kim Hyun Joong After Happy Together Filming 18.06.11

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[Fan Account] Hyun Joong at Close Range, My Journey To Meet Woojusin!

By Lina Perez @

The first time I saw him was during his  BREAK DOWN SHOWCASE last June 7, 2011…….one of the unforgettable experiences of mine because of the drama I made before entering the venue…….anyway a successful drama I should say………thanks to the staffs who helped me enter inside to watch him perform live. What an amazing comeback of HIM as a solo singer…….he is so awesome from the start up to the end of the show…….full of life and happy and very thankful to his fans who supported him thru thick and thin…… continue screaming and shouting for his name……KIM HYUN JOONG REALLY A TRUE LEADER of his own.
My 2nd fan account and 2nd time  meeting  him and watched him perform live much closer than before…….my friends Lyd, Liz and Mariz and the 2 Japanese women who are with us squatting on the stairs outside the SBS studio and hundreds of fans of different artist are patiently waiting for their turn to go inside, to watch their idols practicing and preparing for the show that afternoon..the SBS INKIGAYO…….after how many hours of waiting, we went inside the venue………the staffs are still preparing the stage for BREAK DOWN…..after half an hour of waiting, the BREAK DOWN music starts………..we are all screaming and shouting for his name, he came out and as usual with his leather jacket…….I felt tired and sleepy because of endless night I had upon knowing that I won the raffle ticket for fan signing later………..all my tiredness was washed away…. his voice and his dance made me awake completely….he really dosed me…..he is like my effective medicine!…….He practiced 4 times………sweating all over due to the lighting and  the hot leather jacket…….this time I saw him dancing well and teasing his fans with his joker face….he wave his hands to us that makes us screaming more, clapping our hands and continue to call out his name……he is so sweet….cute….sexy dancer!!!
my 3rd fan account…..this was really my memorable one……I got the raffle ticket number one…….I cannot explain the feelings I have at the moment……..I started counting the minutes since I fall in line………fan signing started on time…..his punctuality amazed me a lot……he is so cool, handsome in his white polo with I LOVE CHARLIE written on it… are really behave and no mobbing at all……..he spoke a little to greet the fans who are there just to see him……….he prepare to sit on the table……..his bodyguard went near beside me and look at the number of my ticket, he signaled me to come up……..I thought I cannot walk well because of nervousness and excitement……he greeted me and I greeted him in Korean….he smiled when he heard it………he look down at my CD and started to sign on it, I have  written my name, but he  still ask for it……..I’m watching him  full of love and praise while signing, and told him SARANGHAE from the PHILIPPINES…….I heard him laugh a little bit louder, so is Mr. Jeong……….after signing the CD, he handed it to me and said THANK YOU…….I said Thank you very much in return……..I want to say something to him, but I’m afraid he may not understand me  well, so I just keep mum and look at him eye to eye….he smiled once again and took a glance to my grand daughter and give her a smile…….he never thought she understand Korean, or else he will talk to her…..I want to shake his hands, cause he is still looking at me……….but I prefer to go down to give way to the next winners……….
He is dashingly handsome…..his smiles makes my world turn around so many times……….I really can’t believe myself that I can see him much closer than I expected……He is really worth to be loved………..he is an adorable and sweet person……he speaks so cool!!!!!………LOVE YOU MORE, KIM HYUN JOONG!!!!
I left the place happy and contented…..with smiling heart and good feelings…….still looking forward to another chance to meet him and this time I will definitely shake his hand…….maybe, I’m at ease already when that time comes…!

(Thanks for your fan account, Tita Lina!  Enjoy your stay in Seoul, I am sure this is just the beginning of your many rendezvous with Hyun Joong.)

[Video + Translation] KIM HYUN JOONG WITH Choi Hwa Jung at Power SBS

Translation: cherkoo at soompi
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First clip:
KHJ thows kiss at the audience at the request of MC.
She asks about his short hair cut and why? She wonders if he did that to get out of the image of being manga-like. He says there is that but mostly he felt that long hair got in the way of playing soccer and he plays soccer a great deal. He also says that as he is coming out with a solo album he no longer wanted to look childish/-like. He does not want to regret how he looked if he goes back to a karaoke room later in life. He feels like he did everything possible one can do with hair--from coloing to yellow and red, attaching hair, braiding, tying, etc...So it was not any codi or mangemnet who suggested such hair cut but his own decision. Not too long ago, he actually thought about shaving his hair off due to great stress from making the solo album. He was about to send the text to his codi-noona but stopped himself as he already knew what she would say or yell--"What? What are you thinking!, Are you crazy? Do what you want and then see..." He says he got scared and did not send the text.
MC goes straight into asking him about his ideal type of female. She says it is good for Lee HyoRi-ssi but other close celebrity friends and associates may feel sad that he only picks LHR. She also wonders if he continues to say it is Lee HYoRi because he really does not want any scandals and misunderstandings. He gave a vague YES. But it seems like his attention was somewhere else and he realized what he did a second later. SO he clarifies and says, Of course I am a fan to so many other celebrities. But LeeHR used to be in the same agency as I was and I have also been a fan since young age. But, now we are in different agencies and I have not contacted her. However, I still feel that, because of her, KHJ of SS501 somehow came far.
MC says, so, it is out of gratitude. It is a good feeling to a woman (to hear such thing). So, as a man, don't you want to make an approach to her?
He says he has absolutely no wish to do so.
MC points out that he said "absolutely not".
But he shakes that off and says that she is a noona.
So, mc says that KHJ should still date and love, so what kind of style of woman do you like?
K--I like a woman who is good to me and is very devoted to me (He used a word 'hyun-sik' which has a connotation of being self-sacrificial).
mc--Did you ever meet such a woman before?
Yes, I have.
mc-You mean someone who is in your age group who calls you opppa, oppa and is very proactive in showing her interest? Personally I really liked the young woman whom you starred with in Mischievous Kiss. What do you think about her (mc is referring to Jung SoMin)?
K--she is also just dongseng.
MC--just dongseng. An adorable dongseng. She is really cute.
(Just look at his face as they are talking about this issue: @5:40~5:57)
K--yes, she is nice.
mc--(she is noticing his lack of enthusiasm and lack of vitality here) I feel like you seem different. We used to be very close and comfortable. Remember?
K-yes. I think I was more like that because HyungJoon was there, calling you Sunsengnim and all.
MC--yes I was yelling at him to call me Sunsengnim. (at that time HJB was chastized by this mc for calling her sunbae-nim and she told him to call her sunsengnim which is higher reference to a person in the same profession.)
mc-you returned with a solo album which is very differnt,,even the words..Break Down.
KHJ- I was in the middle of filming the 6th episode of MK when I received this song. As soon as I reviewed it, I knew this was it. I kept it and was gong to record it and then the song Pleae came to me and I was torn as to which one to make the title song. So I made mv's with both songs and then had a meeting with the all the managers and presidents concerned. They also liked the melody of Please but they felt that Break Down would have a greater social impact. That is how Break Down became the title song.
music played: (Break It Down)

[Photo] Playful Kiss Official Youtube Channel Reached Over 20 Million Views

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