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[Magazine] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중): There's nothing that makes me lucky; Im lucky myself.

Interview by: EUNICE LUCERO at SPARKLING MAGAZINE(Winter 2012)
Photo by: GRACIE PARKJUNGKIM on Facebook(Thanks Unnie) 
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Manga, musicals,make-up,-superstar(and formerSparkling cover guy) Kim Hyun Joong gives us quick chat and lets us in on whats on this lucky guy's radar at the moment. 

SPARKLING MAGAZINE: Nice to see you again! Please tell us about your second mini-album LUCKY.
Kim Hyun Joong: Hello! Unlike my last album, which is more the heavier type, the LUckY album is lighter and can be enjoyed with a lot of fans at the same time. It's easygoing.
SM: So how do you feel about your mini-album making it to the TOP 5 of the BILLBOARD WORLD ALBUM CHARTS? And what was the first thing you said when you found out?
KHJ: The first thing I said was "Unbelievable." I didn't expect anything much, but I put as much effort as I could into this album and I'm planning to have better ones.

SM: Why did you pick OCEAN's ELEVEN as the inspiration for the MV of "LUCKY GUY?" Who thought of the concept?
KHJ: I did. The reason I chose this was that I wanted to act as a brat! HAHA!

SM: Great strategy! Also, your current album has more rock n' roll influences than the last one. WOuld you consider playing the guitar or bass guitar live at one of your future stage performances?
KHJ: Im planning to have those instruments played during my stages,but my concept cue sheets aren't really ready yet,so nothing is really concrete. But I would definitely like to play those instruments.

SM: Your dance steps feel like they could be part of a musical. Would you consider starring in a musical in the future as well?
KHJ: There are no plans in joining musicals yet; being an actor and a singer at the same time, I'm really busy. And I'm not really confident in that field!

SM: You've said in past interviews that you want to play a bad guy for your next role. Who are your favorite bad guy characters?
KHJ: Because there are so many characters out there, it's really hard to set the standard of "bad guys." I will try to set standard of being my own "bad guy."

SM: As an actor and singer, you often have to wear make-up while filming and promoting. Have you ever tried applying make up on your own.
KHJ: Never.

SM: What product from the Face Shop would you recommend as a good gift for friends?
KHJ: Because most of my friends are guys, the E'thym products because they're really simple, yet maintain moisturizing effects.

SM: We heard you like soju a lot too. Do you also like sake? Do you use the Face shop's Sake Nourishing Lotion?
KHJ: I haven't used the Sake Nourishing Lotion because there are so many products from The Face Shop! But I definitely take sake...occasionally. Haha.

SM: So how was your skincare routine changed, now that the weather is much colder?
KHJ: Now that the weather's colder my skin and lips are getting cracked. I apply a lot of moisturizing creams and lip balms.

SM: Do you enjoy winter sports,like snowbarding and skiing?
KHJ: I dont really like winter sports, so I stay at home most times during winter.

SM: The weaters is warm in the Philippines. What The Face Shop product would you recommend to your Filipino fans?
KHJ: Because its really hot in the Philippines and a lot of people are exposed to the sun, I recommend sun protection and sun block, and the BB creams that contain it.

SM: What products from The Face Shop do you always keep in your bag?
KHJ; BB Cream and sun cream.

SM: You like reading manga a lot. What manga title are you reading now? Are there plans to come up with a U:Zoosin manga?
KHJ: Currently on the website of my management team, there are the cartoons available using the character U: zoosin. The fans can read this, although its in Korean.

SM: Do you have any lucky charms? What's your lucky number?
KHJ: I dont have any lucky charms and there isnt exactly any lucky number.

SM: What makes Kim Hyun Joong a lucky guy? 
KHJ: There's nothing that makes me lucky; Im lucky myself.