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[Fancam] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) featured on Japan TV today [23.11.11]

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[Article] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) is on a successful Japan Tour 2011

 Taken from Lux Mae's Corner

Kim Hyun Joong is currently working hard to bring "Kim Hyun Joong-First Tour 2011 in Japan" to a successful conclusion.

Kim Hyun Joong started touring on November 9 in Osaka and he visited 7 Japanese cities, including, Sapporo, Sendai, Hiroshima, Yokohama, Nagoya, and Tokyo. He will hold his last fan meeting in Fukuoka on November 23.

Kim Hyun Joong attended the rehearsal seriously and acted professionally, even though the venue was empty.

He said he will do his best to make the performance the best for his fans. Many fans are sad because this is Kim Hyun Joong's last tour date.

Kim Hyun Joong's second mini album Lucky, which was released in November, ranked first on the "Imported Album Category" of the Japanese Oricon Daily Chart.


[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Radio Show With DJ Jung

We must warn you, this is long, and that's why we also give a BIG thanks to the translator who put so much effort on this radio interview's translation.

Taken from hyunniespexers
(credit sSangchu101 class, H & n_h_04)
by JoongBoers Indonesia on Sunday, October 30, 2011 at 5:31am
Source: NH04

Credit: Hyun Joong China ( translation Korean to Chinese)

Translation fm Chinese to English done by Gerry @ sSangchu101

The 1st 13 mins of the translation

DJ Jung: 2pm appointment I am DJ Jung, just now it was Kim Hyun Joong’s “Lucky Guy”. How the Nunas are in madness raving on internet, how could this has happened..Ha!…Ha!…I am really thrilled…even our producers looking at them is really thrilled…today Kim Hyun Joong has come therefore the Nunas are exceptionally really thrilled…let us wait a moment while longer (introducing the radio activities & rules of participation)….Right after the commercials, we will together comes to welcomes Kim Hyun Joong


DJ Jung: 2pm appointment with DJ Jung…..(introducing the production staff)…now that we can find the same similarities ground, as of other times producers can’t even find similarities in raising their eye brows but then this person is different, what person that can able our producers to be so ecstatically thrilled. The Singer cum actor Kim Hyun Joong where Republic of Korea’s women could finds their smile is our 2pm appointment’s guest….Mice to meet you, Kim Hyun Joong ssi

Kim Hyun Joong: How are you, 2 pm appointment listeners, I am Kim Hyun Joong

DJ Jung: Clap..clap…Thank you…thank you…after “Luckly Guy was release…today this is your first broadcast

Kim Hyun Joong: Yes…This broadcast is the 1st segment in the activities schedule

DJ Jung: Is it…before the television release, you didn’t do any…when was the television broadcast

Kim Hyun Joong: Oh!….starts…this Friday 20th

DJ Jung: I had seen your MV…I thought the MV was done in Las Vegas

Kim Hyun Joong: It is Yeongjong-do

DJ Jung: Yeongjong-do….The the part with the parked car…is it locate there as well
Yeongjong-do is an island off the west coast of the city of Incheon, South Korea. The previously separate Yongyu, Sammok, and Sinbul-do have been joined to Yeongjong-do by an area of reclaimed land built for the construction of Incheon International Airport. The island is an exclave of Incheon Metropolitan City’s Jung-gu district, and is accessed via two bridges, Yeongjong Bridge connecting to Seo-gu and Incheon Bridge connecting to Songdo.

Kim Hyun Joong: yes that is correct

DJ Jung: Oh..is it…I thought it was on the road to Las Vegas

Kim Hyun Joong: If you look at it closely, you can actually see paddy fields at the sides of the road

DJ Jung: Ah! Is it…it is because it was an imported car that is why

Kim Hyun Joong: Ah! That car…because of the car, expenditure budget was really high

DJ Jung: Is that so….

Kim Hyun Joong: It was the car that President Park Chung Hee sat before
President Park Chung Hee was the President of South Korea from 1961-1979. He remains a controversial figure in South Korea as a dictator who seized power with a military coup and ruled the country with iron fist for 18 years until his assassination in 1979

DJ Jung: Ah!…Is that really so….really a suave car indeed

Kim Hyun Joong: Yes

DJ Jung: In regards to the raving in the internet that has escalated to madness….9616 has said “Yah!…Dong Saengs are getting crazy….Hyun Joong Oppa…Yah!!!!…in ends with a few “hearts”…Kim Min Yeong ssi “I am so thrilled to bits that I can’t even type out words”…Oh Mi Ae ssi “Universal God…let us see you” Shin Seong Min ssi “If able to see you, it is really nice”..Since I start doing this program…there was never was time that someone complains that they can’t watch on the radio show…today…it is the 1st time..why there is so many friends out there ask why can’t they watch a radio show…laugh…it looks that is a problem with my appearance…from 20th the television will broadcast the release…If you want to ask Kim Hyun Joong ssi any question or anything that you wish to say to me, just sent us a short text message at W50 or a long text message at W100 then sent it to 48008 will be fine…Now that the mini album is release, we have each day broadcast the songs from many people’s requests & dedications

Kim Hyun Joong: Just now you has mentioned that you has played my songs…thank you

[Article] The 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards isn’t just an awards show, it’s K-pop heaven for fans

Taken from hyunniespexers

THE demand for Korean pop culture in Singapore is unquestionable. Fans take time out to catch the Korean dramas and movies on television, in the cinemas, online, and they don’t mind queuing up 36 hours before a concert starts – even if it’s just a short showcase of five songs. And they won’t think twice about forking out over S$100 just to have a meet-and-greet session with their favourite stars.

The K-pop phenomenon has spread like wild fire around the world, even in a place as secluded as Bhutan.

Last week, economist Song Seng Wun and his family were holidaying in the landlocked kingdom when something caugh this eye: A poster of Korean female pop group Girls’ Generation (or SNSD, the acronym for So Nyeo Shi Dae, the Korean name for the girls).

“K-pop fever has reached this high mountain, too!” wrote Song in an email to TODAY. “There are posters of SNSD, SHINee,etcetera. I cannot believe it!”

Come Nov 29, every K-pop fan – even those in Bhutan – will want to be at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, if only because our little island is playing host to the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), the largest awards show celebrating Korean pop music. Co-produced by Mnet and MediaCorp VizPro International, this is only the second time the awards show is being staged outside of Korea since it first began back in 1999. (The first was in Macau last year.)

There will be 24 awards handed out during the four-hour extravaganza (six, if you include the two-hour red carpet segment), including awards for Album Of The Year, Best Music Video, Song Of The Year and Best Asian Artist.

What’s cool about this year’s do is that there will be a Singapore’s Choice category specially set up, and fans here can vote for their favourite band, such as 2PM, 2NE1, Beast, Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, TVXQ and more.

And, yes, there will be performances by top music acts such as Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, 2NE1, Kim Hyun Joong, Beast and Miss A. And movie and TV stars such as Lee Byung Hun, Kim Hee Sun, Han Chae Young, Yoon Eun Hae, Han Hyo Joo, Yoon Sung Ah, Oh Jee Ho and Kim Sung Soo will be along to present. And that’s only the tip of the K-pop iceberg.

Naturally, fans can’t wait to go. “Being part of something special and probably once in a lifetime experience is something I hope I won’t miss,” said Victoria Lee, 19, who is looking forward to catching 2NE1 and SNSD.

“Both groups are girl group power houses in Korea, and have their own unique charm,” she said. “I love 2NE1′s stage presence and how they can just rock out any stage. SNSD too, as I’ve followed them since their debut.”

Said 17-year-old student Tan Weiru: “I bought tickets (because of) the SM Entertainment artistes – SNSD Girls Generation, Super Junior and TVXQ (who aren’t going to be here because of their busy schedule). I was hoping for SHINee to come, too, but they didn’t get nominated … I’m looking forward to see 2NE1 and hopefully Big Bang too! Also, Song Joongki, because everyone seems to be such a big fan of his.”

“I’ll be going for 2NE1,” said Pearline Ng, 19. “If I have to pay the same price to only see 2NE1, I will (still) go. I like them because their music is different and they – especially CL – are very good on stage. (It’s) not so much the synchronised dances you see from SNSD or other K-pop groups, but more of them doing their own thing in their own style. Plus, I really like all of their songs. Nothing (other than not being able to get tickets) will stop me!”

Apparently, lots of people agree with her, considering the tickets are almost sold out. Said Lee: “You never know when MAMA is going to come back, or when another opportunity like this will come where tons of Korean celebrities are together in one place and event.”

The 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards happens on November 29, 4pm (red carpet), 6pm (awards show) at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Limited S$198 free-standing tickets still available from Sistic. Vote for your favourite acts at  http://mama.mnet.com. Closing date is Nov 25. Pick up the latest copy of 8-Days or i-weekly to vote for the Singapore’sChoice category. Closing date: Nov 27.


[FanCam] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Kiss Kiss Encore Performance at Tokyo - Japan Tour [20.11.2011]

Credit: camome0606

This is the part when Hyun Joong took the bottle of water from fan - drink it... and then give it to another fan.. just WOW ^^


[FanCam] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Sings LOVE at Tokyo Japan Your [20.11.2011]

Credit: camome0606


[Article] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) - the way he appreciates and trust his fans

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Repost with full credit please

It's not the first time we read and saw the photos of Kim Hyun Joong accepting fangift and appreciate it. Once during the FC Men match, he plays soccer wearing the pants and shoes gift from fans. 

At Busan fansigning... Remember how he took banana and ate it on spot, even returned it to fan, so hillarious ^^ (not every celebrity would eat or drink anything offered by fans)

and this one...

Look at this gift set from KHJ24 Japan... 


On his birthday, elley gave him this bracelet/necklace as birthday present and he also wearing it..


[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) - Japan Tour - Tokyo by Nomad0606

Credit: nomad0606

Another cool photographer who always take amazing photos of Hyun Joong, you should check the blog HERE

Here's the download link for 80 photos: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mk0gm5jxzl6jn4g/nomad.zip


[FanAccount] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) First Japan Tour – TOKYO [20.11.2011]

Taken from hyunniespexers

I went the Tokyo concerts Sunday afternoon and evening, it was great. I was at the fifth row for the afternoon, only 9 steps to the stage (I measured it). Didn`t dare to take out the camera to take pictures, but used my iPhone to take notes, will write a detailed FA later today.

Thanks for all the translations, I only understand a little bit what HJ said, and his answers pleased the crowd very much. He looked tired during the evening session, his voice lower than afternoon, but he was very high at encore.

Bae Yong Joon sent flowers Sunday, I was taking pictures of the flowers and wonder whether BYJ sent flowers (I didn:t see any on Saturday), then I saw whole bunch women (older ones) taking picture of this particular red flower stand, heard them whispering “Yongsama”, the king still rules.

For the afternoon session, HJ tossed a colorful hat to audience and it landed on my right, three Japanese women jumped up and fought for it, I mean really fought for it on the ground. OMG, it`s quite a scene, 3 properly behaved Japanese women fought tooth and nail for a hat, after several minutes (that long), the lady next to me won, she held it tight. When the concert ended, she ran out fast, as the other two women still tried to pry the hat from her, LOL.

When HJ left the venue, he was filming the fans, his van left first. Starlings, he is staying at the hotel we stayed last year for the first love story fan meeting. They ate in the hotel, the dancers and staff brought water and food in. Not sure if they went out later.

Sunday, November 20, 2011
Kim Hyun Joong 1st Japan Tour
Tokyo International Forum-Hall A

Today is the day, I get to watch TWO Hyun Joong concerts, very excited waking up. It rained yesterday and proved Hyun Joong/SS501 are truly rain god. But today the sun is out and the weather is very good, makes me more cheerful.

It doesn’t long for me to get to the International Forum, I get there a little after 10. The first concert starts at 1:30pm so I thought I would be early, oh, boy, am I wrong. When I exit the subway station, a couple hundred Japanese fans have already lined up the sidewalks in an orderly manner across the street. I decide to stay on this side of the street and get myself a prime spot. We wait patiently, more and more fans come out of the subways station with each train arrival.

At 1100ish, men in black make their presence and start to rope off the sidewalks, that means wuri star is coming. Soon, big vans with tinted windows start to arrive, they make a left turn in front of me and enter the forum parking lot. They all have tinted windows, so it’s impossible to see inside. One van came with a cameraman standing through the sunroof filming the fans, we all cheer and wave happily. I am sure they will use some footage for 1st Tour DVD, so I may have a slim chance to see myself for 1/10th second, wishful thinking. The last two vans are gray, the kind Hyun Joong rides in Japan, so it seems everyone knows even though the windows are not rolled down. Fans call out his name and wave madly, I am sure he can see us and feel our love.

As soon as these two gray vans enter the underground, the guards take off the ropes and the crowd starts to move to the Forum Hall A where the concert is held. It’s a very nice venue and is the largest among his tour locations, it has two floors and holds 5000 seats. All tickets for the three additional Tokyo concerts were sold out and it’s quite an achievement. Some tickets with good seats were auctioned for over 50,000 yen. The tickets are not cheap by any means but still hard to get. Fortunately I have a wonderful cousin in Japan and she was able to get some tickets for me after several attempts. One time online ticket sale started at 10am, she and her husband started to dial the numbers using 4 different phones at 09:57, but they couldn’t get connected for 10 minutes, and all the tickets were gone by the time they were able to get connected. For the additional Tokyo concerts, Henecia membership (additional fee) was required to apply for tickets, so my each ticket costs 50%. The tickets are quite expensive even by Japan standards. My cousin mentioned even many famous Japanese singers charge no more than 7000 yen per concert. When I was in Hiroshima I saw a concert schedule and fee posted in the venue where Hyun Joong’s concert was held, Japanese singer concert tickets 5,000-6,000yen, DBSK 8,500 yen (the highest and the only one sold out). So in a way, wuri star has made it selling out all his concerts.

Sorry about the sidetrack, back to the concert venue. I follow the crowd towards the venue and I want to get a lightstick since the one I bought in Seoul was broken. I get in the hall and see a long line is already formed, it must be the line to buy souvenirs, so I stand at the end of the line like an orderly Japanese fan. But the line doesn’t move at all for 20 minutes, I finally realize this is actually the line for entrance for the concert. Why do they even line up even everyone has a ticket with a seat number? The concert starts at 1:30pm and they will let us in at 12:30, and right now it’s only past 11. I don’t understand at all but I am not willing to give up my spot, so I wait patiently in line for a seat will be mine regardless when I get in. There are notes for fans to write question for Hyun Joong and he will also pick some lucky fans to go on stage. I write down my question and seat number and drop the note in the box.

At 12:30 sharp, the staff let us in, each fan is handed a plastic bags with DATV flyers. They also put up signs no photo no video, each bag is inspected. But I have a new camera hidden underneath my scarf in the bag and I hope to take some close up pictures. I rush up the escalator, but another line is formed quickly in front of me, the one for souvenirs. I line up again, they are selling towels with HJ’s name too, I want that too. But right before it is my turn, they put “sold out” stickers on the lightstick and towel, I can’t believe this, I end up settling on a fan. Again, I don’t understand why they always sell limited amount of stuff like this, they could’ve made much more money and more fans happy. I can only sigh, I will have nothing to wave.

Anyway, I go into the hall, it’s very large inside, each seat is spacious and comfortable. I am so lucky my seat is at the 5th row, to the right side. It’s only 9 steps to the stage (I measured it, ^.^) I have a very good view of the stage, I don’t dare to take out my camera, so I use my iphone to take pictures of the stage and my seat, but one security guard stops me right away. Aigoo, it doesn’t look like I will be able to take any pictures, I hope MurderQ or Ahlia will be in attendance because they always take wonderful pictures regardless where.

I notice the crowd is younger than the one I attended last year for 1st Love Story fan meeting. Everyone seems very happy and whole hall is filled with excitement. The seats start to fill up quickly. There’s a big screen on stage and 2 smaller ones on each side. Hyun Joong’s songs are playing and his CFs for Seoul ambassador and Japan Thermwear are showed too. Time passes quickly, 1:30 came and went, no signs of Hyun Joong. The crowd starts to get restless and starts chanting “Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Hyun Joong”. Finally at 1:40pm, the music for “Let it go” starts, everyone is on her feet screaming and waving. My seat is quite close to the speakers and the sound is quite loud. Finally, a figure emerged, wuri star stands on the raised platform, dressed in a black military suit. He walked down the stairs to the main stage while singing, this is the first time I watch him performing this song, even though I have watched the videos many times. To watch him performing live is always so much better, he is a very good dancer. His hair yellow and curly, kind of long too. He dances with full energy and sings most of the lyrics live. This is a short song though.

Next is “Breakdown”. I have watched it live several times in Seoul and enjoyed it tremendously. His moves are precise and smooth, but somehow I am used to the costume and hairstyle back then, so it is a little strange to see him dance with yellow hair and that costume. I have to say I like the image in June better. He has lost some weight, his face is smaller and his legs are getting skinnier, his black pant look quite loose on him especially the thigh part. Oh, how I wish to watch the 20’s choice performance, those arms, abs, legs, drool. Having to perform so many concerts in such a short time has taken a toll on his body I think. Anyway, his performance is still excellent, the whole concert hall is on fire, fans sing along and chant “break down break down”. This one always gets my heart pumping faster.

After Breakdown, Hyun Joong gets off the stage to change, “Please” MV behind the scene is showing on the screen. This is the first time I see the part where they shoot on the rooftop at night, he was so focused during the shoot. When the MV finishes, Hyun Joong is on stage again, he is in a different outfit, white shirt, black jacket and black sparkling pants. As usual, the dance is good, to watch him perform is truly enjoyment to the eyes. I glue my eyes to him and don’t even think about taking any pictures. The fans remain standing and wave lightsticks. I look around, half of the lightsticks are the green U:zoosin with the alien, and half are the multi-color one for the tour, it’s quite a scene to see thousands of green and white lightsticks waving at unison.

Next song is Thank You. He has sang this song many times over the years, and his singing has improved loads. After several dance songs, he is sweating profusely, I can actually see sweats dripping from his face. He sings with his whole body and you can feel his passion. Again, the fans sing along as well.

[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Departure at Haneda Airport Heading Fukuoka [22.11.11]

Taken from kathysbench

Fukoka is his last stop for his Japan tour.. Glad to see his smile today. Its obvious he got a lot of rest! ^^

A tidbit from: @onlyKHJtimes :

how nice HJ ^^ when he noticed a little girl holding a present for him at fukuoka airport, he asked to a staff (?) to go get that.