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[Photo] Media Photos from Kim Hyun Joong @ Hangten 'Save the Earth' campaign 27.06.2011

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[Scans] Some Articles of Kim Hyun Joong on HongKong Newspaper

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[News] 2PM, Kim Hyun Joong, and 2NE1 are compared and graded on their comebacks

Source & Photos: Nate

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The summer season has just begun, yet there are already huge comebacks attracting many fans with new music, hot styles, and energetic performances. The biggest names at the moment are 2PM, Kim Hyun Joong, and 2NE1.

They’re currently being called the “BIG 3″ and were rated by Nate News in five categories including: catchiness, style, transformation, live performances, and response from the audience. Each artist(s) could get at most five stars for each category. Check out their scores and reviews below!

1. Catchiness – 2PM > 2NE1 > Kim Hyun Joong
2PM (4 Stars): 2PM has returned with their highly anticipated album after 8 months. Their title song is “Hands Up”. With a strong beat and refreshing melody, it makes for some great club music. Seemingly aimed for clubs, the song’s catchiness is definitely the best out of the 3. The simple notes and repetitive lyrics of the chorus, which goes “Put your hands up, put your hands up, put p-p-p-put,” get stuck in your head after listening to it just once. The song never loses its stylish electronic sound.

2NE1 (3 Stars): 2NE1 has returned after 9 months with the title song “I Am the Best” from their single album. They created a unique song by combining various sounds and styles such as electronic, hip hop, and reggae. However, the melody isn’t that striking. They just make you remember the title by repeating “I am the best” four times during the chorus.

Kim Hyun Joong (3 Stars): Kim Hyun Joong has released his first solo album since his debut in the music industry. The title song is entitled “Break Down”. He created a strong sound using an E-brass and synthesizer. It’s a step away from being really addictive because it was created with only the performance in mind. The melody line is not difficult, but there is no point. In other words, the song is more for being seen than for being sung along or danced to.

[News] Muscular Body Kim HyunJoong, Releases Special Photobook

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On 28-June morning, the images of special photobook of Kim HyunJoong was released. This set of photos shows another type of charms which is different from the photos that were included in the normal edition released on 8-June, and captures the attention of the public.

Through these images, Kim HyunJoong shows a diverse image which was not seen through music programs, etc. Wearing black suit, vest which shows his muscled body, etc, he shows an even more refined look and masculinity. Especially his muscular body no less than a professional model, and his diverse poses completed with his prefect image captured the females hearts.

Meanwhile, the limited edition which will be officially released on 30-June will include mini album CD, DVD which contains making film, Break Down and Please music videos, as well as a 48-page photobook containing un-released photos.

[News] Kim HyunJoong, Releases Strong Masculine Beauty in Mini Album Photobook

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Kim HyunJoong displays his strong masculine beauty.

Kim HyunJoong releases the photos that are included in his first mini album ‘Break Down’ limited edition on 28-June. You can feel his charisma from his muscled body from work-outs and chic expression. A model pose is felt in the photo where he wore an edgy black suit.

Kim HyunJoong recently released his first solo mini album and sold over 100,000 copies within 2 weeks, and in order to commemorate this, a limited mini album has been produced on 30-June. Included in this limited edition are the mini album CD and DVD which includes title song ‘Break Down’ music video, making film, etc, as well as a undisclosed photobook. It will be released on 30-June.

[News] By virtue of Hallyu ‘Kim Hyun Joong BB’ … 1,000,000 breakthrough sales

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From March to May this year, Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong and Park Min Young stood out with ‘Face It Power Perfection BB Cream’ TV commercial, which has received fervent response from the consumers locally as well as in Asia.

Especially so after the commercial, it gained the nickname of “Kim Hyun Joong BB” in central districts well known to foreigners such as Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, Insa-dong, resulting as well in sharp growth in sales.

*some parts of the article regarding TFS sales omitted

[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong - Teaser Photos from BREAK DOWN Limited Edition

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong unveils new photos from limited edition “Break Down” album

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SS501′s Kim Hyun Joong recently unveiled special pictures from his photo spread for the limited edition album of “Break Down”.

In the high quality photos, Kim Hyun Joong shows off a new side of himself that couldn’t be seen through his stage performances, as he flaunts his masculine, chiseled body through clean-cut black suits and vests.

Netizens commented, “The Terminator of all limited edition albums!” and “There’s no other photo spread that can match this one~ Whatever he does, he just awesome”.

Check out some of the photos down below! (HERE)

[Trans] Translation for Kim Hyun Joong’s Night after Night Guesting!

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1st Clip
MC Park keeps on asking khj to give a score to his own looks. KHJ says (very smart) that he does not want to do that, but he says that he does not want to switch places with MC Park. (laughter)

Uee and KHJ talk about having done a CF together. Uee says that her staff is a big fan of KHJ and enviously said at the location if Uee likes holding KHJ’s hand. KHJ saw that. Uee does not want KHJ to get the wrong idea about it. KHJ says that he just remembers feeling good at that time. THe mc asked KHJ if Uee is his style. He said very affirmatively that she is. Uee had worked with both KHJ and the other guest on the show (I do not know his name but I believe he came out in Dream HIgh drama. Whereas she held hands with KHJ, the other guest says that she hugged the other guy as he was playing her father.

2nd Clip
Academic achievements: KHJ says that he was basically an average student. He did not study hard but he did not do that badly either. During JH years, all of his very close firends (9 all together) were in a same class. Even if he did not study hard, there were always 8 friends behind him. laughter. He cut classes to play soccer and once he threw the school attendance log down the elevator shaft because he was afriad that his teachers would call his parents for lack of attendance.

[News] Kim Hyun Joong: Hottest Man in Korea?

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Early this morning, KeyEast Entertainment teased fans by unveiling three new photos of SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong. The released photos will be part of Kim Hyun Joong’s limited edition version of his debut solo album “Break Down.” The photos gave fans a taste of all the new treats that will be part of the limited edition album. For his comeback, Kim Hyun Joong underwent a 180 degree transformation, shedding his soft flower boy image to a beastly and manly look. While he was limited to one image during his early promotions of “Break Down,” he displayed his ability to pull off a wide variety of looks – ranging from sexy to sophisticated.

The limited edition album is comprised of a CD, a DVD of music videos, and 48 pages of never-before-seen photos and will be available in offline stores on June 30th. On June 23rd, online reservations for the special album sold out within an hour of its release, and Kim Hyun Joong became the highest selling solo artist this year by selling over 110,000 albums within two weeks of its release.

[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong - BREAK DOWN Fan Signing Event @ DaeJeon 27.06.2011 (by khj0606)

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[FanCams] Kim Hyun Joong - Break Down Fan Signing in DaeJeon 27.06.2011 (by HSScandal)

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