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[English Translation] SS501 Members' Messages To Each Other

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Kim Hyun Joong to Heo Young Saeng

Young Saeng, no matter how hungry or tired you are, please do not give up!
Let’s become a more devoted person, we can become the best! Aja aja hwaiting!
Until we’ve become the world best let’s work hard as a singer.
I believe we will definitely pursue this dream someday.
(credit: @Yeol0827Lee for typing out the original message ^^ 고마워요!)

[KHJ World] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) ... My Music [by LazerKim]

Starting from now, we will do the re-post of articles written by LazerKim. She's a big fan of Kim Hyun Joong. She writes anything about Kim Hyun Joong which is worth reading, not only for Hyun Joong's new fans, but also for us who already being his fans since SS501 and BOF era.
Some of our blog readers must have visit her own blog cos we also share the link in twitter and FaceBook every time she posts her new article... everyday! It becomes a daily dose of Hyun Joong for most of us. We decided to put her writings now here on this blog, but we hardly recommend you to always click the following link for her blog :  to share your thoughts about her topic of the day. Here's our first favorite choice of her writings about Kim Hyun Joong. Enjoy it ^^ 

Side Note: we only re-post the writings without the photos, that's why we suggest you to check out her blog for the complete posts... and please do write on her comment box ^^

By LazerKim:         

Kim Hyun Joong is an artist blessed with almost all the richness a man could ever have. For those who do not know him well, would say it’s his looks that gave him a huge popularity. I don’t think so, there are many Korean artists who are blessed with handsome outlook, and admittedly who has much better singing voice than Hyun Joong. But check on the billboard music chart during the time he debuted on his first two albums, Hyun Joong is the only solo artist racing up among the idol groups to the top.

In my article Solo Vs. Idol Groups, I asked myself, what happened to his other contenders at MAMA? There were I think at least five male soloist with the same category as Hyun Joong who sings and dance at the same time. Back then I couldn’t help to think, maybe people from the music industry thinks that the Artmatic back up dancers of Hyun Joong are also singer/dancers too!!! Oh but mind you, my hats off to Artmatic, they move and breath with Hyun Joong all at the same time, they have a perfect rapport with Hyun Joong.

Being a stage performer, it’s not only the singing voice that matters, but the totality of the performance, and stage appeal. Hyun Joong has a little of everything, this is how I explain it every time somebody would criticize him. He’s not the best singer, he’s not the best dancer, he’s not the best actor, but he has all this abilities. Put all of these abilities on stage in one person plus his handsome outlook, makes him a total performer. These are the factors that makes him unique among other performers.

So ladies if somebody criticize Hyun Joong, do not brag about your explanation, simply say “He has everything”.  Well, that’s reality, Hyun Joong may not be perfect but Hyun Joong definitely has a little of everything. At least that’s for now, wait until he gets developed, and  with his professional attitude, hard worker, determination in no time he get there perfectly.

Hyun Joong’s voice range has definite limits, and I would say I’m thankful for that. You know why? It is very natural for any professional singer to maximize their voice range and usually their music composer tends to create challenging songs for them maximizing their abulity. Meaning songs that can not be sang by none singers. Hyun Joong knows his voice range limits, and he knows how to choose his music.

Apparently his audience respond to his music, they can follow him, they can sing with him and they can sing his songs by themselves. In short, his music is well accepted by majority. Very smart guy isn’t he? He’s not a try hard artist to be forcing himself to sing beyond his voice range. Because he knows very well that in singing you don’t get to develop over night. Music development is a slow phasing process.

In showbiz public acceptance is vital to any artist. A while ago I was listening to Hyun Joong’s interview in Taiwan last year and he was asked if he was worried when he did his transformation, he response was, “I want my fans to see my manly side”. It is not only his entire image that change even his style in singing and dancing had changed. Hyun Joong wants to get away from the shadow of SS501 as a singer and he succeed with the full acceptance from his fans.

For five years that he was with SS501 he was saying, that was enough time to achieve the group’s goal to stay as one. This time he was given the liberty to do his own music which he had been aching for a long time. He grab this opportunity to learn for himself what he got. He sings what he want, he dances the way he wants and perform with full of dynamics and variation.

[News] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) to record tvN’s ‘The Wedding Scheme’ OST

Source + Photos: Chosun via Naver
Credit: allkpop

Singer, Kim Hyun Joong will be contributing to the creation of tvN‘s ‘The Wedding Scheme‘ OST!

After hearing that Lee Min Woo would be directing a new romantic comedy drama, Kim Hyun Joong immediately volunteered to give a hand by singing the OST for the drama. Lee Min Woo is famous for his past project, drama ‘Boys Over Flowers‘, which was immensely popular.  Kim Hyun Joong befriended director Lee Min Woo and has been in close contact ever since.

Kim Hyun Joong will be singing the drama’s main theme song, “If You’re like Me“, which is described as sorrowful, yet elegant.  Different from the rougher and more powerful sounds Kim Hyun Joong displayed in his previous title tracks, “Breakdown” and “Lucky Guy“, he will be showcasing a softer and sweeter voice this time around.

The OST will be revealed as a teaser through Mnet‘s homepage and other online music sites. The official release date is April 3rd.

[KeyEast Notice+English Trans] Kim Hyun Joong's (김현중) New Soundtrack for a Drama

English Translation by  Cheezeemelt
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Long and lengthy winter has calmed down and warm spring is coming.
Please spend everyday pleasantly & warmly while staying healthy.

Kim Hyun Joong will be participating in tvn drama's [Marriage Scheme]
first broadcast on 4/2/12.

This time, the OST 'If You're Like Me' is included in the drama to
further increase the romance of the story.

The song will be availabe each on every music site on Tue 4/3 at 12am KST.

Also on 3/26 (mon), 'If You're Like Me' preview will be first to be shown
on tvN and Mnet.

Fans' support and interests will be much appreciated.

Thank You

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) on Mezamashi TV (TGC Girls Collection event)

Credit: khjmasa @ YT
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