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[TUTORIAL - Indonesian version] Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2011 - Kim Hyun Joong (김현중)

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[Article] A Close Look At Kim Hyun Joong's (김현중) Successful First Solo Concert

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The number one criteria in claiming success in any music concert is through attendance. The ability to have sold out concerts on that criteria alone,Hyun Joong passed with flying colors. 

Though the 7 Japan cities music tour that started 9th and ended 23 rd of November were not held in huge areas, the smaller venue allowed the fans and Hyun Joong to have a personal and upclose meet up and interaction with one another.

The atmophere as per fan account tell us , were beyond exciting complete with glowing lights, screaming,chanting of the attendees of different genders and ages. It must have been bewitching short hours,where Hyun Joong showed the fans his charms ,besides performing his songs from the two mini albums and his favorite solo songs of a different era, dancing in slow motion, singing acapella, answering their questions, giving out special prizes such as his favorite hooded sweatshirt, hat, hugs and special stage invitation to a few lucky fans. The fans had the opportunity not only to listen and watch Hyun Joong live but become part of his celebration of his musical career ‘s achievement. Hyun Joong was visibly very happy that his dream has finally come to fruition. For those who were not there,Hyun Joong promised there will be more concerts ,and more new songs.

The music tour featured his solo songs in his dance music that by now bears the Hyun Joong signature trademark. As promised, he delivered the performances passionately as in visibly with high energy and with all his heart , professionally , and as fancams showed us unwavering confidence and competence. If it was an exhilarating experience for the audience to be present in a live performance , more so with the artist who now see his audience reactions -in applause and acceptance translating into unequivocal success.It must have warmed Hyun Joong’s heart even in this cold last days of the Fall.

Certainly this is not the first time for Hyun Joong to be performing on the stage for concerts. He has done that a lot with his group. Though it is often said, one’s past performance privileged the present, still being solo in a concert is different. Here one has no one but himself to rely on. And only a live crowd can give him that immediate feedback. It helped tremendously that the social media is actively at work, he has a loyal fanbase,had been awarded by music shows, placed number one in international music charts and is a recognized face in Kpop and it can be added a familiar face in commercial endorsements.

Perhaps, what is seldom pointed out in concerts and live performances is its being able to sell CD’s and related merchandises bearing the name of the artist ,in this case towels as we saw in fancams. Though most attendees and buyers probably will call them mementos and souvenirs of their wonderful experience.

Behind the scenes shots and videos of practices, airport and concert venue arrivals and departures and actual footages of the concert were provided through the internet by enthusiatic fans. Thus, the vast majority became virtual attendees who vicariously experienced Hyun Joong’s concerts.We followed him faithfully city after city in these inspired performances.

In this age of vast improved internet technology we were able to be there for him-awed by his stage presence and cheered through our monitor screens. We were news hungry about Hyun Joong and went through his interview portions to get glimpses of what kind of talks had transpired. It helped that we also know that KeyEast will also be providing us with the official documentation of the concerts in DVD’s sooner or later.

Hyun Joong is now a certified solo concert artist. Besides the usual criteria , success is determined in what his fans can remember vividly and what becomes etched in the heart.


[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) - Coupang Promotional Pix Features Jaksal Chicken [23.11.11]

[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Wearing His Artmatic Uniform for His Football Game in Japan

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Glad to see Hyun Joong having a good time in Japan. He even plays soccer! Love the uniform, and the hair ( a bit messy but looks cute) ^^ He's taking a photo with Naoto Nakamura (Naoto Inti Raymi). He's a famous Japanese singer-songwriter.


[Article] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Fukuoka Japan Tour [23.11.11]

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Today is Kim Hyun Joong last show for his Japan Tour 2011. It's a wrap!!! He's doing 2 shows, at noon and nite. Here's the summary of today's Fukuoka concert.

Talk session during Fukuoka Nite Show. It's quite a long duration but you must watch the part he's doing Kiss Kiss dance in slow motion, sooooo funny! ^^
(TheJoonjoong @ YT  )

Watch another fancam HERE

During afternoon rehearsal 
(@hztaolei at twitter)