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[Fan Account] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) - SBS "Barefoot Friends" Shooting in Yogyakarta, Indonesia by Ana Hyunecia

Fan Account by Ana Hyunecia
Repost with full credit, please.

Just wanna share a little story of me and My Friends during Kim Hyun Joong "Barefoot Friends" filming in Yogyakarta ^^ 

*I think it's not little, But awesome hehe.. :D

It was surprisingly!!! heard that Kim Hyun Joong and Barefoot Friends Team will visit Our Country Indonesia. To hold shooting in Yogyakarta, OMG!! Is it True?? And Yes, It's True. My Only One King will come to My Country. DAEBAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKK~!!!!!

I've been Waiting for 5 years to meet My Only One Star!!! And Now He will Visit My Country with All cast of Barefoot Friends. I should deeply Thanks to Barefoot Team Coz They included my Country Indonesia for their next shooting Place.

And it was so Great happiness, Coz my fanbase Hyunited6686 invited me to be part of a team to go to Yogyakarta, to make Live report ^^

From Jakarta struggled to Yogyakarta to meet My Only One  김현중♥ .Me, Rina of Hyunited6686 and Restika went for Yogya.

[Day 2 - April 27th, 2013] My Bus arrived in Yogya at 6.30am. Directly we went to the shooting Place "Pasar Burung" (bird market) at Giwangan. But I lost Kim Hyun Joong team at Pasar Burung >< 

I Ran to you, but still didn't meet you. We were waiting for our friend Icha (Admin of Henecia Jogja) to pick us up at Pasar Burung.

Me and team were waiting for Kim Hyun Joong in front of the hotel, and then following Kim Hyun Joong Barefoot Friends Team to the next shooting place at Kasongan (the place of Traditional Arts and Craft). While me and my friends were following the Bus, suddenly I saw Barefoot Friends team Mini Bus stopped and the driver came to us, and talked to our driver. Thought He was angry and wanted us to stop following them. But it was not. He said to our driver, "Can You show me the way please, I'll follow You." Waaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! All of Us Screamed out loud!! How this could be happened, position changed! we became a navigator Now. We're so Happy and Proud Coz we could help our Kim Hyun Joong and be a part Barefoot Friends ^^

#KHJ we're always here for YOU!! ^^

Photo by @restikas

Me and My friends arrived at the shooting place. I was waiting for our Kim Hyun Joong and team there patiently, and The place was crowded already, so many fans came to see Kim Hyun Joong. Finally The Bus of Kim Hyun Joong came. I was so happy. I could see Kim Hyun Joong sitting at the right back of the corner of the Bus. He was wearing white T-shirt and a cap.. GOD He's so Handsome!! Even a window from the  Bus be a distance, but I could directly noticed him (for sure, coz you're the only one in my heart ㅋㅋㅋㅋ)  I stayed in a distance. I couldn't see the shooting, Coz it was inside the house.

This time The power of Henecia and TripelS are important.. Coz There were a lot of excited fans, and maybe Just become new Fans... Coz they saw one of Boys Over Flowers cast , they called Jihoo..Jihoo!!. And we're here to guard our King! Yes, we did it. We wanted His safety first.

[Day 3 - April 28th, 2013] We went to Kasongan where was Kim Hyun Joong and Team stayed for one night. I was waiting there..Coz We have a mission "Trying to give our Gift to Kim Hyun Joong" before all Of us go back to Jakarta. Me and My friends were waiting inside the car. I saw many fans were already waiting in front of the house. Our driver (Mr.Daebak) was waiting in front of the house, and sometimes he talked to the Bodyguards of Barefoot cast. So grateful for Him, Coz he really helped s.

At 7.30am I saw the crew was packing and ready for the next shooting. I saw the staff was putting the sleeping stuffs into the Mini Bus. So Curious.. "Which one is Kim Hyun Joong pillow?" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ  ^^ .The staff were still Buzy..Trying to brain storm how to give our gift, without disturbing their activities.

Notice: Saw our friend Melisa from Semarang. She is pregnant (9 month) OMG!! She's with us already since Kim Hyun Joong hotel, and now she's here again.. I asked her, "Wao-!! You're really Kim Hyun Joong fan,, Daebaaakkk... You'll always follow him with your baby. She said "Yes, I love him and my baby really wants to meet Kim Hyun Joong, too" 

[Cool!! Baby will ㅋㅋㅋ ] You must see her, Hyun Joong ssi ><

Suddenly I saw a lady staff, and we gave our gift for Kim Hyun Joong to her. I said,"Sorry Eonni, this is for Kim Hyun Joong. Can you help us to give this to him?" And she said OK. 

"Kamsahamnida Eonni" 

One of the male staff came.When we talked to her, this kind Eonni only smiled and nodded her head to us, but The male staff was laughing so happy and poinedt Of 김현중♥Name and U:Zoosin pictures that were put on the gift batik paper bag. Maybe he thought.. "Waaoo, Kim Hyun Joong is so famous" ^^

Finished packing, I saw Kang Ho Dong and team. The shooting started in front of the house. I saw our driver Mr.Daebak was standing near the cameraman, So Close!!!  Woooohoooo!! lucky him. But, Where's Kim Hyun Joong???  Aahhhh... There he is, i could see him again Now..Clearly!! So fresh, natural like a baby. I was Speechless. He said thank you to the owner of the house.

Kang Ho Dong walked into the Mini Bus, we're so surprised Coz ge got into The Mini Bus near where we're standing. My Heartbeat...  Will Kim Hyun Joong be in this bus too >< ??? 

Uee came..And finally I saw Kim Hyun Joong!!! Yeeehaaaaa... He walked toward where me and My friends were standing. He took a long time standing at the Mini Bus door, before getting inside the Bus. So Amazing!! We called him, "Kim Hyun Joong..Oppa !! Leader!!!" Seemed like he knew that we're there, He looked at Us, Saw our banner, i could see his Smile from his eyes. So caring Kim Hyun Joong.

GOD!! It's so Close >< [Couldn't clicked my camera!! wanna feel this moment and keep it in My Heart] , Thanks GOD for this great moment T.T You let us see You're perfect creation. He is so georgous, handsome, awesome. I was shaking,sso Speechless. So charming Kim Hyun Joong. Instead of taking his picture, we prefered his safety first. We all Henecias tried to guard him. We were lining in a distance. Coz it was so crowded and so many fans excited for him.

Kim Hyun Joong Barefoot Friends departed to the next shooting place at Pantai Timang, Gunung Kidul, Wonosari. Me and my team continued to follow, and we're so happy coz our car was right at the Back of Kim Hyun Joong Mini Bus.. We're so happy Coz we're so close to him. We sticked our banners (김현중 Name with ♥ shape and U:Zoosin pictures) on our car windows. So Kim Hyun Joong could see that we're (Henecia) always there for him. I saw the mini Bus window opened a litte, maybe he's one of Barefoot Friends member, Coz it was so blurr. The Mini Bus moved fast. He smiled when he saw our car. Full Of 김현중♥ and U:Zoosin :D

Unbelievable...Our car was right at the Back Of Kim Hyun Joong mini Bus, for more than 2 hours convoy. Many fans were also following by Motorcycles. So Cool, they came from out of town, out of country. I saw a fanboy also. He was wearing green clothes. Daebaaakk!!! Our Kim Hyun Joong is really famous in Indonesia. Proud of our Leader.

Arrived at the shooting place, but we couldn't get inside. It was sterilized and it was for Kim Hyun Joong safety and the shooting running smoothly .

So that's the last stop for Our team :))

Me and team decided to go for a Lunch. Coz we haven't been eating well for these 2 days. And for real, we didn't feel hungry hehehe... *full of KHJ :))

We went to Siung Beach, to enjoy our last minute in Yogyakarta. The Beach is near to Timang Beach, The place of Kim Hyun Joong Barefoot Friends shooting.

To our beloved Kim Hyun Joong ~ Our only one Leader!!! Thanks for the best moments that You have given to me. Hope we would be able to meet again soon.

[Wishing you would include my country on your world concert]   
Please Stay healthy as always. Really Proud Of You. ^^ 김현중♥사랑해