Rabu, 01 Mei 2013

[Fan Account] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) - SBS "Barefoot Friends" Filming in Yogyakarta, Indonesia by Ve of Hyunited6686

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First time I heard 김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong) would come to Indonesia for Barefoot Friends shooting was from my lovely fanbase Hyunited6686 's Korean friends.

I was surprised and happy at the same time, though it was already said by Vietnam fans few weeks before, I still felt surprise that he would come.

But because of my hectic job that I have every end of month, I just could say, "Ok I'll go or not" while my brain was thinking hard to find a way to escape.

Since I planned to be in the same flight from Yogya to Jakarta, I tried to find a seat at flight GA217 that 김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong) used but it was full booked.

Then I decided to use GA215 which was 2 hours before 김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong) flight, so I could reach Jakarta airport before 김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong) flight landed, yeay what a plan! 

Went to Yogya by train with my Henecia friend Ester Laura on Sunday evening, reached to Yogya at 3.30 AM then we were picked up by Icha.

On our way to Yogya airport to pick up other Henecia friends Yola and Riyani, we stopped at the mini market to buy some mineral water and snack for supporting 김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong) team. Around 7.30 AM all Henecians stalker were ready to go to grab our luck then we pray hard we could meet our idol.

We got an awesome driver who we called Pak Daebak, because he helped us a lot to find information from any sources ㅋㅋㅋ. Prambanan Temple yeay!

Arrived at Prambanan Temple, we were waiting but still tried to look for accurate infos from friends and Twitter timeline as many as we could get.

So all Barefoot Friends casts really took Prambanan temple as their shooting location that day. We were very happy of course but got fast heartbeat, especially to whom who never met 김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong) yet before. For me it was my second time I met him, because I already went to Bangkok to attend 김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong) FM last year ^^

I saw crews came, many fans were already came too, so all local securities tried to gather them at yard outside OF temple area. Crowded :( 

Since we were already inside the temple area when we saw that situation, some friends wanted to go down to gather with fans who were sitting down on ground there.

Dunno but I got a feeling that 김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong) and all cast would come up & that situation made up only to make the temple area cleared from crowded fans.

Some friends went down from the temple area, I still stayed here. I told them that we have to follow our feeling & think logically too, of course.

The rules to get inside the temple area was, visitors have to wear Batik cloth. So when I saw the casts were wearing Batik, I already knew the answer :D 

Then the filming started! All cast & crews got inside the temple area! It was exactly just like what I thought, Thanks to my feeling and my brain ㅋㅋ

All fans down there ran fast to get inside the temple area too, so crowded! Thank God I decided to stay up here so I just had to wait 김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong) came.

My King came! always tried to handle my heartbeat when I saw him but I failed. Couldn't focus to take pictures, only focus to stare at him.

Staring at gorgeous walking statue in front of me, hard for me to breathe! But I always tried to be silent near him and took some pictures.

Fans were running here and there, securities were busy to guard 김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong), but I was surprised they didn't push me while some fans were pushed by them.

Here came the unforgettable moment! Fans called "oppa oppa" but Hyun Joong didn't pay attention. He was seriously doing his job to find tourists.

When Hyun Joong was just right near me, I called him softly, he turn his head saw me and smiled! It was so briefly, so fast but made me trembling.

I couldn't take photo at that moment but I knew he noticed me! He noticed I was around him, I could feel it! Yeaayy ! Happy to the max! 

I called him softly 'Hyun Joong ssi' I didn't called him loud, didn't scream at all, but he heard my voice, he noticed me, he knew :') 

So in my thought, fans don't have to scream loud to get his attention specially when he's near us, he has gold heart, he will notice us.

Ok got some pictures of him though not good enough, not only because I'm not a pro photographer but also because my gadget is as it is ㅋㅋ

I laugh when I saw Hyun Joong & team took off his socks, my King was so cute when he had to wear his socks again, I really wanted to help him.

Photos by Henecia Jogja

My King team had finished the mission, went out straight from the temple area, me & my Henecian friends wanted to catch them but we couldn't.

We tired & decided to walk than run :D I heard someone said 'Pasar Burung' so it would be their next location, would we go there too??

One thing that I couldn't forget from that day was my shoes broken ㅋㅋ, I had to run here & there in hot sands & weather about 35°C T__T

I bought new sandal in Prambanan temple handycraft shop ㅋㅋ couldn't stop to laugh when I remember that moment. Pray Hyun Joong won't know it :D

We look for Pak Daebak our driver to pick us, called him to wait for us in front of exit door, hope we could had a chance to catch them.

Inside the car, we discussed where to go. We heard the clue of next location after Pasar Burung was twin trees, Beringin Kembar. Woohoo

It was Beringin Kembar at Alun Alun Kidul ! All Henecian lovely stalkers had decided to go there since the Barefoot Friends team had already left us

We thought we'd better waited for the Barefoot Friends team at Alun Alun Kidul. While waiting for them, we did chit chat about our gorgeous Hyun Joong ㅋㅋ ladies :D

Got info that Hyun Joong & team would come soon by Becak (a traditional 3 wheels vehicle) we waited still with gaseumi dugeum dugeum. Then spotted !

Photo by Ester Laura

Many fans gather in Alun2 Kidul so fast! We were worried of our Hyun Joong safety since it was public place where you don't have to pay to get in.

Thank God securities came to clear the place for filming. Me & my friends only watched the filming from far, didn't want to bother them

The mission was had to find local citizen, brought them into the middle of Beringin Kembar asked them questions then gave them signature.

Photos by Henecia Jogja

Some people already got Hyun Joong's team signatures, we prayed hard that our driver Pak Daebak would be picked by them, God answered our pray!

Pak Daebak was picked by Yoo Seo Yoon & follow him to table in the middle of twin trees.Then Pak Daebak walked toward us, straight face.

All of us asked him to find out who's signature he got, he showed us then we screamed together! It was Hyun Joong signature! OMG, OMG...

We felt like God poured us with His love, all we got since we planned to go to Yogya seemed so smoothly, I wanted to cry, we did it! 

We smiled & teared because we were so happy. 김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong) team won & left the location first using Andong because our driver made them won ㅋㅋ

But it was my opinion, we have to wait for Barefoot Friends in Yogyakarta Indonesia will be aired first to find out whether our driver really made Hyun Joong team won :D

Time was running fast, it was 4.30 PM. we had to go to Adi Sucipto airport to catch our plane back to Jakarta at 6.25 PM to do our last mission.

Unfortunately, we couldn't follow Hyun Joong last mission selling Jagung Bakar, because we had our last mission too. Sending Hyun Joong back to Korea ^^

Arrived safely at Jakarta airport and we were waiting for Hyun Joong patiently at Garuda check in counter. I already changed my t-shirt with Hyunited6686 uniform.

Dunno why but I had a feeling (again) Hyun Joong already noticed our uniform since we always wore it in any event related to him, took photos and posted them on his website or sent to him by post. I knew he would notice^^ I was ready to wait for him to show Indonesia fans love for him.

Then our King came, wearing black Save Indonesia T-shirt. He didn't see us yet, kept talking with YSY and crew while queuing in check in counter.

Photo by Ester Laura

After few minutes queuing, he saw us. Three Henecians and one other kpop idol fan who wanted to know about him by following us stalked him :D

When Hyun Joong saw me, he stared at me like he tried to remember something & I guessed it was just like I thought before he noticed my uniform

But again it was only very briefly, still I was sure he knew my uniform ㅋㅋ while queuing Hyun Joong did a bit Break Down dance, so cute Hyun Joong ssi...

Dunno why but I felt he did that dance because we were there stared at him hahaha he noticed us. Once again he did a dance but I didn't know what dance was that Lol. We smiled ear to ear until his team & crews finished with check in things then walked toward us

Then we spotted that Batik bag! Bag which we used to put our gift & letters for him which we got help from GA stewardess to pass to him.

We saw that green Batik bag which had Uzoosin face on it, was carried by his assistance. We were very happy because finally he took it.

Our 김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong) smiled when he was walking into immigration counter, we followed them until we couldn't follow him anymore, I wanted to cry T_T

Have a safe flight back home Hyun Joong ssi, thank you for visiting my country, next time please consider to come again to hold a concert. Please don't forget us here. We have bunch of love for you too, like other country fans. I believe, you will remember Indonesia, remember us...Yes mission accomplished! 

1D1N journey without stayed at hotel to see our King done! We went home with unforgettable happiness memories.

It's a wrap! My fan account about my short journey to Yogya to see 김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong) done hehe *bow*