Jumat, 05 Oktober 2012

[Announcement] Kim Hyun Joong's (김현중) First Full Japanese Solo Album "Unlimited"

Picture source: DATV.jp
English Translation by  lafone0606 @ Twitter
Screencap by Hyunited6686
Repost with full credit, Please.

Credit:  lafone0606 @ Twitter

Hyun Joong's first solo album, "Unlimited" : The details are as follows::

Pre-order for the first limited versions
from Oct.5 - till Oct. 31, 23:59

Album Release: December 12
Album Contents: New Jap songs 3 +2PVs +
Making Movie

Henecial Japan Limited : KHJ hooded sweatshirt
is available

Another set for mobile/smart phone users is also

Album Sign Event : 300 fans are invited to
7 cities, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Hakata
Sendai & Sapporo. Application for entry starts
Dece. 12 ~ till Dec. 16, 23:59pm.

Further deatails will be released later from
Universal Japan and Hyun Joong Japan official.

* Henecial Japan Limited set (CD+Hooded Sweatshirt)

Credit: lafone0606 @ Twitter

Songs covered by Unlimited album]
14 songs ( songs not in order yet)

Your Story (New Japanese song①)
I'm Yours ( New Japanese song②)
Save Today (New Japanese song③)
Kiss Kiss
Break Down
Lucky Guy
Let's Party
Other Korean songs will be included (planned)

HENECIA JAPAN Limited 9,800 yen
Hooded sweatshirt (a sort of copy of HJ's original)
CD "Limited" , Toll size Digital package.

Kim Hyun Joong official mobile/smart phone site
member limited : CD Limited + Smart Phone stand

4,800 yen

DATV Shopping A, B, Ordinary version set
10,800 yen * Details of bonus for this set
will follow later.

* It seems A, B & Ordinary (3 versions) will be
sold from Universal Japan and other online
shopping, music stores and so on. Details for
this will be announced later from Universal
Japan and HJ officila site.