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[[Video + Translation] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) @ MBC K-Pop Star Documentary

Taken from hyunniespexers
English translation: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ www.i-kpoplovers.blogspot.com)
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From 00:13 to 00:16
현중: …. 편지를 쓰고 나갔더라고요
재중: 남자끼리 편지 쓰는기….
HyunJoong said Jaejoong have handwritten some(?) letters and sent it to him. Jaejoong laughed very Jaejoong-ishly saying ‘Between man & man, writing letters is…’
(do you mean awkward, Jaejoong? ㅋ And naughty HyunJoong, spilling Jaejoong’s secretsㅋㅋ)
-To be continued with more translations on 14th April-

The conversation was about when they were living together for about a year.
And oh yes, the scene was filmed in Jaejoong’s restaurant, BUMS. 
(address attached below)

Jaejoong and HyunJoong are both very busy with their respective schedules, they were only be able to see each other in around 1- 2 months time.

Jaejoong said when HyunJoong was in Korea, Jaejoong was in overseas and HyunJoong said because of drama he can’t go back home.

HyunJoong said whenever he’s having a hard time, Jaejoong will write a letter and put it under his pillow. Whenever HyunJoong have any feelings he’ll tell Jaejoong.
Jaejoong tell HyunJoong not to drink alone and do tell him his story and he will listen to his story tentatively.

And about the letter that Jaejoong wrote, HyunJoong is still having it. (it’s still in his safety box, apparently!)

HyunJoong did write back to Jaejoong saying:
Hyung, I’m sorry I cannot do much for you and thank you for all you’ve done
And Jaejoong felt a little awkward/embarrased (?) about men writing letters to each other ㅋㅋ
HyunJoong said that even they are in different teams, they can agree with each other a lot.  Both of them said that even in the same group, there’s still some things that they couldn’t tell each other about. Jaejoong said that there is pain that he have to endure himself, even from the external pressure as well. (there’s something here I feel…I don’t know :/)
HyunJoong said although it’s important to work hard,  but it’s also important to consider the results as well.

HyunJoong really liked Jaejoong because they are able to share a lot of stories together.
HyunJoong said there is music that he wanted to do as well as with Jaejoong’s. They could actually exchange their musics (opinions?). Like making some editings to each other’ works.
HyunJoong also said that Jaejoong will definitely write him music right away whenever he asked him to.

HyunJoong said that people are calling him the Asia Star, the Hallyu waves and etc but he thinks he’s still too young to be regarded to that title. And he said people might think he doesn’t appreciate what he’s having.. (please don’t think like this  …)

BUMS’ Address: Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Nonhyeondong 94-17   Contact: 211-09-55393   

Narrator: Although the rehearsal have been ended perfectly, HyunJoong was still awake late-midnight to prepare for the quiz section (one part of his fanmeeting). In Yokohama Arena that can contain 20,000 seats, he think it’s consider close enough to reach the fans  thus he wants to show his best to the fans

On the day of Yokohama concert, because it’s a Valentine event, he said he doesn’t have any chocolate as a gift, but he’ll make sure he’ll melt everyone with his sweet voice

According to a fan being interviewed, she said in the KHJ’s poster was pasted on the kitchen, the living room and even the bathroom!

According to the U-Record Managing Director, Kito Kimika, he said that HyunJoong have a very strong manly style without any unnecessary aura. HyunJoong knows how to exudes his own type of auras according to the situation on stage which the director felt very amazed.

HyunJoong played soccer with the former national representative soccer player. The PD asked HyunJoong whether is he strategically weak in the team and he replied it’s alright. He said it doesn’t matter about the game but what matter is he win or lose. He added that one good advantage of his team is although his team seems to be losing during the game, when the game ended, it’s his team who won.

In a street in Tokyo city, he asked why the street looked so ‘old’ compared to other streets in Tokyo, looking as if a rural area. There is a arcade game here in this street and he played, and there’s also a game like the Iron Fist(?). He said last time there’s a pachinko (a type of gambling machine in Japan) and he did try it before and there’s Yonsama (Bae Yongjoon) pachinko. He used the Yonsama character and for the first time, he won. And from then onwards, his fate with Bae Yongjoon begins~ (lmao!!)

In a restaurant he usually visit in Japan, he pointed at an autograph he signed together with SS501 members back then in 2008. The owner said HyunJoong really came to dine around 4-5 times last time and said HyunJoong is really kind. Whatever questions he’s been asked he’ll answer and keeps the conversation going. An ahjumma customer once gave him a buchimgae (Korean pancake) and he accpeted it in a friendly manner and said he’ll eat it nicely. He’s really friendly towards people no matter it’s ahjummas or teenagers.

The PD asked whether did he eat ramyeon frequently back then and he answered no. He usually eat gyudon with his member.

HyunJoong said back then when he was carrying out activities in Japan, he think he got into depression. When their popularity was on the rise in Korea, they came to Japan and debuted and he was worried. He wasn’t able to return during New Year’s eve or during chuseok and he’s always inside his room (there wasn’t much activities in Japan that time), and slowly he got to like the dark things (where the depression came in) because he’s always shutting the curtain in his own room. From that time onwards even now a little, that type of ‘feelings’ still remains, He couldn’t sleep when it’s too bright…aigoo.

KeyEast CEO, Yang Geunhwan, said that HyunJoong really put in a lot of his ideas & effort whether it is in his album production or performance. The album producer, Kim Changrak (he have produced many KHJ’s songs), said that HyunJoong really have put in a lot of effort in recording his songs.

According to Artmatic’s choreographer Lee Hyunseung, HyunJoong is a person who thinks about a lot things and he’s never a lazy star, whenever the team was resting, HyunJoong continue to practice. Whenever the team asked him to rest, HyunJoong continue to practice singing.

HyunJoong said during the actual performance, he cannot amend his mistakes on stage. (refer to 3:45 minutes) He said on stage, if he stays still like this, he’ll forget his dance moves so he have to keep on moving. He said he needs to continue rehearsing with the team in order not to forget the dance moves.

He said his dance moves was inspired by an ostrich-liked moves. He began to imitate (refer to 4:20) and said he couldn’t do it well because it’s been a long time and his back was already stiff.

In the rehearsing room, HyunJoong joked that there is a noraebang (karaoke) as they couldn’t go to the actual noraebang and turning off the lights, they can play in the rehearsal room as well. The song that HyunJoong was singing in the documentary at around 6:00 minute was Kim Yeonwoo’s Still Beautiful (여전히 아름다운지).

Art & Matic are both 0.9 years old. Because HyunJoong was feeling a little lonely so he bought 2 clever Border Collie (Art & Matic) and he wasn’t feeling so lonely anymore, plus he felt that he has a new responsibility. Because of the dogs, he returns home early, because they didn’t have any dinner, he have to wake up early to feed them. The PD said in other words, it’s his ‘lovers’.