Minggu, 22 Januari 2012

[Message+English Trans] Kim Hyun Joong's (김현중) 16th Message @ Korean Official Site

Credit: hyun-joong.com
Translation by 은지
Screen cap by Hyunited6686
Repost with full credit and link back to the site, Please.

Thanks to heneciathailand for sharing the English translation. Kim Hyun Joong is so funny and very thoughtful of his fans... He's going to Japan today ^_^

happy new year! now I will go to Japan……….^^ 
I will come back eating many japanese noodlesㅋㅋ
Yesterday I slept early so I wake up 6;32 now I'm free. 
I already prepared to go to Japan..ㅋㅋ already finish shower. 
Today is lunar new year day, so don't come to airport. 
I hope you just take a restㅋㅋ if you come to airport, I will not say hello. 
I want you having a rest. coz its holiday. ^^did you enjoy yesterday?????? 
me eitherㅋㅋ staff said that they enjoyed tooㅋㅋ.
anyway I hope you healthy & happy. and most of all I wanna say 
 새해복 많이받으세요, happy new year! and dont come to airport. 
Just take care.coz you maybe tiredㅋㅋ