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[Fan Account] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) at MAMA 2011

Credit: wonderrrgirl + khjgalaxy

[FA] Meeting Kim Hyun Joong at MBS

2011 is indeed an awesome year for Kim Hyun Joong fans in Singapore, because he not only came during August for the TFS event, he also came for MAMA 2011 in Singapore!

Sadly, MAMA2011 is not so good for me, because while the hype is going on, I am forced to burrow my head in my notes studying hard for the finals, and on the day of MAMA on 29 November, I have two examination papers, one even ending at 7pm. So I gave up the ticket my friend bought for me, and had no choice but to accept the fact that for once, luck has finally run out for me, and I cannot attend MAMA. It was quite a difficult decision, because the fact that Ahlia is coming makes everything even more difficult to resist! We all wanted to meet for so long and finally, an opportunity, yet the looming examinations is making everything so hard for me. All I had to look forward to is a night over at Marine Bay Sands (MBS) with Ahlia, the hotel where Hyun Joong is staying, after my 29th November examinations.

But it turned out to be such an amazing night! We were just happily hanging out at the Skypark Pool, because we really want Ahlia to see the view from there at night, and it was such a breeze night yesterday! I was totally enjoying the breeze until I notice Min and Jia from Miss A walking by, and I was asking Ahlia if she knows these people (Omg she actually said she doesn’t know) until they’re closer and I realized they’re indeed Min and Jia from Miss A!

But that’s nothing much because I’m not really a fan… the next person to pass us is Simon D, whom I can barely recognize either, but the name and his face is familiar because he appeared in Running Man.

So I started to wonder if maybe Kim Hyun Joong will appear as well, because it turns out that the celebrities are on their way to attend a private after-party organized by Mnet after the whole event. Ahlia kept saying that it shouldn’t be possible, so she kept using her phone and everyone else are just completely relaxed.

Until about 10 minutes later, I start to see this tall, golden-haired man with a lot of guards beside him walking towards us. I started to nudge everyone and ask if that is Kim Hyun Joong and everyone continued doing what they are doing for like 1-2 seconds (seems super long to me haha!) before realizing the situation. It was indeed Kim Hyun Joong, on his way towards the private party that many apparently did not expect him to attend!

When he is very near us, about a metre away, we sat there and said “Hi!!!!” to him, so he slowed down, noticing my friends first, and began to smile, greet them and bowed and then he approached nearer to me and Ahlia. His eyes settled on Ahlia first, then shifted to me sitting beside her, before smiling again, greeting us and nodding his head once to us.

Of course everyone is quite happy with this unexpected encounter! But there is barely time to breathe, because a while later, I started to see a girl with long blond hair approaching us; she turned out to be Hyoyeon from SNSD, but it took me a while to register that SNSD is coming until I saw Jessica following closely behind her, and then Yuri (she looks very upset that night), and Yoona fiddling with her phone, and then Seohyun with Sooyoung and Sunny, and last Taeyeon.

Opps, where’s Tiffany? HAHA! To be honest, they are all so pretty and goddess-like that it’s quite difficult to differentiate who is who when they are like SOOOO near. Taeyeon is pretty enough on screen but in person, she is a whole lot more beautiful than I thought. My first thoughts are Dyane, of course, my best friend, sister and roommate who happens to be a huge fan. “Omg SNSD. Dyane! SNSD. Dyane! Should I do something? But I got no paper to get an autograph for her. Argh!!”

So sorry Dyane, I can only tell you the girls you support for so long are indeed very beautiful.

Then following closely behind them is Super Junior, except Siwon who is somehow missing from the group. I never really have much of an impression of Super Junior except being an idol group, but after today I think I can understand why they have so many fans. The boys are really incredibly friendly and have superb fan service. When they saw us, we waved politely (since we are not fans… haha! no point getting too excited), and but they are very warm and bright, greeting us happily and Leeteuk even stopped and turn back to ask, “Japanese?”

We: “No, Singaporean!”

Ahlia: “난 한국사람인데…”  (I’m Korean…)  – LOL!

Can’t believe our incredible luck, but all we had in our eyes is the one with the golden hair with curls in it….

This golden haired boy did come out again a while later. He’s the first to leave I guess – perhaps the party is a little too uncomfortable for him to take with so many unfamiliar people, so he decided to duck out. This time, he passed us again and some of my friends said congratulations to him for winning the award at the event earlier. Hyun Joong is so funny and cute here, he made a muffled ‘laughing’ sound and said something incoherent (even Ahlia can’t make out what he said), and bowed again.

Since he is leaving, there is no reason for us to stay, so we got up as well, and made our way to the elevators with Hyun Joong. While waiting for the elevators, I started to hear clapping sounds. It was Hyun Joong doing is little dance, and clapping his hands as he swing his body from left to ride nonchalantly. We laughed just as the elevator doors opened. Hyun Joong stopped dancing and turned back at us, waving goodbye and smiled, and walked into the elevators.

I’m so glad that even though I can’t go for MAMA, somehow, someway or another, I was brought to a place where I could see him in person before he leaves Singapore. I’m glad my luck with Kim Hyun Joong is still in tact after all! ^^

Afterwards, it’s our private adventure and I won’t be sharing on that in case precious memories run away from me if I keep on writing too much, hahaha! All I can say is, Ahlia shocked me, she can drink better than I thought! Amazing! Why in the past she always insist she can’t drink? HAHA so cute! It was superb superb happy and fun!! ^^

(And I’m so glad that despite all kinds of restrictions, we somehow managed to let you have a taste of Singapore’s culture………the kind that you prefer and like, rather than the fanciful and glamorous but uncomfortable settings that you rather not be in ^^)

And Ahlia today left Korea on the same plane with Hyun Joong. Everything ended with a very happy note after all!

Short goodbye for now, because I shall soon be on my way to Korea too! Can’t wait!


My Short Fan Account for MAMA

When you walked out of the MRT, you can see people selling lightsticks.
I was slightly sad because there's no green lightsticks.
(Though someone started selling them later)
But fortunately Perfect & LoveKhj gave out FREE green lightstick and balloons.
I think our fandom was the only one who gave free stuffs ^^

I was at pen a while the artists were sitting behind pen b T-T
The crowd cheered whenever the screen was on one of the artists who was watching the performance on stage.When the screen was on Kim Hyun Joong, the crowd cheered and you can see Kim Hyun Joong's smile going wider as the crowd's cheer went louder. Haha XD

Before the winner of the 'Best Male Solo Singer' was read out, the crowd was chanting 'Kim Hyun Joong! Kim Hyun Joong!'

 'Didn't expect to win this award this fast, I will work even harder to live up to this award' -Kim Hyun Joong

Really proud of Hyun Joong. From the boy who cried while receiving the Best Newcomer Award to stammering while receiving his first solo Popularity award to the man who calmly gave his acceptance speech last night. The yell 'kamsahamnida' makes me remember his acceptance speech at Baeksang in 2009. He has grown from a boy to a man but he's still him, he's still Kim Hyun Joong. He has climbed mountains to get to where he is today and now he's going to climb higher mountains to get closer to reaching the universe.

During Kim Hyun Joong's Lucky Guy, the male fan behind me was screaming the chorus =.='
After the performance, while walking backstage, I think he almost slipped >.<'

Okay, that's the end of my short fan account haha (: