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[Interview] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Exclusive Interview by SPARKLING Magazine October 2011 Issue

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Best known as the leader of SS501 and beloved for his role as Yoon Ji Hoo in the hit drama Boys Over Flowers and Baek Seung Jo in Mischievous Kiss, Kim Hyun Joong returns to Manila this time as a solo artist ready to conquer the world with his talent, charm, 4D wit, and heart of gold.

Sparkling Magazine:  Tell us about your first mini-album Break Down. Which song from the album is your favourite?

KHJ:  I prepared a lot for my debut as a solo artist. I tried so many different things and experimented with various sounds and music genres which you can enjoy when you listen to my album. All songs are great, but "Break Down" is my favorite.

Sparkling Magazine:  What did you consider when choosing the songs to be included in your album?

KHJ:  I feel the most important thing is the performance on stage, so I chose songs that would be good to perform live. I trained heavily for the live performances in terms of singing and dancing.

Sparkling Magazine:  Which musician has influenced you the most?

KHJ:  I like so many musicians, but for me Seo Taiji is the most important.

Sparkling Magazine:  You used to play bass guitar in high school. Do you want to perform in a band again in the future?

KHJ:  Yes-maybe after five more years of singing and dancing I can focus on having my own band and performing other genres of music.

Sparkling Magazine:  We heard you're very active football player. What do you love best about the game?

KHJ:  I was told that Filipinos also like football very much. What I love about it is that it gets me active: you can do so many things when playing football and the exercise is very healthy. I'm part of the FC MEN football team. (Ed's note:  an all-star team including JYJ's Junsu (and his twin hyung Junho), Yoochun, and Jaejoong, B2ST's Doojoon and Gikwang, 2AM's Changmin, actors Song Joong Ki and Kim Bum, and even Shinhwa's Minwoo, anong other.) It isn't a professional football team so we just do what we want and play games whenever we can.

Sparkling Magazine:  Did you ever imagine you would be an endorser for a beauty brand? How do you feel about representing The Face Shop?

KHJ:  I never imagined that I would be an endorser for The Face Shop, but since I've become one I'm very happy and proud. Since it's the number-one beauty brand in Korea and also a global brand, I feel it will help me as I work to become a global celebrity.

Sparkling Magazine:  What's your favourite The Face Shop product?

KHJ:  There are so many choices. But if I had to choose two favourites, it would have to be the BB creams and E'thym Moisturizer because I use these most often.

Sparkling Magazine:  We're curious what brand of perfume do you use?

KHJ:  I really prefer the baby powder scent, and since The Face Shop has a perfume with that scent, that's what I use.

Sparkling Magazine:  You have very beautiful skin. What's your daily skin regimen?

KHJ:  Due to my profession as a singer and actor, Iwear makeup a lot. I really make it a point to remove my makeup well and to cleanse my face so it stays healthy.

Sparkling Magazine:  How do you stay fresh despite your busy schedule and long work hours?

KHJ:  The number of hours of work doesn't really matter, what matters is how much stress you receive, how you deal with it, and how you approach your work. A positive approach always helps me keep fresh.

Sparkling Magazine:  What nail polish color do you like best on girls?

KHJ:  Since manicure have turned into nail art I don't look too much on colors anymore - what I look at are the designs and styles. I prefer simple designs and not those that look too fancy.

Sparkling Magazine:  A lot of your friends are very active on Twitter. Do you have any plans of setting up your own account?

KHJ:  I'm not very fond of online communication so I have no plans of setting up a Twitter account just yet!

Sparkling Magazine:  K-Pop stars often upload selcas of themselves. We're womdering why are there very few selcas of you.

KHJ:  I'm not used to taking selcas so I don't usually take and upload selcas online!

Sparkling Magazine:  Please tell us about your alien character U:Zoosin. Did the concept behind this character come from you?

KHJ:  Yes, the concept of the character came from me.! Fortunately my fans love the character so  much that we decided to do projects involving U:Zoosin. Hopefully in the future I can do more promotions for this character.

Sparkling Magazine:  If you could travel to space, which planet would you visit and who would you take with you?

KHJ:  I want to go to space with my wife in the future. I have no specific planet in mind; I'd just like to see the earth from space.

Sparkling Magazine:  If you could bring a product from The Face Shop with you to space, which one would you bring?

KHJ:  Since outer space is closer to sun, I'll definitely bring sun block. (Laughs)

Sparkling Magazine:  You've received so much success ever since you debut. What are you most proud of among all your accomplishments?

KHJ:  As a solo singer I feel very fortunate to have received much success for my first mini-album. I'll try so many more things in the futeure so I can be an even more successful artist.

Sparkling Magazine:  What can we expect from you next once promotions for Break Down have been completed?

KHJ:  I will release my second mini-album in October; I will have a Japan tour after that. An Asian tour will follow till sometime in February next year and then I will definitely be working on a new drama.

Sparkling Magazine:  Whar do you love most about your fans?

KHJ:  The love from my fans is what is most important to me; it's because of this love from so many people that I'm able to do so many things. I want to say thank you to all my fans for their support and love. My success right now wouldn't be possible without them. Thank you!

Sparkling Magazine:  Anything to say to your fans here in the Philippines?

KHJ:  I will try my best to come back to the Philippines for a concert next year. Please look forward to more new things and wonderful performances from me-I hope everyone can continue to love me!