Rabu, 14 September 2011

[Photo] Lyle Beniga spent Chuseok in Kim Hyun Joong's House (Sept 12th,2011)

Credit: Lyle Beniga at Twitter
Repost with full credit and link back to the site, PLEASE

Lyle Beniga tweeted many pictures on September 12th, about spending Chuseok at Kim Hyun Joong's house. He's the choreographer of "Break Down". Thanks to Lyle for sharing on Twitter ^_^

Happy to be spending Korean thanksgiving here (choosuk?). Grubbing at khj's crib. It's on!

Khj'd trophies for "Breakdown" being #1. #proud

Texas hold em... With q-tips. Lol! They do this all the time aparently. Hahaha #moneyismoney

Straight flush on their asses! Gimmie my q-tips! Lol

Khj got us BAD on a pair of 8's. Weeeeak! :P

Khj and I... Are out. Booooo!

The most epic $2000 Chinese liquor box ever, and I'm about to try it. Tell u about it in a minute ...