Senin, 29 Agustus 2011

RJ Roque’s Fan Account About Kim Hyun Joong

credit : RJ Roque
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Ok so while I’m really not a huge fan of Kim Hyun Joong unlike others (Dianne Im looking at you! Also at you Gelli haha), we really just had to see him. Don’t ask me why but we just had to. And see him we did!

First off was his first presscon at Edsa Shangri-La Plaza. Wasn’t able to register under our magazine titles, but thank God for my lovely fangirlaloos! Shoutout to Kring, Aya, and Mirza! I really thought Karen and I were gonna be super late for the presscon because I semi-forced her to convoy with me to E.Rodriguez to drop off my Hideo (the car) for his first ever oil change. Call time for the press was 2:30 pm and we arrived around 3pm. All is well though as the diva kpop star was kaloca late by more than an hour, which further fueled everyone’s excitement.

After the press conference, I was still tagging along with the Philippine Kpop Comittee, Inc. (PKCI from hereon) people as they were to have an exclusive interview with Kim Hyun Joong. What. Up. After much waiting and a lot of plan changes, we were finally blessed with the opportunity to breathe the same air Hyun Joong was breathing, UP CLOSE. I could literally reach out and touch his smooth poreless face. Good thing the super strict staff didn’t make me leave the interview area for reasons still unbeknownst to me. They didn’t allow video cameras or any sort of cameras though, which was weird because PKCI had permission for a video interview. I was still able to sneak a couple of videos with my iPad though. After Kring interviewed Hyun Joong, the strict Korean staff suddenly asked, “Well, don’t you want a photo?” and we were literally dumbstruck with confusion because they shooed away our cameras earlier. So that was when I jumped out and unleashed my ninja Instax skills and snapped the photo of Hyun Joong above holding the gifts from Triple S Philippines. He really is pretty.

The series of Instax above were taken during Kim Hyun Joong’s second presscon, this time with Face Shop. Long story short, Dianne, KHJ’s super fangirl and our managing editor would not be able to make it nor would any from our editorial team (although Nimu was able to follow) so she asked me to go. So began my second day of seeing KHJ. During the Face Shop presscon, they announced the winner of the auction of KHJ’s sports shorts (at 100k woah), and it was no other than Lola Pat! Lola Pat was with PKCI at the presscon at Edsa Shang so I was able to get a glimpse of their unwavering love for KHJ. It wasn’t until the Face Shop presscon that I heard the full story of Lola Pat and her daughter Maru. Tita Maru suffered a stroke and Lola Pat took care of her afterwards, despite her old age. They both share an undying love for KHJ, going to different countries to watch his concerts and whatnots. They said that all they ever want was a picture with KHJ, so when they heard he was coming for the second time here, they gave it their all. Tita Maru wanted to win the auction for Lola Pat as it was her way of repaying her mother for taking care of her. It was so perfect too, as they day of the presscon was Lola Pat’s 74th birthday. KHJ was so sweet as he rushed to hug them both after hearing their story. You can just see the pure bliss on Lola Pat’s and Tita Maru’s faces in the Instax shots above! So happy for them!

And that ends my first ever fan account methinks and I’m not really a fan at that! Although I did get converted after seeing him pull off a Rain with his latest solo album (and after much force feeding from Dianne). And all that grinding and crotch action doesn’t hurt either.

P.S. Click on the pictures especially the second one for a bigger version. It’s so teeny here in the post I just realized.

P.P.S. Thanks to PKCI, Kring, Aya, Mirza, Julie, Karen, Bevs, and Face Shop!