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[Fan Account] Kim Hyun Joong @ Playfull Kiss Osaka Event

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Daytime session:

The event took place at Osaka Grand Cube, a large convention hall where the first concert of SS501 took place in 2006.

Important news: Leader announced that the showcase in Korea would take place on June 7 and starting that, he would make an Asian tour as well (as promised before)

1. Opening:
After the movie of the EP1 of Playful Kiss (fantasy scene in Oh Hani’s daydream) , both of KHJ and JSM appeared on the top of the steps in the central stage. Leader gave a light hug to JSM, showing his mischief^^

As you already saw from the pictures, Leader’s new short hair (slightly colored brown) called full attention from the audience, very stylish thanks to coordi-noona, Yuri noona.

Please allow me to use initials for them: HJ (leader), JSM (Sominssi) and MC

2. Greetings:
HJ: Hellow everybody, my name is Hyun Joong ( in Japanese)
JSM: She also greeted in Japanese

MC: Hello, my name is Yuka Miyamoto of DATV. This year, we commemorate the 13th year since the author of Playful Kiss, Ms. Kaoru Tada passed away. I think that she will enjoy this event with us somewhere at site. By the way, one and a half month passed after March 11 earthquake which struck northern-east of Japan. While watching the disastrous situation of the area, we have been thinking what we can do. Taking this opportunity to have a reconstruction support event today, we would like to express our sincere condolences to the victims and their families.

HJ: I feel very sorry that I could not help enough people of the disaster area. I hope that they will be able to overcome this hardship. I would like to be of some assistance for them during the course of their struggle with the difficulties.

JSM: Some of my friends live in Japan.  Therefore, I could not take this as a fire across the river, especially Japan is geographically very close to our country. (In Japanese) I hope that you will work hard to fight with this situation.

3. Talk session
At the both side of the stage, the highschool uniforms were displayed (which actually both of Leader and JSM wore during the drama shooting)

MC: JSM ssi, how slim you are !!! You really accommodate internal organs in your body ? Hyun Joongssi, how do you feel about Osaka ?

HJ: I am so happy to see the fans in Osaka whom I did not see for a long time ( the audience screamed as regardless of their residence, they go to Tokyo ! It was not true what he said ^^) Anyway, (he changed the topic in a laugh ) today’s event is not what I sweat (???) Today, I do not have a dance track ( Why~~~~~~ !! the audience was in a shock) Next time, therefore, I will work out twice ! (on the occasion of solo showcase)

JSM: I personally visited Japan three times, This is the second visit for me on business , but this is the first time I visit Osaka. As I arrived earlier than Hyun Joongssi, I strolled here and there, enjoying Japanese food such as noodles and fried soba.

MC: Wow, it is giving hints on the quiz which will follow later.
JSM: Sorry !

MC: Both of you acted the roles of very strong personalities in the darama.
BaekSeunjo Hyun Joongssi acted was a guy with IQ200, being good at sport, cooking. Also, he is really nice-looking, but cold on the surface, having no interest in others.
How do you feel about the role of BaekSeunjo ?

HJ: BaekSeunJo is good at sport like myself.. However he is totally different from me as he is also good at cooking, with brain of IQ200. As I studies a lot for preparation, I could learn the lines of my part quickly during the later part of drama shooting. So, I thought “Wow, I may be genius ! “ (a glimpse of his 4D^^) But, after the drama, I am going back to Kim Hyun Joong (not genius he meant).

MC: How did you remember the lines including “X” and “Y” equation which you may already have forgotten ?
HJ: I tried hard to understand the meanings of the lines, studying it again (the highschool level mathematics) . I repeated the words in the mouth so that the words come out in a natural way.

MC: How about you, JSM ssi, How did you feel about the character of Oh Hani?
JSM: Oh Hani did not try too hard to approach BaekSeunJo
I think that she could have been able to grab the heart of SeunJo much faster, if she made a different approach, i.e, in a way the girls currently get close to boys.
However, she did not. Though she finally made a success to make SeungJo look at her but in a Oh Hani way of approach. It was good that Oh Hani stick to her style.

* I was much impressed by her in-depth analysis of Oh Hani character. How can we express Oh Hani much better than what JSM mentioned ? I feel that she is very brilliant !

MC: Did you find that Oh Hani resembles you ?
JSM: Yes and No

MC: Do you say “ I love you” in a direct way ?
JSM: No, I cannot. But it seems that I cannot hide my feelings.

MC: Beak Seung was so mean to you ! What I remember was EP 11, when you stayed overnight in the room of BSJ. Do you roll about a lot in your dream ?
JSM: When I was a child, Yes, but I do not now. I can marry anytime^^

MC: Hyun Joongssi, you looked terrific, being dressed in a Polo shirt in tennis court. I cannot imagine anybody who look better than you in a Polo shirt.
HJ: I have never experienced tennis so far. You may have been cheated well by my playing a tennis, but the nice-shot scene was made by CG (in a laugh)

MC: While you gave a harsh word to Oh Hani, but smiled sometimes in turning your back to her. What did you think by acting such a scene?
HJ: Well, that kind of attitude is similar to myself. I cannot be honest towards my feeling in front of the person I love. I pretend to be curt, blunt and cold, but smile in her behind. Therefore, I could acted this part without difficulties.

MC: Is there any favorite scene ?( Leader did not respond to her quickly; it seemed that he was thinking something different) Did you forgot as you have been busy?
HJ: I like the scene of the graduation ceremony where I delivered a speech. It was when I began to open my heart to Oh Hani, thus expressing my feeling to her in a speech. “ I make it fun, so that people will be happy “ I like this phrase.
I, being a singer as well as actor, I know that all of you enjoy seeing the both sides of myself. However, I sometimes forgot this because I think “ Wow it is so hard and distressfull” This phrase in the speech (he borrowed from grandmother of Oh Hani) reminded me ; I have to enjoy myself what I am doing because it will make you happy.
I like the best this scene and the lines.

JSM: I am going to talk about an episode during the drama shooting. At the very beginning when we (HJ and JSM) were not frank enough, there was a scene we got fallen asleep on the desk while studying. HyungJoongssi really slept at that moment, snoring very slightly to the extent only I can hear it. It was like a kitten’s breathing ( very charming expression JSM used to express “ snoring” ) , which only I could recognize.

MC: Wow, JSMssi happened to listen your snoring, a kitten-like breathing ^^
HJ: I really snore ( How does he know ? kekek ) Staff praised my acting “ Hyun Joong ! You acted very well !!!
JSM : I may be talented with clairvoyance. For example,
I see a) I remember the birthday of my father which I forgot 、b) I see a friend of mine got ill one day before, c) I see something which will happen the next day in a dream.
HJ : Today, I had a nightmare that I was kidnapped and put into a container, when I had some rest after the rehearsal. I was frightened seeing the ceiling different from those of my house, when I got awake. Maybe it was because I read some horror comics.

The movie of JSM ballet scene

MC: You took ballet lessons, didn’t you? JSM ssi ?
JSM : Yes, from the primary school to the junior high school, I took classic ballet lessons. At high school, I learned a Korean traditional dance as well.

MC: Did you want to become a dancer ?
JSM: Yes ! But I had much interest in acting now, that is why I changed my major of the university to acting.

MC: HyungJoongssi, Are you awake? Nowadays you may be able to sleep while opening your eyes.
HJ: No, I was just thinking of something different.

MC: Aigoooooooooooo !!!You are now in the Playful Kiss event !
HJ: ( No hesitation ^^) I was just thinking that someone of the staff lost his shoes during that shooting, Who was it ? (audience into explosion of laugh )            

MC: Wow, it is you, HyungJoongssi. Though I would like to make a different question to you, I will skip to the next !

Another Oh Hani’s delusion scene (SeungJo was threatened by Oh Hani’s bad group)

MC: Sominssi, you look terrific with a bad-girl makeup. Your face expressions changed a lot.
JSM: Actually, I put my efforts in that point. As the film director insisted to stick to the original comic, I tried to express comic-character.

MC: Did you practice in front of mirror?
JSM: No I did not use a mirror. Instead, I imagined the situation Oh Hani was.

MC: HyungJoongssi, you slept in a coffin ?
HJ: Well, I lied down myself for the first time in the coffin. I thought “ Wow, death means the situation like this. I have to survive and live ! My life will end once the cover of this coffin is closed ! In order not to regret anything, I will make best efforts to live ! (with his 4Dness, we were going to die laughing )

Another scene ( the duel with BongJengoo sorry it may not be the righ spelling)

MC: How many times did you practice fencing ?
HJ: With no time for practice, the action director gave us tips at site.
Actually, it was shot the same place I was playing violin during the BOF shooting. The Garden BCG.

MC: Is it famous ?
HJ: To be honest, I don’t know exactly.

MC: Then, it should become popular
HJ: Fighting ( in Japanese) !

4. Question Corner.

Q1 :BaekSeungJo was talented as well in cooking. How about you ?
HJ: Well, I can do some cooking. I just cannot cut well with a knife, that’ it!
It is hard for me to slice apples, potatoes, onions, and so on. If someone cut these well, I can cook something nice though it does not look great.

Q2: JSM ssi, you have a beautiful skin. Do you do something to keep your skin in a good condition?
JSM: Nothing special. I just see the things in a positive way. I only started to make-up only recently. Before, I do not use even sunscreen. As I was told by my mother to use sunscreen.

MC: Hyun Joongsii, you may be very direct in your love, is there any scene that you never do in your private life?
HJ: I will not pun on same outfit with a girlfriend. I only accept to pun on the same ring with her. I will never ever put on the same T shirt, neither shoes.

MC: But you look great in that outfit.
No reaction from Leader …..
HJ: Ah~ it is because I was BaekSeungJo (in Japanese, it was very funny^^) !

Q4: If your girlfriend is not good at cooking, are you patient enough to eat ?or do you suggest her to go out for restaurant ?
HJ: To be honest, if she is not talented in cooking, the first twice or three times, I will eat her cuisine, but I will suggest how about going out for dinner?
I personally have been living alone for a long time, I usually order delivery service, which is less expensive and delicious. Though it is not good for health, I put my efforts in exercise.
JSM: I am not good at cooking. I can only cook omelet, ramen. But I will take a domestic lesson before I got married.

MC: How old are you ?
JSM: I am 23 years old now (actually 22 years old for a western way of counting)

Q5; Have you ever handed over a love letter to someone?
JSM: Never. I was interested in something different at highschool. People do not exchange love letters at university.

MC: Where did you study your Japanese?
JSM: (In a Japanese) I learned it by myself.

Q6: How do you recommend people to watch “Playful Kiss”
HJ: I hope that everyone remember how innocent your first love was and enjoy this drama from that viewpoint.

5. Word Association Game:
MC: The next is a corner of word association game.
You are requested to write in a board the word you imagine/associate by inspiration.

1. Graduation
HJ: Jaja noodle ( noodles with meat bean paste and meats)
JSM: Doctor’s degree

MC: Well, it is quite tough to give the same answer with Hyun Joongssi’s .
HJ : We, Koreans used to go to eat Jaja noodles with family to celebrate graduation from highschool.
JSM: (in a laugh) It was a long ago when Jaja noodles was expensive. But nowadays, we do not have such custom (which made Leader a bit embarrassed^^ )

MC: It seems that the difference comes from generation gap.

2. Letter
HJ: Confession (which reminds me of SS501 song^^)
JSM: Pencil
JSM: I like the feeling to write with a pencil . I usually use ballpoint pens, but sometimes I would like to use a pencil, because I love the sound of pencil.
HJ: At first, I wrote “invitation“I recently recive an invitation for wedding because friends of mine start getting marred.

3. Summer
HJ: Sea
JSM :Hotness

MC: It seems very difficult to get the same answer from both of you.

4. Sport
HJ: Tennis JSM : Soccer
HJ: I thought that she may remember we played tennis together during the drama shooting, but it seemed that she did not remember …
JSM: As I know that Hyun Joongssi loves soccer, I thought he would write
“ soccerr“

5. Touristic spots in Japan
HJ: Hotsprings
JSM: Osaka

MC: It seems that JSM ssi is much matured than Hyun Joongssi.
HJ: Osaka is also nice for sightseeing, especially famous by Takoyaki
( octopus dumplings)

MC: How about Korean sightseeing spots you would like to recommend for Japanese people ? I expect the same answer !
(MC seemed to be desperate in getting the same answers from the this couple)
HJ: Namsan( South Mountain , famous for dating among young couples)
JSM: Samchung Dong
HJ: We made a shooting at Namsan, Hani seemed to forget it.
JSM: We also had a shooting at Samchung Dong, Don’t’ you remember ?

They seemed to be very frank, sharing jokes @_@

HJ: Do they know SamchungDong (to the audience)

MC: Are there anyone who know SamchungDong ? (of course !!! Many people raised hands which seemed to be a surprise to Leader ^^ )

6; What about a typical Korean food ?
HJ: Korean BBQ
JSM: Kimchi

[Liezle : Lafone forgot to include this and emailed me about this so I am injecting this one here.]

During the quiz corner where MC expected the same answer from both of JSM and Leader,
To the quesion: Who do you imagine as most popular idol group in Korea?
Eventually the same answer came " SS501 " which made all the fans at site happy !!!
(In a desperate manner ) MC closed this corner by saying
“ They were perfect together !!! “

7. Yes/No game regarding the drama scenes

8. Performance
JSM sang a song called “ I will give you all my love “ , very cute ^^
(It is a pitty that nobody took her picture )

Leader sang two songs, “Thank you” and “ One more time” of course.
Instead of saying “Thank you” in Korean, he sang “Arigato” in Japanese.

9. Finale
MC: (to JSM) Were you nervous?
JSM: Yes, I was. (in Japanese)
I think that singers are talented people, though I am not.
I made my effots so that people can enjoy it.

HJ: I will jump up and down when I will be come back with my solo album in June. After a short rest, let’s jump up so that we cannot take a breath in June ( does he expect us jump together ???)

About their future activities:
HJ: Starting the release of solo album in June, I will have a showcase in Korea, then making the tour in Asia. (He clearly mentioned the date of showcase in Korea will be June 7 during the evening session) I dedicated three months and a half for preparation. I feel that MV is fantastic. I think that the album will be worthy for the length of the period you have been patiently awaiting.

JSM: During the second part of this year, I will work for a drama or film. I hope that you will have interest in my activities as well.

Closing speeches :
HJ: To tell the truth, I worried a bit about all of you because you were struck with a big disaster nobody had ever experienced. I thought that you are depressed, and it was worrisome. But, today, you are so bright, cheerful, laughed a lot which made me happy. I would like to be back to Japan to see you again.

JSM: I was able to stand in such a big stage twice thanks to Hyun Joongssi. It was a great experience for me. I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Hyun Joongssi for giving this opportunity to me. (Leader was so shy by her sudden expression of her appreciation ) Further, I initially thought that it would be great if I could be of some assistance to help you, but it was me who received big power from you.

Thank you indeed (in Japanese)

MC: Here I would like to make an important announcement. It has been decided that Playful Kiss Tokyo event would take place on August 2 at Tokyo International Forum. Hyun Joongssi, you made a wrinkle in the forehaead? You didn’t know it?

HJ: No, I didn’t know. With a new album, I will be able to show many performance to you. See you soon !

Well that is the end of my report. I feel that both of Leader and JSM are very brilliant, talented in-depth analysis of acting. JSM is much matured in her age, very smart inspite of limited experiences.