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[Trans+Scans] Kim Hyun Joong - REMAJA (malaysian magazine) Jan 2011

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Kim Hyun Joong likes girls wearing 'hijab'?

Being in Malaysia for the second time had become one of the great experiences for Kim Hyun Joong, leader of the famous Korean group SS501. According to him, it was the right moment for him to meet his fans here. However, the focus of this visit was not about entertaining his fans through a stage show, but more on promoting the new products launched by TheFaceShop, as he is now the spokesperson for the famous cosmetic brand in Korea. “Remaja” was very lucky in getting the opportunity to do a ‘one-to-one interviewed’ with Kim Hyun Joong himself.

[By the way, TheFaceShop is one of the sponsors for “Seri Dewi Remaja” contest, which a pageant is organised by “Remaja” magazine every year.

KHJ: Kim Hyun Joong

R: What do you think about Malaysian fans?
KHJ: At first, I was surprised to see many of my fans in Malaysia are Malays. It gives me a new experience since I saw them in a very good fashion sense. I saw a lot of girls wearing “hijab” during the activities and I like it a lot.

R: What is the most important to you now, singing or acting?
KHJ: I never put any limitation on both of my careers but I believe the real job for me is to entertain my fans out there. The most important thing is that I can accomplish both fields with full of passion so that the fans will continue to support me.

R: The biggest challenge for you when you become a celebrity?
KHJ: Being a singer and an actor gave a big impact on me. It’s because I have to put 100% of the attention and also the effort in every job that I took. Be it in producing an album or even acting in a drama. It’s the booster for me to be more hardworking and take it as a challenge to myself.

R: Was it your childhood dream to be in this entertainment industry?
KHJ: I have always wanted to be a singer since I was a kid. As time passed by, I’ve been given chances to expend my career through acting and I started to fall into both careers now.

R: Your comment on how girls become crazy over your perfect flawless skin and face?
KHJ: For me, there are still lots of people who are better looking than me out there. I never expect my face to be the main asset for me to be at where I am right now. I believe all my hardwork to improve my singing and acting are the things I can offer to the fans out there.

R: Weird things about you that fans don’t know about?
KHJ: I love everything that relates to outer space and even have a keen interest in investigating the existence of UFO.

R: Your Idol in this entertainment industry?
KHJ: It will and always be Seo Tai Ji, one of the singers in Korea. He really inspired me to be who I am today. Seeing him in television long time ago really gives me full inspiration to be a good entertainer just like him.

R: How do you feel to be appointed as the spokesperson for TheFaceShop products?
KHJ: TheFaceShop is the international cosmetic brand, where it’s also one of the way for me to meet my fans all over the world. Representing TheFaceShop also helps me to get the best advice about my skincare.

R: The best moment that you get with TheFaceShop so far?
KHJ: Being a celebrity means you have to put on lots of makeup on my face. Sometimes, it really worries me as I’m a busy person and have no time to give special treatment for my skin. However, with TheFaceShop products, I can easily follow the steps in getting a perfect care for my skin.

R: What are your favorite products that you use from TheFaceShop?
KHJ: I love the facial wash and also the body shower from TheFaceShop. It gives me a pleasant smell all day long.

R: Your greeting to all of your Malaysian fans out there.
KHJ: Thank You so much for your support towards me. I hope all of you will keep supporting me and TheFaceShop in upcoming future. I also hope that I can come back here one day in future with a concert especially for all the fans here.

✿Trivia ✿

- KHJ invites all his Malaysian fans to visit Korea and get the experiences in celebrating White Christmas there.

- He felt really surprised with the fans welcoming him at the airport and never expecting such great presence of the fans when he arrived.

- He loves the mask packs from TheFaceShop.

- He was once affected by H1N1 virus that causes his absence in one of the award ceremonies in Korea.

- One of the popular Korean artistes that have millions of fans around the globe.

- Really crazy on dancing.

- Remember others’ telephone number well.