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[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong in MY IDOL (Indonesian magz 85th edition) - English Translation

Credit : My Idol (Indonesian Magazine) 85th Edition, Jan-Feb 2011
Scanned by hyunited6686
English translation by hyunited6686 ( www.hyunited-6686.blogspot.com )
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KHJ Traveled To Spain

On April Mop, 2010, KHJ made a joke on his website, "I will travel to Spain and never comeback." KHJ fans got confused with that. Lee Joong said he will go with KHJ. We feel like that happened just yesterday. Few months later KHJ cameback with his photobook that shot in Spain. These are some notes about his book and his latest news.

At first, KHJ is the leader of KPop group, SS501. After starred a show called We Got Married, a producer offered him to play in a drama series. That series is Boys Before Flower (Korean version of Japanese HanaYori Dango). Because of BBF, his name is known all over Asia. His popularity brought his group SS501 become famous, and held Asia Tour Concert 2009-2010. Since that time, KHJ never had time to rest. Even he didn't complain about that, but fans were very worry about his health. Moreover when fans saw tiredness in his face. Finally after got a chance to take a break, KHJ chose to travel to Spain. He started his trip with full of enjoyment. He really enjoyed life in Spain. A free and relax normal life seem hard to get.

Because KHJ loved football, he chose travel to Spain. After gaining new experience, in happiness KHJ said : "I'm really happy with my trip to Spain, I will write my holiday plan to travel around the world. I will ride a bicycle in Sentolini island, Greece. I will see Samba dance carnival in Brazil, see the sheeps in New Zealand, and other vacation. I hope after I finish travel around the world, my last destination is a planet. Someday I hope I can go to a planet. It must be beautiful." After this fun trip to Spain, KHJ felt he has changed into a new person.

1. Friend In Vacation
Because the feel of "sincerity" KHJ more like big dog, that he thinks have more characteristic, than a cute puppy. According to KHJ, big dog can show "love" and respect the master. This is what "sincerety" means for KHJ.

2. The Market
A market in KHJ's memory is not a place where his mother hold his hand. But when when he is in the market, he become a kid who wants to know about anything. "What is this??" "Hmm, smells so good! Is it a fruit?" Then he acted like a little boy, "This! I want to buy this one!"

3. Romantic
Under the sunshine in Spain, in Madrid Square, Coloseum, or Opera House, KHJ always attract people's eyes sight. Everybody is difficult to forget his eyes.

4. Adventure
KHJ only needs one piece of map and his health. With the adventure side in him, KHJ can reach every place. Even there's unplanned road or he never through this before, he always step forward with confidence

5. A Relax Day
KHJ through a street or sit for while in a road side with relax. This day he just bring a sandwich and a thick book. He walks on a green grass and have a sun bath. He dream a cloud will be his pillow and the sky will be his blanket.

6. Holiday
Ready, Action! book consists of 208 pages KHJ exclusive pictures that having a vacation in Spain. There are also 2 dvd about the whole vacation. Since the book released, it already sold for thousands copies in Japan.

"I Only Keep 40 Numbers In My Phone Book"
In 1 interview with Sports Chosun, KHJ was asked how many celebrities he close with him, and he answered : "I really don't have many celebrity friends. People whom I most spending my time with are not celebrity. I only have 40 phone numbers kept in my phonebook, because I love to remembering numbers"

"I become close with Junsu and Jaejoong because we make our debut almost at the same time. They are members of our celebrity football team, also with Lee Wan, Kim Bum, and Micky Yoochun. Wan hyung now is doing military service so we can't meet to play, but I meet with the rests at 2pm to play. We don't have any position or numbers, we just running around together, chasing the ball. One day, Junsu suggested we made uniform with our own number at the back. I said I want to be "Root3" and he told me to shut up.", KHJ said about Junsu.

"I don't see him often but he is a friend to drink with that makes me run out from the house to drink with him. He always sincere to me, that's why I like him. I can't see him when he shoot Sungkyunkwan Scandal because I was shooting Playful Kiss, but then I watch the drama and feel it is a good drama.", KHJ said about Yoochun.

About Gummy, KHJ said "She is a very close noona that even makes friend with my mother. Few times ago her parent open a restaurant in Bundang, so I went there and drink soju alone."

About SS501, KHJ said "We will released an album next year. They are dongsaengs that will always be with me for the rest of my life. Moments agao, Kim Hyung Jun said I ignore his text message in a press conference for his musical theater. That time I was in China and I phone battery was dead, so I can't checked his message. Now whenever I go outside the country, I make sure I bring one extra charger."


"As a singer, my dream is hold a free concert in big scale and invite all my fans. I have to do it one day later. Meanwhile for my acting dream, I wan to be the most anticipated actor in the future."

Boys Before Flowers Image
KHJ name can't be parted from Yoon Ji Hoo character in Boys Before Flower drama. With handsome face and attractive smile, his character in the drama steal the heart of female audiences. Even, JiHoo's popularity bring him the chance to play as Baek Seung Jo in Playful Kiss drama.

Seung Jo and Ji Hoo's character don't have big difference. That's why Pretty Boy image or handsome man always close to KHJ. But as an actor, he surely want to try new role that have big differences from his roles before.
"People look at me and always think that my image is pretty boy. Because I'm a new comer actor, I think they just give me a role that suits on my physical look. I'm sure I can play another role in the future."

Beside close with handsome man image, KHJ is also called as second Bae Yong Jun. He just joined the Winter Sonata actor's company, KeyEast Entertainment. "People said my smile and the way I dress looks like him. I must be look like him in some ways they said. I really don't know. Everytime I meet hyung, we can talk about acting and life comfortably. We can meet too often because he's busy."

Then, what about his personal dream? "I want to meet alien and go to the space. If alien come to me now and they want to do research with my body, I will go with them.", he said in laugh. Beside go the other space, KHJ admit wants to go to the south pole after he can visit north pole.

If he has to chose between Baek Seung Jo and Yoon Ji Hoo, he answer straight "Absolutely Ji Hoo. Seung Jo is clever but he's poor. If I were JiHoo, I'll be rich enough to go to the other space."

Still Meet With Boys Before Flower Actors
First drama KHJ starred is Boys Before Flower, give him a deep memory. KHJ said he wants to reunite with the actors in the next 10 years. "10 years from now, I want to shoot special event with Boys Before Flower stars. We will gather all BBF players and see how big our development. It will be fun if we can record it."

BBF is KHJ first drama. Aired from January to March, 2009, produced by KBS 2TV, succeed with high rating, more than 30%. Beside KHJ, BBF also fame Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, and Kim Joon.

Even busy with personal schedule, KHJ said he still can meet BBF stars. "I still meet them, and sometimes the main actress, Koo Hye Sun noona also join us."

Solo Album
After finishing Playful Kiss, KHJ back to the studio to prepare his solo album. Now, he confess preparing his comeback with releasing his solo album. He never forget his dream to be a singer. "I never give up to be a singer, that's why I prepare my solo album. I will released it in a middle of 2011 and I have received 200 songs. From those 200 songs, I will choose 5 songs. We will see how the album will be when it releases."

With schedule that never stop, KHJ is very busy. But he never complained. "I feel more happy that tired. I can do things that I like. I don't just follow what people say. I'm planning my future and reach certain things. I like planning something, I always planning something."
KHJ looks more happier after joined KeyEast Entertainment. Then, is he never felt freedom like that when still joining DSP Entertainment? "Everything is different. That time, I used to do things that people asked me to because I was in a group. Being in a group and doing solo carrier is different.", he answer.

SS501 Release Album?
KHJ again ensure that his group SS501 won't be disband like people said. "With the members move to different companies, many people asked if SS501 will be disband or not. We just move to different agencies and we promised one to another that we will work together again as a group under SS501's name. When our contract ended with DSP Entertainment, there was no management want to accept all 5 of us. That's why we join to different agencies."

Each SS501 member has their own talent, especially KHJ who is famous all over Asia. But that doesn't mean, there's no future for SS501. KHJ said, his group will be still exist in Korean entertainment world. Different schedule is the main problem for them to perform as SS501. Because each company has their own schedule.

"For now, all of us focus on our solo album. But, we still have plan to comeback as SS501. Because we are in different companies, difficult for us to arrange the schedules, but we will do that thing."

After moved to KeyEast, KHJ still communicate with his members. "I still communicate with SS501 members. They are busy so we can't meet too often, but we are not disband. We are still together whenever we want to. Actually, I really don't know who start the rumor that SS501 will release the album next year (2011). If so, oi want my solo album to be released first (laugh)."


Did U Know... About Only Kim...

Only Kim
After joining Bae Young Jun management, the called second Bae Young Jun appeared. Even that name make KHJ honored, but he still want to be the KHJ himself. Personally, KHJ and CEO Bae is a close friend. They often meet 2-3 times a week. They talk about all things, including romance life. From that relationship, KHJ said learn a lot of things to socialize.

Only Actor
Even has starred 2 dramas, KHJ still doesnt think he's an actor. If compared to his career in acting, KHJ feels more confident to call as a singer. KHJ career is started as a singer. When start as an actor, KHJ sometimes feels scared. He worries that the character he played is not good enough. But he realizes that positive attitude will make him as the real actor.

Only Student
In Playful Kiss, KHJ played as a high school student named Baek Seung Jo, whose IQ reach 200. This genius character makes him often said sentences that hard to understand. KHJ feel a little confuse with the character. He must remember some dialogues in short times. "In my dialogues, there are many phrases that I don't understand. I have to explain those phrases like an expert. Many things I have to learn. I like coming back to my high school time." Even spending many times in learning the dialogues, KHJ still can find happiness.

Only Character
After KHJ received a role at Playful Kiss, almost everybody compare him to the previous actor played the same character. They were curious if the character suitable for KHJ or not. KHJ said both BBF and PK are from comics, that's why not similar with the real him.

Only Man
Playing as a high school student, evryday KHJ must take care of his appearance. He shaved his mustache every morning. At the beginning he wants to remove his mustache with laser, but he cancel that plan. KHJ said someday he wants to play as an adult man with mustache. If the time comes, he wish everybody can accept him.

Only Kiss
Before start shooting, KHJ ever kiss the main actress, Jung So Min. For the shooting of promotion poster, director asked them to do kissing scene. They both feel very awkward. KHJ call it a mischievous kiss. He said to SoMin "Even we kiss, we don't have any feeling. Are you okay with that?" This question makes SoMin confuse.


Playful Kiss Have Been Watched By 3.5 Million People Online
Playful Kiss is KHJ second drama after BBF. Even this drama gain low rating in Korea, but not reduce its popularity outside Korea. This topic is appeared in an interview between KHJ and Anna Cohen in "Talk Asia" segment on CNN.

According to CNN, Group Eight that produces PK has succeed with their audience target. Even the rating is low in Korea, PK is very famous among audiences outside Korea that watched via streaming online video. KHJ fans outside Korea can watch every episode of PK online version aired in YouTube 2 last November, 2009.

So many people watch PK via online in the internet make Group Eight together with YouTube to make 7 special addition episodes of PK. From data that Anna announces in CNN interview, the 5 episodes reach 3.5 million audiences from outside Korea.

When being interviewed, KHJ also surprised with the big amount of the audiences. "Through YouTube, people from Europe, USA, and other countries that I never imagine before, can watch PK. I hope after they knew me from PK, they will continue interested in my next projects in the future.", KHJ said.

Will Be Aired In 10 Countries
PK also attracted producers from many countries outside Korea. PK rights is sold to 10 countries around Asia, including Indonesia.

KeyEast said, PK rights is sold to Japan, HongKong, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Brunei, and Taiwan. "All of them from Japan and other countries are very interested in this drama. And the media from each country also ask us to do promotion or interview.", they said.

Story of PK is based on its original comic, Itazura Na Kiss. Also known that the comic has been sold to 27 million copies. Even Itazura Na Kiss has been adapted to Taiwan series (It Started With A Kiss and They Kiss Again) and Japanese series (Itazura Na Kiss) before it released in Korea.