Kamis, 10 Februari 2011

[News] Kim Hyun Joong - The most popular stars in China

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As a leader of SS501, also active in the filming, Kim Hyun Joong really popular in China, more and more prosperous.

Recently, a website in China (http://www.vdfly.com) did a survey in China about the Asian star who is influential. The results indicated that Kim Hyun Joong to 3068 votes (19.2%) topped the list. This result is related to analysis, because the recent run in China, the MBC drama "started with a kiss" red. Kim Hyun Joong as play a starring. Active period in the SS501 Kim Hyun Joong to high popularity, but that time is not popular to be the first. We can actually feel the Korean foothold in China.

~ Tenth of second, we can see that starred in TV series or the idol stars are very strong. The second is the "My princess" of Song Seung Heon (1684 votes 10.5%), the third is "You are my destiny" allow children in the age girls (1259 votes 7.9%).

In addition to 4 bit is the Rain (1190 votes 7.4%), the fifth name is Yunho DBSK (1148 votes 7.2%), sixth place is Park Shin Hye (991 votes 6.2%), seventh place is Lee Seung Gi (682 votes 4.3%), the eighth is the Super junior Jin Xizhe (600 votes 3.7%), the ninth bit is Jin Zhengxun (529 votes 3.3%), tenth place is the Moon Geun Young (291 votes 2.5%).

The survey has authority to participate in major media, is based on China's famous sites Sohu, Baidu, Google, Sina.com and so on.